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We are blessed with the master number energy today.  This is the energy of the master architect.  This month we are either releasing or we are bringing in the unformed energy of the new, and so we will be manifesting the new without details.  Even though we do not yet know the details, let us hold the intention for powerful enlightened  manifestations.



September Numerology

Welcome September !!!  We are experiencing the energies of September in a new and different way than we have ever experienced the 9th month – ever!!!  I invite you to open and breathe in its vast and accelerated energies.  We are still feeling the impact of all the astrological and sacred geometry energies that we were blessed with during the month of August and for the past 8 months.  We are still in the energies of the wormhole, the retrograding planets, the light bridges, etc. and the energies of September will continue to assist us to emerge from this powerful wormhole and mercury retrograde and the eclipses as no longer a human but as a Divine Human.

The sacred geometric symbol for this 9th month is the circle or the spiral within the circle where a level of completion leads to a new beginning which eventually leads to a completion which leads to a new beginning etc.  Much of this year has been about  intense clearing and clearing and clearing to ready us for the powerful month of August that we have just now moved through.  We are now in the part of the circle of new beginnings for this entire month.  It is not a month where the focus is deep clearing – we have done that in spades !!!!!   Of course, there may still be some slight pulls to look back or to allow a familiar pattern from the past to enter into our consciousness, but this will be at a minimum this month.  The focus this month is to open fully and completely to the new.

The new coming in this month will not be tangible – it will most likely not be visible even within your intuition.  We will be bringing in the energy of newness – the option of newness – the opportunities for newness.  This will not include insights or revelations yet – this energy is the precursor to visions and revelations.  However, you will be able to FEEL it – it will FEEL new – it will FEEL different yet also familiar because we all created our journeys long ago.  It will be formless, yet it may feel exciting, uplifting, engaging, refreshing, and expanding.  This month we just want to allow, allow, allow all the new continually to enter into our Being.   Breathe it in; embrace it; integrate it; and allow any and all change that it is bringing in to become welcomed and even familiar within you.  Get used to the idea of newness and change without needing to know what the new will be.

I live in the foothills of the Rockies and the image that continually comes to me as I contemplate September is the melting of snow in the mountains which creates vast, expansive, and varied rivers.  As the snow melts from early May all the way through to September from the Rocky Mountain Range, the water begins first as a trickle without any form and as the water gathers momentum coming down the mountainside, it creates small creeks and rivulets, and lakes and these eventually lead to powerful rushing major rivers (think Colorado River or Arkansas River) that change the landscape and feed the land and us with its blessed water.  That is what September this year is similar to.  We are receiving all the energy before it is even formed into an idea or a passion yet.  However, as long as we are open and embrace and receive all the new unformed precious energy from Source, it will nourish us and change our inner landscape.  This process of receiving the new unformed energy is very natural to our feminine nature.  Allow your feminine nature to hold, fertilize, nourish, protect, and engage with all this new energy.  When the timing is right, She will birth within you the most clear, insightful, passion filled visions that are ready to move through you and be expressed by you.  This feminine part of you is very comfortable with receiving the intangible and birthing it into form.  Allow your inner Divine Feminine this month to lead the way.

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2017

Welcome Welcome Welcome 2017!!!!  We are honored for your energy, your gifts, your Light, your opportunities, your courage, your wisdom, and your inspiration!!!  This year offers us with profound and powerful energies to create our new world!!!!!

To name SOME of the gifts that 2017 bring us they are: Light, Illumination, Clarity, Courage, Independence, Empowered Choice, Originality, Will, Determination, Initiative, and Creative Thought.  Wow!!!  We are all SO READY for these powerful qualities to become enlivened in our lives after the deep and intense clearing and transformation we have all called forth for the past lifetime and even longer!!!  Once again, Welcome 2017!!!

To delve more deeply into the energies of 2017, remember that not only are we calling forth these powerful qualities from within (2017 is our reflection of course) but we ARE READY to wield them with clarity, with empowerment, with awareness, with integrity, with LIGHT, AND in coming from our Center which is Unified in LOVE.  It takes courage to stand in the face of opposition and to not “take sides – either one polarity or another” but to stand firmly in oneness and hold your truth.  It takes a strong WILLINGNESS to want to see the Best in each and every situation, especially when there is pressure to do otherwise.  It takes Illumination and Independence and courage to stand firmly in your truth when others pressure you to do what they want.  This year we are truly being asked to walk our talk.  We have all read the adage “to whom much is given, much is expected” – well, this year much will be required of us because much, much, much has already been given and much more will be given to us.  We have the greatest opportunities before us this year to create our “heaven on earth” – maybe not in completion in one year, but certainly we have the opportunities to begin this new life  from wherever on our journey we currently reside.  And we already know that all beginnings begin within.  So the profound Light we are being gifted with this year can be used, to illuminate every part of our consciousness so that we may ferret out any and all thought forms, ideas, and patterns that prevent us from living within ourselves a heaven on earth life.  It HAS to begin within – we all know this.  Can we awaken each day filled with the gratitude of what we experienced yesterday and the anticipation of this new day full of unlimited potential?  Can we allow ourselves to live with joy; to live with excitement; to live with appreciation; to live in partnership with life; to live with a willingness to see and embrace something new; to live engaged WITH life.  This year it will be critical to keep an inner eye on our inner attitude and climate to be sure we are living in love – living in Light – living in Connection – living in integrity – honoring our individuality – appreciating all our gifts – appreciating all that life is giving us this very moment – remaining in the now moment – having deep compassion for ourselves and others when we “mess-up” because our “mess-ups” are our greatest teachers and opportunities – allowing our true partnership with life – not through control but through trust and love and a willingness to open to life.

This year is HUGE!!!  In order to take full advantage of all it is offering us, it will be helpful to embrace our own huge and unlimited nature in full faith and trust.  Especially when our experience is different than we expect or want.  When we can let go of our expectations of how things need to be and, without losing our own integrity and our own truth, allow life to unfold as it needs to, and if we can do this in full faith that life loves us and is “on our side” and that the outcome, regardless of what it looks like, IS in our very best interest, then we can and will create our own heaven on earth.

Our heart ALWAYS knows – our Body NEVER lies to us – our mirrors ALWAYS show us something about ourselves.  These are the tools that will be so helpful for us to fully trust, engage with, and use to maneuver through this year.  Our heart knows what we want and what we don’t want in an instant – it will tell us our truth in an instant, so connecting and LISTENING to our heart this year is more important than ever.

Our body NEVER Lies to us.  Anytime we are at a crossroads or have a decision or a choice to make, consult your body – feel it deeply – listen to it – it will NEVER guide you astray – never.  Check in with it daily this year.  You can feel when you are in center – you can feel when you are on your true pathway – you can feel if a choice you have made is not in alignment with your heart – feel your truth and allow it to guide you this year.

Our mirrors ALWAYS tell us something about ourselves.  They have to because all of our life is our own reflection.  They may not be a “direct” reflection and you may have to work with the symbols of the mirror.  For example, the external terror acts playing out externally do not indicate that you are a terrorist, however, you can ask yourself: how are you internally destroying your gifts, or your opportunities, or do you terrorize yourself with debilitating thoughts or feelings or beliefs, etc.  Ask yourself numerous questions. Use your mirrors until you get that internal “yes, that is what this mirror is showing me.”  The more you work with them the more they will reveal insights to you about yourself.  If you are persistent with working with your mirrors, you will SEE yourself and discover so much about yourself and in that discovery move into creating your heaven on earth.

Another profound gift of 2017 is Inspiration!!!!  This will be a major and daily gift during 2017.  I will expand on this gift of inspiration during the blogs for each day and each month because there is so much to expand on here.  So, please join me in opening your hearts and all of your being to this incredible and miraculous year 2017!!!

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