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Today’s energies support us in updating our foundational beliefs with all the new revelations and understandings we have gained this year.  It’s important, from time to time, to clean out of our consciousness what no longer serves us and to consciously imprint our new truth.  Today is such a day for that clean-out and re-imprinting.  You will be shown very clearly what’s no longer serving you.



June Numerology

Blessings everyone and welcome to June, the month of Love!!!   The energies of this month will assist us, support us, encourage us, teach us, uplift us, and engage with us as we move into greater and more expanded experiences and perception of unconditional love.

Who doesn’t enjoy and cherish love????  It’s not like we are being asked to climb a mountain, or swim underwater holding our breath for hours, or jump from the side of a high cliff, or wash a boatload of dishes with cold water…of course I’m being silly, but you get the point.  We are asked to live in LOVE….how incredible is that????

It seems to me the only thing that gets in our way of living every moment in unconditional love is: our patterns; our conditioning; our ideas; our beliefs.  It’s as if we stand at a crossroads each moment and we need to choose either unconditional love or some other limited response and once we choose, we are on the pathway of love or the pathway of limitation until we make a new choice.  I have noticed that if I choose unconditional love at the beginning junction of the two paths, it glides and is so expansive and uplifting, but if I choose the limited response it is more difficult to jump over to the love pathway once I am on the limited pathway than if I had chosen love at the beginning of the junction.  Often, that remembrance is enough to help me choose love immediately rather than waiting till I’m in crisis before I attempt to jump over to the love pathway.  Although it’s ALWAYS possible to jump to the love pathway no matter what we are experiencing, I find it’s just easier at the beginning of the junction.

It would be a wondrous practice to begin each day this month “in love” – make a commitment when you first awake that “I choose love all day long, regardless of what happens.”  That is a profound intention and excellent way to begin each day.  Of course, if something pulls you out of love, remember, no judgment, just return to love when you notice you are off course.

There are innumerable writings on love so I am not going there today.  Have at your fingertips the reminders of love, the writings about love, and the experiences you’ve had in love to refer to all month long.  Keep handy those words that inspire you, that move you and that you resonate with.  This is the month of Love – what could possibly be greater than that!!!!

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2016

2016, a “9” year, is a year of completion – not just a completion of a cycle that began 8 years ago, but a humungous completion of a cycle that began thousands of years ago – a final letting go of separation. Yes, we all have been working towards this for so long, but this will be a “big” year – completely letting go of separation – decision time – whether to cling to old patterns of limitation, or whether to embrace your Divine Nature – embrace that everything in your visible world and your invisible world is you – profound and unlimited – a year to fully commit to love – it’s all God, it’s all love – this is the year to no longer fluctuate back and forth but a year to completely and permanently align with Love. This is the year to move into 5D permanently, completely, and with the deepest commitment of will to never doubt yourself again; to never judge yourself again; to never blame yourself again; etc. etc. And of course, when we no longer judge, criticize, doubt, and blame ourselves, we no longer judge anyone or anything, within or without.

The “9” energy brings both endings and birthing within its energy so be ready to engage with the process of letting go and possibly, in the next moment, embracing the excitement of new ideas, new dreams, new passions, and new opportunities. These new birthings may not have a manifested form yet, but they will be very real to you in the form of revelation, passion, and inspiration. They will begin to be noticed in the womb of your visions. Allow them to gestate.

The energies of 2016 cannot be put into the limitation of words – its vastness is too great. It is the ending and the beginning and everything in between – it is like the profound moment between breaths.

While one aspect of our journey may seem to be completed, a new step or beginning is right around the bend or over the horizon – in fact, we have already taken our next step. Our steps to expansion never end. This year will require patience with your journey, trust in self, trust in life, trust in God, and faith that regardless of what it looks like, every step is a blessing and a gift. We will need to stay immersed in our love this year.

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