Spring Equinox 2022

Bernice Kadatz Solstices and Equinoxes




March 20, 2022

Sun 00 Aries 00

11:34 EDT, 8:34am PDT, 4:34pm GT



The Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, is a day in which the sun sits directly over the celestial equator, resulting in equal length of day and night all over the world. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first day of spring. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is known as the Autumnal Equinox and signals the beginning of fall.

The Spring Equinox marks the astrological transition of the Sun moving from the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aries. In Cosmic Consciousness the shift moves us from the spiritual quadrant of Divine Mastery of your higher self into the mental quadrant of Conscious discipline of choosing your thoughts and inner dialogue.


                                                                                                                            Photo source: https://pixabay.com/photos/lighthouse-sea-sunset-evening-2372461/


In Cosmic Consciousness the sign of Pisces is known as the “unified realm” and an excellent metaphor is to visualize an infinite ocean. The water in the ocean is what binds us but the qualities of the ocean is what defines humanity and includes: unconditional love, unity consciousness (we are all connected yet we have individually), Christ consciousness (the presence of the frequency of awakened love – spiritual wisdom), and the awareness of oneness beyond time and space. When we are in the infinite ocean there are no boundaries, no borders and no limits, only the unified realm of unity consciousness.


The sign of Aries is where we realize the power of the mind and where we create our individuality of our consciousness. Every person has unique experiences or how they view a shared experience. No two people have the exact same experiences or even view experiences the same. We are just like snowflakes, unique yet generally the same. Although we are united, that is our consciousness is united, it is the experiences we create that generates our uniqueness.


When we are in the sign of Pisces, we are experiencing the vast ocean of opportunities or possibilities. We are on a journey and sometimes if we don’t have a map we could be floating around aimlessly. Astrological Aspects can be viewed as markers or in the case of the sun a guiding light not unlike a lighthouse. When we are ready to shift from the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aries, the sun shows us a pathway to begin creating the opportunities we experienced while in the Piscean ocean. We can view astrological aspects as reminders of natural or universal law that will assist us along the journey.


The predominant Sun aspect on the spring equinox is a Great Eliminator with Haumea and the Moon at 29° Libra. Great Eliminators highlight or bring to light: psychological challenges, unconscious patterns of scattered energies, incomplete tasks requiring adjustment or compromise, bridging from childhood or past lives. The Great Eliminator aspect represents the fork in the road that offers the choice between Love or Fear. The conscious choice point is to take the high road, the one that leads to Love instead of fear. Haumea represents the experience of wholeness that can only be accessed with higher consciousness, oneness and unity. Haumea also assists in manifesting the physical into being with the help of Spirit (fire – Sun in Aires) and emotion/heart (water- Moon). The springtime of year is the opportunity for both physical and non-physical to take root and begin to grow.


Everything that we need to grow the unity consciousness is in place serendipitously at this spring equinox.