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The energies of today ask that we stand firm in our truth.  It’s an 8 energy day, which is about bringing new Light and expanded consciousness fully into our being and owning that we are that Light.  On these “8” days, we are truly required to stand firm in our truth and are required to not apologize for our truth or our expression, and also that we are not allowed to “hide” our Light.  If we “try” to, it just doesn’t work.



April Numerology

April, the 4th month, represents the merging of spirit with matter – building a new tangible form.  As we receive all the accelerated uploads/downloads, awakenings, openings, and as we embrace them within our heart in love, honor, and with appreciation, we build our new form.   We are being asked to stretch this idea of what we are all building and allow it to be as “outside the box” as possible.  This building being referred to is symbolic of all that is occurring now in our consciousness.

Beginning this month, we will BEGIN to see the “new beginning results” of how we have changed our consciousness and we will begin to see our new reflections.  This “seeing” the new form that we are building will continue to grow and re-form again and again as the year progresses.  At this time, we can only “see” the beginning of what will be so much more visible to us a year from now.  However, it is the beginning and we honor that beginning with deep appreciation.  Think of the symbol of the acorn and the might oak tree – or even better the seeds of the Giant Redwood tree are even tinier than the acorn and look at the size of that mighty tree!!!  So this month we will begin to notice the building that has taken place within our consciousness – we will begin to “see” our new form.  And we want to stretch this idea as fully as possible – noticing what is being reflected back to us; noticing our new vision; noticing our new senses; seeing the speed of thought made manifest; noticing our accelerated healing processes; understanding our ability to remain in love and in center with more ease than ever before; noticing how the “old triggers” no longer elicit a response from us; noticing how quickly we pick-up on a subtle self-limiting thought or feeling even before it can become manifest and healing/transforming it on the spot.   Noticing we no longer judge.  The building that has begun may be subtle yet it holds the potential to become that symbolic Giant Redwood in our consciousness.

Also this month, it will be necessary to nurture this new growth that we are all building.  Nurture it as you would a new plant that is just beginning to sprout.  We need to nurture this new part of our being by acknowledging it, encouraging it, supporting it, feeding it, and weeding it.  We do this by expressing from our new understandings, acknowledging our new visions, and honoring our new perceptions.  We allow this part of us to grow by using it.

Anytime we build anything new, we need to be sure the structure or foundation is solid.  So this is also a month to continually review our foundational beliefs on a regular basis and to shore up or replace any outdated or self-limited belief.  We want to get to that foundation that is 100% in unity and in unconditional love constantly and continually.

April gives us powerful opportunities to integrate, to embrace, to identify with, and to contemplate all that we have received from Sept 2015 through today.  Remember the powerful initiations in Sept that have gifted us with powerful, profound, accelerations, activations, and uploads.  April is showing us the importance of truly integrating these amazing gifts.  It is not enough to open to and receive all that has been given to us – we must make it our own; it must become second nature to us; and to make it our own we must act from that newness, live from that newness, believe in that newness, talk from that newness, and completely “walk our new talk.”  We have this month to “make it all stick” within us.

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2016

2016, a “9” year, is a year of completion – not just a completion of a cycle that began 8 years ago, but a humungous completion of a cycle that began thousands of years ago – a final letting go of separation. Yes, we all have been working towards this for so long, but this will be a “big” year – completely letting go of separation – decision time – whether to cling to old patterns of limitation, or whether to embrace your Divine Nature – embrace that everything in your visible world and your invisible world is you – profound and unlimited – a year to fully commit to love – it’s all God, it’s all love – this is the year to no longer fluctuate back and forth but a year to completely and permanently align with Love. This is the year to move into 5D permanently, completely, and with the deepest commitment of will to never doubt yourself again; to never judge yourself again; to never blame yourself again; etc. etc. And of course, when we no longer judge, criticize, doubt, and blame ourselves, we no longer judge anyone or anything, within or without.

The “9” energy brings both endings and birthing within its energy so be ready to engage with the process of letting go and possibly, in the next moment, embracing the excitement of new ideas, new dreams, new passions, and new opportunities. These new birthings may not have a manifested form yet, but they will be very real to you in the form of revelation, passion, and inspiration. They will begin to be noticed in the womb of your visions. Allow them to gestate.

The energies of 2016 cannot be put into the limitation of words – its vastness is too great. It is the ending and the beginning and everything in between – it is like the profound moment between breaths.

While one aspect of our journey may seem to be completed, a new step or beginning is right around the bend or over the horizon – in fact, we have already taken our next step. Our steps to expansion never end. This year will require patience with your journey, trust in self, trust in life, trust in God, and faith that regardless of what it looks like, every step is a blessing and a gift. We will need to stay immersed in our love this year.

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