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For the week of July 3 – 9, 2017:

Welcome to the heat of the summer and the spark of our awakened and empowered independence.  We’re headed for a super intense wormhole opening in a few weeks, created by a series of potent eclipses, crescendoing with the particle convergence at the end of August.  Life as we know it is being transformed and transmuted, every day feels like a frequency shift, and we’re moving way beyond familiar territory.   Trust, faith, and surrender are necessary as we resist the urge to flinch, detach, or disconnect through the collective unraveling of the roots of suffering.


Chiron is now retrograde, and the journey of the wounded healer to Master Teacher is one of empowerment and personal mastery, not victimhood, suffering, or punishment.  Whatever our personal challenge is at this moment, that challenge is the very portal to our greatest awakening and our contribution to the collective unification.  When we start to view our challenges as valuable life altering experiences instead of problems or issues to fix, we alter the game completely.  Nothing is happening to us, everything is occurring to support our awakening and refine our personal excellence.  When we shift our focus away from the stimulus or the “thing” that is causing our greatest discomfort, and start paying attention to the experience that’s being awakened within ourselves, true healing can occur.


So often, we’re desperate to find a way to kill the disease or eliminate the pain, as quickly as possible.  And once we do, we return right back to the exact same patterns of daily living and operating, as if nothing has changed.  This approach suppresses our very potential mastery that didn’t get to actualize and manifest, which also stagnates the second chakra, which is where we birth our visions, creations and contributions into physical form.


Our souls made agreements to walk through various initiations and rites of passages.  When we avoid or escape untouched and unaffected, we bypass our evolution.  We came here to consciously evolve, and it’s important that we willingly roll up our sleeves and dive in to all that’s available here.  When any one individual elevates in consciousness, the collective vibration is upgraded.   My empowered independence and personal awakening is the greatest contribution I can offer to the planet.


This week ahead is jam packed with aspects and events, including the Full Moon in Capricorn, in the foreigner position, conjunct Pluto.  Nobody said it would be easy, and this is a prime example of the full resurrection that’s available when we’re willing to embrace the temporary awkward disorientation of unfamiliarity to follow through and discover the mystery that lies just beyond all that we’ve known, that reunites us with Divine Spiritual Power and the transformational spark of creator energy that rebirths all of life.


On Monday 7/3, Mercury is in a Great Eliminator with Ixion, Quaoar is in a Great Eliminator with Varuna, Venus is in a resource with Chiron, and Mercury is in a resource with Sedna.  Wow..  This alone is enough to realign us with the greatest purpose and recorded brilliance of our soul’s template for mastery, while clearing away any doubt, confusion, or fear based thinking that has ever kept us from walking that path.  Our hearts are empowered with courage to rise up to the challenge as we discover what we’re really made of.


Tuesday 7/4 is Independence Day in the US, celebrated with fireworks that awaken the sky and our hearts with messages of freedom and liberation.  Very fitting that Venus is in Great Eliminator with Quaoar, and in a resource with Varuna, choosing a brand new paradigm that expands our vision.  Then Venus moves into Gemini, and Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) creates a stepping stone with Uranus.   Venus in Gemini brings our hearts into the multidimensional light of conscious wisdom in action.  Now that we’re consciously merging mind and heart, our communications are awakened to a higher octave of Love.


On Wednesday 7/5, Mercury is manifesting with Chiron, conjunct Varuna in a new cycle, and then moves into Leo, the sign of Emotional Love, vital life force energy, gratitude, blessings and service.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, and ironically, the Sun is conjunct Sirius that day as the Sun manifests with Neptune and forms a stepping stone with Jupiter.  That’s a lot of light channeling super high consciousness through the new divine masculine archetype, The Messenger.  This brilliant light manifests clarity and expands our social consciousness.


On Thursday 7/6 Venus is manifesting with MakeMake and Mercury is in a resource with MakeMake.  So beautiful that again, heart and mind are working together in partnership, in synch with their connections to higher divine cosmic order.  The heart manifests while the mind supports.


And on Friday 7/7, Mercury and Venus are in a resource together, reflecting the true harmony and potential of union when yin and yang, heart and mind, work together as One.  And so beautiful that Haumea stations direct this day at 23 Libra, creating a magical still point of wholeness at the anchor point of the Light Bridge.  This is the new earth, our collective wholeness, working together as One expression of Love.


Saturday 7/8, Ceres is in the Light Bridge with Quaoar (at the end of her infusion with that entire Light Bridge) representing the ending of the birth canal to a whole new world, a brand new paradigm, and delivering us to the full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto.  The Full Moon is in an intersection with Jupiter, and the Cancer Capricorn bridge forms a crossroad with the Jupiter/Haumea Light Bridge with the Awakeners.  Pluto has been holding the intersection of this bridge for a while, now the Sun creates the full crossroad, the intersection.  This is a major choice point, to awaken to wholeness and be resurrected by the yin/yang wholeness of the Full Moon event and the full blown cross of both Light Bridges, or to remain in polarization and duality, prolonging the perception of death and separation.  When we awaken and unify, we become the embodiment of the cross, all four points are accessible through our consciousness.


And on Sunday 7/9, Mars is in a Great Eliminator with Saturn.  At the physical level, important choices are redefining the structure and organization of our current reality.  As we continue to let go of what no longer serves us, we refine our structure to be in integrity with our true nature and authentic power.


The practice this week is to consciously merge mind and heart together.   Take some deep breaths and feel the space behind the heart, between the lungs.  Imagine opening that space, expanding it, and clearing it with every exhale.  Then feel your mind moving into that sacred space, taking a seat right next to your heart, and settling in.  Feel the physical sensation of mind merging with heart, and the nurturing stillness and peace in that relationship.   The mind has no need to run, spin, worry, or separate; there is peace and strength in the relationship between mind and heart.  As the mind comes home to the heart, all energy comes to rest and there is unity, wholeness, and the true essence of the yin/yang symbol.  The still point of mind and heart activates the new mind/body connection, which also activates the still point between body and spirit.  All is Spirit, all is Love, all is Whole…and all is well.


“The cure for pain is in the pain.” 
― Rumi


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