THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/18/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekPROMISES DELIVERED¬†–

Greetings powerful beings of light! Today we bring to you a message of great parallels. As your world shifts and turns, transitioning to a state of higher love, we bring you Cosmic initiations with great fervency.

Yes, the world is shifting toward love. Each of you, and the collective is ever awakening further and further to the God-state of being, of realizations, of self-realization. To this end, your world is seemingly being rocked with violence, stemming from madness. This madness was created by man, or hue-man-ness. To equalize (neutralize) this maddened state, the state of awareness MUST be shown to the masses, so that they can see their own creations. Even when they believe that it is something outside of them creating it, like you once did, there is something inside that knows. It is the lingering truth that resides in each of your Cosmic Blueprints.

To reset the memory of that blueprint in each being, mass overhaul is required. Beings are playing out their roles now to re-awaken humanity to the truth that humanity chose a path that was unnecessary… unnecessary in the human plan that is. All is always perfect in the Divine Plan. They are not the same, the human plan and the Divine one. The human plan works within the realm of Divinity, where humans were given God-realized power without remembering.

However, the shakeup required to remind you of these truths, these upgrades if you will, are not for those weak in the knees. Many choose to transition at these times for various reasons. Either the energy of “human” is too much for their true nature of Divinity, or they contracted to help remind the rest of the planet, or they contracted Cosmically for the sake of the Universe. No matter the matter, they chose it – just as you are choosing your reality in each and every moment, on each and every breath.

The most interesting part in all of this is the Universal parallels playing out. You are being shown promises delivered. You have been told of the changes coming, peace coming from seem chaos. This shift is it. It is on its way. You asked for help from beyond the norm. Well, normal, human consciousness created this issue, but given that the energy that got you here will not suffice in getting you out, super-human (beyond your plane) energy has been, and continues to be sent, to shift you out.

The antenna is up for those few awake like you. Your actions are the examples this world needs to watch in order to change with help from the outskirts of your Universe… other-wise known to you as “the Mystic” – sages, saints, masters of your realm who defeated this less-than humanness by remaining steadfastly devoted to the heart and its only mission – to know and find God.

Mankind took eons to get here. It will not take as long to get out. Since many are realizing the speed at which manifestation occurs now, collectively you are undoing the doing quite a bit speedier than it took to unconsciously arrive here. Why? Because you are doing it with consciousness, not a lack thereof.

So you are being UPgraded WHILE the seeming DOWNfall occurs. Paradoxical, we know. What of the GREATEST of all treasures is not this paradox contained in? Worry not, want not, only be.

This is the GREATEST time in human evolution and you are on the fore-front because you chose it. Now, please enjoy it, and remain in your hearts. You have earned it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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