THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/3/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekWHERE LOGIC FAILS¬†–

Please listen. It is time to Awake, Awake, Awake.

On this day, the collective comes to you with a message about the line of thinking that has created the very world you are so often afraid to admit you exist in. That world was created in material beliefs. However, we are universally requesting, now, that you begin the transit in whole into the heart.

We tell you beyond equivocation, the word “coincidence” simply equates to a lack of faith. Yes, if you must, please read that again if it was unclear.

Coincidence is a man-made word in complete separation from, and in complete ignorance of, the truth that has you breathing your very breath.

Again, please hear and heed these words now… CONSISTENTLY and with focused discipline. If you already heed them, then please share them in whatever form you feel appropriate with the masses. It is time to awaken from the GREAT SLUMBER.

While logic has mankind seemingly navigating life, it will fail you beyond it. So, best to begin practicing the art of death sooner than later. What we mean by this is dealing sooner than later with the idea that your physical demise WILL come. It must. But you can spend your days living in truth or illusion.

Illusion brings suffering, as constant attachment to man-made things brings only temporary sensory satisfaction. This will end before long. After all, nothing material can EVER travel with you into the great expanse. However, beginning to see the signs ALL around you that something greater has you here is key.

For those of you who already see the signs, how often do you chose to remain steadfast in that endeavor? You see, it is your discipline that becomes the contagion the world needs.

Belief in coincidence breeds victim mentality where everything is happening to you. However, faith, mixed with looking for and seeing signs, breeds co-creatorship at a minimum. This lays the groundwork for you all to begin to step fully into your mastery as the creators that you actually are.

What we mean by co-creator is seeing the world and everything in it at least as your creation WITH the Universe. When you begin to readily look for and see the signs all around you that prove you are loved, supported, and taken care of by something greater than the hamster wheel you once thought you were living on with no extended purpose, you begin to see the Universe has your back.

You can believe all you want in formulas, possibilities and varying concepts. Theories, however, will only get you so far. Logic does NO dealings in the business of the after-life. Trust and faith, however, are the only two virtues that will keep you safe beyond this world. We know, it can feel scary. But it really doesn’t need to be.

The more you trust in that, the more you begin to look deeper at this “concept”. Then, that concept fades and knowing (truth) replaces beliefs. Knowing requires no thought, only an alert obedience to the heart and its murmurs of truth as it rises within you once more. Eventually, you actually begin to resonate again with the WHOLE truth that you ARE the expanse of the Universe, you have just forgotten it.

So until then, just remember to keep looking for signs that you are creating with the Universe FOR your growth. You are not a victim to anything. You chose this life and every experience in it, whether you remember that choice or not. While you are not required to fully understand this at this time, you would do better to begin to at least accept it FULLY, rather than visiting it every once in a while.

For it is your birthright to again awaken fully like the lotus you are. You hold the key to unlocking and holding open the door for these truths once more. Won’t you please now play the doorman regularly?

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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