THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/28/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekTHE ENERGY OF “THE CHRIST”¬†–

With the events of Resurrection Sunday behind you, sort of, we’d like to share with you some details about what is in front of you. The energy of “the Christ” is and never was about a single being, but rather about raising the collective human vibration (frequency) above material consciousness and into the energy of plurality or “WE”.

You see, Jesus the man was “Jesus of Nazareth”. See him that way, rather than “Jesus Christ” and see truth. It was not about religion. He was born a Jew and baptized by John. However, it was NEVER about¬†religion. It was about truth. His baptism was about the water element cleansing the sins and untruths of man, not that of the Creator. He was not Jesus the Christian. He was Jesus the man, who carried a message. And the ONLY religion he cared about was, and remains, LOVE.

The energy of “the Christ” is that of a rank; a rank in consciousness; a certain level of spiritual achievement which shatters all untruths about man and the material world. It was, and still is, a rank attained by humans desiring only two things: 1) to know and find God and 2) to do so by serving others so that others may eventually come onto a spiritual path to do the same. For it is your God-given birthright to be re-united with your maker. Therefore, to find Him in everything you do, and everyone you meet IS a grace. Once fully embodied, a certain frequency of the “Christed” individual has been attained.

When that time arrives, you have fully merged with God in a human body – fully Ascended. Until that time arrives, if you are on a spiritual path, you are working within your Ascension process – ever coming closer to understanding what this means, as you continue to acquire the desire ONLY for it. During that process, your other desires begin to fall away, for the fruits of their outcomes are not permanent. However, to know and find God? That is permanent. That is what you are striving for because it is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven and all that has been promised as your birthright.

At this time, as your planet shifts and changes greatly, the objective is to remain focused in your end-game. Enjoy life as it comes, but do not become entangled in the minutia. Offer all seeming struggles up in service. See all trials and tribulations as opportunities to serve God in some way, and there you will find a peace. Do not give into the dramas of the Earth-world. See them for what they are – merely distractions IF you allow them to be. Finding the silver lining in it all is your calling and you have been well prepared for this task.

Compassion is loving, but attachment in your compassion leads to further suffering. The goal is to see God in it all. If you do not “see” God, ask yourself, “Who is looking through my eyes?” This is good meditation. Seek not to know the answers, but rather to know God. Seek not to learn the truth, but to feel it. Seek not to self-serve, but to serve others and there you shall be served. This is ALL good meditation for the soul.

Jesus was a man… a man with great wisdom because he kept his eyes on the Teacher – God. He saw the Teacher in everyone he served and in EVERY experience, because he knew they each served him and occurred for him. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Taoist, Zaoist, Maoist, Buddhist, or other, choose to be human, not escape it. This was Jesus’ message – Be human, feel it all, and serve your neighbors with love. For they are you, and you them.

So as your planet shifts and changes to the tune of this Ascension we speak of, choose LOVE and so, too, will you Ascend with it. Grieve not for man-made loss, for perhaps God finds opportunity there. Yes, He does. Offer all actions and experiences to the Creator, and create you shall… in the New World where love, not greed, prevails. There you will know the energy of “The Christ”.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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