THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/2/17

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channeloftheweekUNEXPECTED BEGINNINGS¬†–

Unexpected beginnings are so powerful. While they take you by surprise, if you choose to stay with the FEELING of surprise, whether or not it was a “good” surprise, then the Universe has opportunity after opportunity to show you just how powerful the event within can be.

So let us assume for a moment that the New Year, or its Eve, did not exactly bring you what you were expecting. Even if this is not true, go with it for a moment, for there is a teaching here for you nonetheless.

Ok, so back to it… perhaps the New Year did not live up to expectations. After all, whether or not the numerology says so, a new year DOES indeed bring new beginnings. So why, then, would a less than perfect evening into New Year, or New Year’s Day bring a seeming funk? Do you really believe it is because you deserve less than the best? It could be that you are manifesting bad experience after bad experience because you believe you deserve to not be happy. BUT… what if it is MUCH BIGGER than this? In fact, what if the Universe (which is really an aspect of the bigger YOU) was actually attempting to break patterns of expectation for you so that you can be¬†in wonderment.

You see, when you break patterns of expectation, and believing that you have got it all figured out, the Universe will absolutely show up to remind you how much bigger the plan is for you than what you think you “understand”. Face it. You do not. You do not understand, and you don’t because you are not currently wired TO understand. That is the beauty of this life you are living.

You see, when you can begin to live in wonderment, you begin to create large spaces of “dark”, untapped potential within you to be filled with HUGE amounts of LIGHT. So if things did not quite work out the way you expected them to, well… WONDERFUL! That is a pure opportunity for you to realize just how many other ways your dreams can become reality that you did NOT dream up.

When you can begin to tap into this potential by letting go of your reigns that you THINK you have a hold on things with, this is when MAGIC becomes your friend and you can begin to manifest exactly what you need and then some by not having a bog about how it can and will happen.

Is this making ANY sense yet? A little? No? Maybe? Good.

Remember, confusion of the human mind occurs right before learning. And when you allow confusion to be fully present without having to understand, you open portals to possibility. You are SO much more powerful than you think you are. And even when solutions SEEM to come out of the blue, they are ACTUALLY being manifested by you. You are attracting to you the love you need to get where you need to be – ALWAYS, and in all ways. You just simply do not remember that yet. Or perhaps you are beginning to. If so, wonderful.

Either way, you are well on your journey to manifesting your dreams in the New Year. Now just let go a little more, and… presto!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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