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For the week of August 22 – 28, 2016

Get ready for one of the most profound and life altering weeks ever in the integration of higher consciousness with the lower 4 body system, and the unveiling of our holistic potential in the new world.  We are certainly in uncharted territory, the same routes we’ve crossed over many times repeatedly now feel somehow unfamiliar, they don’t quite fit.  The only way to navigate sometimes is sideways (which is in perfect alignment with the sideways elevator ride up ahead in the wormhole eclipse passage) trusting in the new senses that are emerging, our ability to sense vibrationally and respond to a higher calling, a frequency of communication that is guiding our hearts toward something magnificent.   This “calling forth” isn’t in a particular linear or spatial direction, but rather a vibrational shift of consciousness,  from which we can travel anywhere in an instant.   When we allow our hearts to respond to the deepest calling, we move mountains without having to move anything at all.   The terrain of what once appeared as an obstacle opens and welcomes us into the infinite empty space where our consciousness is one with all.
The week begins as the Sun enters Virgo on Monday, shining light on opportunities for wholing, alignment, purification, and holistic integration into oneness.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of emotional wisdom, the pure heart of the virgin mother that births Christ Consciousness.   Virgo represents the fine tuned precision required for the ultimate shift and alignment of the lower 4 body system as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in order to merge with the Cosmic Self, 5D, and the infinite realm.  When the lower 4 body system aligns and integrates, the individual soul’s incarnation becomes a conduit for higher consciousness, channeling cosmic communications (Light) into the Earth.  
The fact that Mercury is also in Virgo, and is preparing for his retrograde cycle in Virgo (going retrograde on August 31 at the Master degree of 29 Virgo), means that our higher minds are being prepared for enhanced upgraded cosmic communications that will alter our experience of physical reality, creating a whole new world of possibilities.  The physical transmutation is already complete, but our minds do not yet fully conceive of what’s occurred, so it may appear on the surface that nothing has changed…yet.   Once our communications technology is upgraded, our capacity to receive and interpret what has already occurred will change our perspective of everything.   Like seeing with new eyes the potential that’s been there all along, and recognizing that potential already manifested, readily available in the physical.  
If seeing is believing, and we’re looking through the lens of vision with 3D physical eyes, trying to recognize 5D potential manifested into reality, we’ll continue to physically see only what we’ve known before, while intuitively sensing that something is drastically different that we can’t quite put our finger on.  By the end of the wormhole (October 5th), and the end of Mercury’s retrograde journey (right around the same date), we will most certainly see, and begin to experience with clarity, the new world we’ve manifested for our Selves and for All.   
Mars moves out of his retrograde shadow on Monday 8/22, completing the massive physical reconstruction project that has been underway all year.  Interestingly, Mars is out of bounds, in completely unrecognizable terrain, validating even more that we can’t fully wrap our Selves around the wholeness of our transformation that’s been taking place.   We KNOW it’s happened, but if we’re looking for physical proof, it most likely isn’t visible yet.   Mars is approaching 10 Sagittarius for a very significant meeting with Saturn conjunct Antares on Thursday 8/24, where the physical dimension will be illuminated by both light and shadow, exposing the contrast of duality in a way that can only be experienced through vibrational frequency, not tangibly captured by a limited 3D relationship.   
Imagine trying to photograph the presence of a magnificent mountain, embodying a vortex of energy, bathed in dazzling Light from within and without, drenched in sunlight and surrounded by clouds casting a shadow…the wholeness of this scene captures the breathtaking merging of Light and Shadow in a phenomenal multidimensional contrast of extremes.  The consciousness of the observer can sense and experience the dramatic polarization and exquisite beauty, but a camera can’t capture it in a flat recorded image, it isn’t even visible.  In fact, the photographed image appears as a complete bright haze or cloud, and loses all definition and clarity of the truth.  Such a profound example of how we’ve been experiencing the physical world around us, blinded by the haze or cloud that covers the truth that’s right before our eyes.  When our consciousness shifts, and our vision is accessed through a higher quality and more defined and expansive lens, we can see things that otherwise were invisible.  We’re learning to see into the invisible realm, which is where the sacred wholeness of all things exists, where Light and Dark are simply the definition and contrast of the same image, creating one amazing unified experience, not the separation of duality.  
There is no separation between Light and Dark.  Together, they are the yin and yang energies present in the wholeness of all things.   Light is yang energy, divine masculine consciousness, and Dark is yin energy, divine feminine consciousness.  Both are sacred and pure, both are necessary in harmonic union with each other, and both are present in all things and all people.  Next week Mercury and Venus embark on a new cycle and a brand new relationship between yin and yang, taking us into the new world with proper balance and alignment, preparing for the ultimate manifestation of a whole new reality.  This week is our preparation for that epic new beginning.   
When we take responsibility for our vision, and for the power we each hold to elevate our consciousness and see through the higher lens, we access our higher authority that manifests potential (Saturn’s significance in conjunction with Mars and Antares), seeing it all with clarity and definition.   Once we begin to recognize what we can perceive, we begin to also awaken to the Truth that nothing is ever missing, nothing is broken, nothing is lacking.   Therefore nothing needs healing, fixing, or changing.   And everything IS the divine perfection of wholeness, expressing through the vibration of unconditional Love.   The way to create healing miracles and manifestations through Christ Consciousness is to be in relationship with the infinite beauty in the infinite space of all things that always exists, and to operate in relationship through that lens with unconditional Love.  Then we become the mirrors that reflect that image of divine perfection all around us, and the world mirrors and reflects the same back, as we awaken to who we are through relationship.  Seeing is believing.  But it requires a divine pure mirror to birth that highest reflection…Virgo Consciousness at the master degree is the portal of truth that meets the Libra Consciousness of the Mirrored Self, and the highest realization of Self, awakened in the physical body.
We can’t know our truth until we see how the Light and Dark work together to create contrast, definition, and wholeness of brilliance and beauty.  That magnificence, once recognized, is breathtaking and mind-blowing, and that moment of realization IS our union with God, and so every relationship is a relationship with God.  Being outdoors in nature, unplugged from the ego’s projections, allows for incredible awe inspiring magic and beauty….where we can truly meet ourselves, our higher Selves, our Cosmic selves.  
Venus forms a Great Eliminator with Eris on Thursday and with Uranus on Friday, as we experience that heart level awakening, through the clearing of all the misperceptions that has ever kept us from properly seeing our own reflection.   The old mistruths and distortions are cleared once and for all when we allow ourselves to recognize what’s been there all along.   The moment we catch a glimpse of our radiant Truth, we will never again go back to the illusions and projections of separation ever again.  It’s like looking into a 3D graphic image for hours upon hours, seeing nothing but confusion and frustration, and finally softening the gaze to see a clear image emerging from the chaos.  From that moment forward, the observer will always ground their vision in that recognizable truth as a reference point, and will gain confidence and strength with the ability to remember that truth.  The heart recognizes Truth when it sees it (vibrationally), and once that recognition occurs, even if only for a flash, the heart will never forget.
On Friday, Mars is conjunct Antares activating the ongoing Neptune stepping stone, which is the ultimate shift that allows us to step up and see with clear enlightened vision, ending duality and polarization of all things physical.  We’re stepping into a new relationship with clarity and enlightened perspective.  Neptune is conjunct the South Node (karma, shadow) and provides a brand new opportunity to step into an enlightened relationship with that which we’ve perceived as our darkest shadow that needs clearing.  Mars is in a stepping stone with the Nodes, reflecting a huge opportunity to be in relationship with our Self through the unification of karma and dharma, to realize the vast truth of our potential.  It’s also an opportunity to end the game of karmic patterns that has kept us bound to the past and struggling to break free.   Mars in Sagittarius represents the highest victory over the illusions and drama, and the realization of the Truth, which returns us back to Source, unified within and without.
The practice this week is to spend time in nature, unplugged from projections, and surrounded by beauty and grace.   Allow nature to reveal the exquisite views and hidden dimensions that occur when Light and Shadow combine, illuminating dimensions of physicality that can never be reproduced or forced.  Look with fresh eyes, without agenda or expectation, and perceive what nature reveals to you.  Even though you may have seen the same view a thousand times, it’s never exactly the same, depending upon how Light and Dark merge together in the moment, bringing to life a whole new dimension never before experienced, animating consciousness from a different perspective.   That moment of animated consciousness is reflecting a dimension of your own magnificence, through the purest mirror of nature.   See what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear, and allow your heart to open.  Journal about your experience.
We’re exploring the unseen, connecting with the wholeness that evolves and emerges when Light and Dark unify, beginning a brand new relationship with our ability to connect from that infinite space of pure potential.   This week is amazing preparation for next week’s calibration and reboot of yin and yang and the official entrance to the wormhole…and our reality will never be the same!!!  This is the space where magic appears from nowhere, and new opportunities emerge at our feet.   It’s important to stay grounded in Love and let go of the rest…and enjoy the ride!!!

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