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For the week of August 1-7, 2016:

Get ready for a powerful shift of energy as we launch into the “8” vibration of August, transitioning from the hidden, esoteric, invisible realms of “7”  to the full blown balance and power of the 8 – as above, so below.  All things hidden come to the surface, seeking balance and harmony in the open light.

It’s time for sustainability and equanimity…the constant ebb and flow of energy exchange and circulation that keeps our universe alive and thriving.  As our planet continues to calibrate to higher frequencies of consciousness, more truths will be revealed from deep below the surface. As they do, we gain momentum and power to move towards the infinite space of pure potential where all things are possible.  We’re recycling the old into fuel for the future. 

What matters is that we continue moving forward, elevating and awakening.   There’s no going back, no burying our heads in the sand.   We’re becoming a global spiritual permaculture system of sustainable cooperation and unlimited resources.   When we contribute our greatest individual gifts and potential, we collectively manifest increasing abundance, beyond what any one could ever produce alone.   This collective vision requires a solid container of Unity Consciousness, which is how we realize true balance on a global scale.

All week long, Jupiter is approaching a bridge to Chiron, which becomes exact toward the end of next week, and remains in effect all month long. This reflects the expansion of  the collective consciousness and brings the theme of personal mastery front and center throughout August.  Within this process our greatest gifts emerge, resurrected and refined from our perceived wounds. We become clear about what we can contribute at the personal level, and we are empowered to offer up our mastery in ways that benefit the whole. 

Speaking of “whole”, Haumea is still holding the bridge with Eris and Uranus, both retrograde now, and humanity’s unified wholeness is increasingly highlighted through every instance of disruption and discord.   Every event that occurs reminds us on some level that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME.  There’s nothing on this planet that we can’t relate to, therefore there’s nothing on this planet that we can’t impact or be the response of Love to.  We’re awakening to the truth of who we are, and we’re imagining a whole new way of living in our world.  Through the chaos, we’re realizing what matters most.  And as we’re still sloughing off and digging through the areas where we’ve been hiding out and ignoring our own brilliance, it’s becoming undeniably clear that we all have so much more to give, and we came here to experience so much more of ourselves and each other.

Also this week, the divine feminine asteroids Juno, Vesta, and Pallas form a beautiful grand water manifestation, with Ceres forming the kite tail.   This beautiful picture is a back drop story line playing out all week long, illustrating the power that exists when we align  our personal contributions with the framework of unity consciousness, devotion of the heart, and divine wisdom.  The water element nourishes and hydrates all things physical. In fact all things physical contain approximately 80% water.  Intention is everything when manifesting physical reality, and water is a profound conduit of intention and vibration.

On Monday, Venus manifests with Uranus retrograde, while Mercury manifests with Ceres and creates a resource with Vesta.  The heart  awakens with a flash of lightning as the Divine Masculine mind aligns in relationship with the Divine Feminine grand water trine/ kite energy.  Both aspects work together to calibrate and unify the yin/yang balance of energy, launching us into that powerful 8 vibration.

On Tuesday, Venus creates a stepping stone with Sedna, and our hearts have the opportunity to reach a higher perspective of enlightenment and Truth.  Interestingly, on the same day, Mars returns to Sagittarius, the sign of the highest truth seeker. This is extremely important, as from this moment on, the ruler of the physical body is making his way back to his original retrograde station at 9 Sagittarius, where he has a long standing appointment with the Inner Teacher, Saturn on August 22nd.

Tuesday is also the Leo New Moon.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, gratitude, service, and the courage to stand front and center on stage as The Radiant Light.   Leo’s polarity, Aquarius, connects us to the future vision for humanity, unconditional brotherly Love, and divine spiritual Love.    This New Moon produces an amazing weeklong opportunity to plant seeds of Light and mastery, in contribution to the collective harvest of abundant unconditional Love.  The more we choose to elevate towards the Light, the more we become unified as the Light, and gratitude is the frequency that fuels the new vision for humanity and our world.   No one can do it alone, we’re all in this together, so even acknowledging someone else’s contribution of Light helps to elevate our unified global vibration.
Wednesday delivers a Sun Neptune Great Eliminator, which is a part of the New Moon event, as is the Great Eliminator on Sunday between the Sun and Pluto.  The entire week features a huge Finger of God that points the ongoing Neptune Pluto resource (sextile) right at the Leo New Moon. The Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Pluto are all forming a super conscious fork in the road, which affects us at the most personal level, the Sun and Moon, our individual yin/yang spiritual consciousness.   Every choice this week is an opportunity to manifest a unified global vision as we embrace our personal mastery and offer our gifts of Light with Love.

On Friday, Venus moves into Virgo, the sign of healing/wholing, integration, alignment, and purification.  Mercury is already there, and our yin/yang balance is ready to one again be calibrated and refined within this new quality of consciousness, that of the Divine Mother.

Saturday features a Mercury Saturn stepping stone and a Venus Mars stepping stone.  The lower 4 body rulers are being invited to step up into the higher authority and divine leadership of Self

In addition to the Sun Pluto great eliminator on Sunday,  Mercury bridges with Neptune, opening a potential channel of clarity and insight through the higher mind, if we can allow it.   This entire week is about choosing the high road, the road that benefits All through the lens of non local consciousness.   When we do, it’s easy to see the Truth with high definition clarity, including the impact of our contribution and the opportunities for refinement.   When we get stuck in our local story, our minds become clouded, distracted and confused with chaos that obstructs our vision and produces migraines.

The practice this week is gratitude, generosity, and giving.   Giving isn’t an act of doing, it’s a way of being.  A giver is someone who allows their Light to shine unconditionally, just by breathing.   When we take the time to breathe with gratitude, we emit a frequency of energy that elevates and nourishes the collective environment, like a plant generating oxygen in a room. 

No matter what is occurring in the current local story, there’s always something to be grateful for, always a blessing…even if that blessing is you choosing to breathe as gift of life.   We don’t have time to focus on what’s missing anymore…it’s time to recognize that nothing is lacking when we own who we truly are.   We are each enough, we are each the reflection of the whole, and we are all connected through the infinite Light of creation.   All that’s ever missing is a higher perspective, gratitude, and Love…and we each have the power and authority to remember to be that!  This truly is our most significant work, and it’s where we discover our true beauty and greatness!

“Our self perception determines our behavior.  If we think we’re small, limited, inadequate creatures, then we tend to behave that way, and the energy we radiate reflects those thoughts, no matter what we do.  If we think we’re magnificent creatures with an infinite abundance of love and power to give, then we tend to behave that way.  Once again, the energy around us reflects our state of awareness.” 

~Marianne Williamson, Return to Love

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