THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/25/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


This week’s message brings a slightly different perspective that hopefully returns you to your heart.

As so often is the case with tumultuous times, often members of the human race seek to focus their energy “out there”, out into the world. For it is easy to blame, point fingers at, and judge others and society for the atrocities in our world. It is also easier to look at the state of affairs and feel helpless – it literally, though, almost breeds a feeling of a state of victimhood. But we tell you now, it is simply needless. You are all a part of that very world you prefer to see change.

Why is it, then, that so many of you remain on your couches staring at it (the world), wondering how it occurs, rather than believing you can do something about it? If the human race created such issues, then the human race can attest to them and repair them. You just often do not believe you are powerful enough as a singular voice to do so. We are here today to tell you… nonsense.

A single loving “voice in meditation for the planet” speaks louder and with more clarity to consciousness than a million unconscious ones.

Think on this for a moment. Taking a moment to yourself, inside, deep within you to send love to the planet quite literally has the power to shift your world. Is it not easier to at least try that than resist its potential truth?

You see, the single most precious gift you all have been given is the gift of human life. Your breath, then, must be the most powerful weapon in times of struggle if used with love, compassion, kindness and mindfulness. Therefore, it would be best to cease your dramas and use the breath with the very wisdom that has you reading this post week to week. If you are conscious enough to have found this blog, then you are conscious enough that we found you. Do you understand this?

No life is EVER forgotten or unseen.

You are quite literally a walking, living, speaking miracle. You have just almost completely forgotten it. And in times of turmoil like your world is currently experiencing you MUST remember, remember, remember!

Per the formula mentioned above (i.e. a “single loving voice…”), if every one of you reading this could take a moment soon after you finish reading these words to remember your Divinity, even if just for a moment, it could quite honestly impact millions of other souls. These could be those in need, or those ready to consciously assist those in need. And that moment could literally just shift EVERYTHING.

What if that actually happened? Can you imagine it? Can you feel the power of conscious beings rising together? For that is what you are, WHEN YOU CHOOSE to be. So choose now, and we shall stand beside and behind you, ever lifting you up, and ever reminding you that you all ARE quite literally THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT.


With so much love in our hearts for you,


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