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Opposite polarities will be front and center today giving us an opportunity to practice unity consciousness without self-judgment.  Do your best to unify all the polarities that come up today without judging yourself whether or not you are successful  in accomplishing a prospective of oneness.  Keep working at it regardless of the results.



December Numerology

Welcome December – the last month of this incredible and life changing year!!!!  December offers us the gifts of both the 1 energy and the 2 energy combined/unified in such a way as to gift us this month with the powerful energies of 3 energy – that of self-expression, creativity, joy, openness, connection,  love, and optimism.  The 3 energy doesn’t look at the “dirt” it looks at the beautiful flowers that grow out of that “dirt.”

Because December contains both the energies of the 1 and the 2 energies, this unity of the 1 and the 2 gives us the clue as to how to most powerfully take advantage of this miraculous 3 energy of December.  The 1 energy is male in nature and assists us in accessing our powerful will, empowered choices, purpose, originality, individuality, creative though, inventive ideas, determination, courage, and intuition.  We will need all these qualities to fully bring forth the joy of December.

The 2 energy is female in nature and gives us access to our wisdom, unconditional love,  illumination, access to our emotional flow, intuition, mediation,  cooperative partnerships, sensitivity, nurturing nature, protective nature, and unity consciousness.  We will also need these qualities to bring forth the joy of December.

The 3 energy of December is a balanced blend of both these male/female energies and it assists us in accessing our imagination, our inspiration, our creativity, our joy, our optimism, and our empowered self-expression.

One of the most dynamic gifts of the 3 energy is assisting us to allow our joy of self-expression.  Joy and love are very closely related and when we truly allow ourselves to express, through our deepest truth, without holding back, without judging how and what we are expressing, without apologizing for our expression – when we can just allow in love and in gratitude our true expression, we automatically radiate profound love and joy.  We don’t even have to “work” at self-love or loving another because we radiate it when we allow our true expression without judgment – it is a given, a byproduct of authentic self-expression.  What better way to embrace the love and joy of the Christmas spirit?

We have all been through the most intense and cleansing 9 years and even lifetimes of intense cleansing.  Our powerful determination and commitment to our ascension in consciousness has brought us to this miraculous point in our journey.  This last month of this amazing and life changing process is preparing us to shift into 2017 with new identity, even though it is our original blueprint identity of unlimited love.

In order to be ready for the new world (2017) that we are all creating together, December assists us in using our powerful will to strengthen faith in ourselves and in our purpose, truth, and destiny.  It is assisting us in integrating our highest truth into our identity and into our empowered choices.  It is assisting us to transform all the knowledge we have gained in all our lifetimes into profound conscious wisdom.

Most importantly, it is about our embracing and identification with Christed Consciousness in such a tangible way that it now directs our choices – it permeates our relationships – it  colors our thoughts and feelings, and it manifests our goals as we hold the intention to remain immersed in Christed Consciousness in every now moment.

What a blessing it is to NOT carry around all those old worn out beliefs, agreements, patterns, limitations, stresses, worries, shame, guilt, judgments, and doubts !!!!!  Give yourself and everyone else the gift of appreciation for the incredible and immense transformation we have all created.  Everyone who is here at this time has a role to play in the transformation that we are all experiencing.  Everyone deserves our gratitude.  It has not been easy, yet we persevered.  We have all added immensely to the Light that is manifesting brighter and brighter and even brighter right before our very eyes and hearts.  What we have accomplished together and will continue to accomplish together is truly miraculous.  May December manifest as a most profound and joyful experience for us all !!!

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2016

2016, a “9” year, is a year of completion – not just a completion of a cycle that began 8 years ago, but a humungous completion of a cycle that began thousands of years ago – a final letting go of separation. Yes, we all have been working towards this for so long, but this will be a “big” year – completely letting go of separation – decision time – whether to cling to old patterns of limitation, or whether to embrace your Divine Nature – embrace that everything in your visible world and your invisible world is you – profound and unlimited – a year to fully commit to love – it’s all God, it’s all love – this is the year to no longer fluctuate back and forth but a year to completely and permanently align with Love. This is the year to move into 5D permanently, completely, and with the deepest commitment of will to never doubt yourself again; to never judge yourself again; to never blame yourself again; etc. etc. And of course, when we no longer judge, criticize, doubt, and blame ourselves, we no longer judge anyone or anything, within or without.

The “9” energy brings both endings and birthing within its energy so be ready to engage with the process of letting go and possibly, in the next moment, embracing the excitement of new ideas, new dreams, new passions, and new opportunities. These new birthings may not have a manifested form yet, but they will be very real to you in the form of revelation, passion, and inspiration. They will begin to be noticed in the womb of your visions. Allow them to gestate.

The energies of 2016 cannot be put into the limitation of words – its vastness is too great. It is the ending and the beginning and everything in between – it is like the profound moment between breaths.

While one aspect of our journey may seem to be completed, a new step or beginning is right around the bend or over the horizon – in fact, we have already taken our next step. Our steps to expansion never end. This year will require patience with your journey, trust in self, trust in life, trust in God, and faith that regardless of what it looks like, every step is a blessing and a gift. We will need to stay immersed in our love this year.

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