August 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects







Welcome to August, 8th month of a 22/4 year. In July we experienced the final eclipse and the closing of the wormhole, along with the changing directions of 5 planets. We stood in the observer’s perch with an open heart and mind, allowing the energies to move us. As we find the blessing in every situation, we are ready for the influx of August’s energies, becoming adept at being fluid, adjusting to rapid change. This month we are called upon to align ourselves in mind, heart, body and spirit, to purify our hearts, and to be response-able and transparent.
In Cosmic Consciousness, the 8 o’clock Virgo hour of Divine Mother progenitor energies is where we apply the emotional wisdom to discern where we are out of alignment. We work to bring errant fragments of our Selves together and integrate any misqualified vibrations that prevent our wellbeing on every level, delivering our Selves into wholeness. As each of us becomes more aligned and whole, we see the potential for wholeness in others, and they see their own potential. At higher levels we create space within mass consciousness for all of us to come together as One. As we clear out old karma and unconscious thought patterns, we resonate with higher dimensional frequencies and rewrite our cellular structure, which will come to reverberate on the physical plane.
In numerology, GOD is an ‘8’, eternal and infinite, vast and imperishable. Horizontally the ‘8’ signifies infinity, unending abundance: infinite Love, infinite energy, infinite supply, infinite bliss, infinite awareness, infinite choice. The energies are always there; it is up to us to tap into them, and the only way to do that is through the heart center, where Love exists, always waiting for us.

August Energies

The month opens with Mercury and Vesta completing the Cancer leg of the Grand Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) with the Capricorn, Aries and Libra stelliums (groupings of planets). Altogether there are 15 planets involved in this life-changing cosmic picture (not counting the Moon, the Black Moon, and the 2 multidimensional fixed stars Sirius and Arcturus). They are all forming stepping stones (squares) and bridges (formerly oppositions and polarities) with each other. In 3D, a square denotes tension between the energies of the 2 planets involved, a conflict to work out. But in 5D, with a higher perspective, we can use the energies of the 2 planets to rise above the conflict by applying the strengths we’ve learned, stepping over the emotional reactions, turning them into mindful responses. In 3D an opposition is the separation of the 2 energies, while in 5D it becomes a bridge that crosses both polarities, revealing how they are connected and how they work together.
Throughout the year this wide crossroad has been in effect. Most of the planets involved move slowly, so this crossroad, which includes five 5D archetypes, will continue to have an effect for some time to come. In August, Mercury and Vesta will exit the crossroad, leaving an intersection (formerly T-square) involving the Aries and Libra planets, with the Capricorn stellium forming an off-ramp between the two. Mars has joined the Aries leg and will remain there until January 2021, energizing and activating those Power stelliums, manifesting their energies on the physical plane.

The Personal Planets

The personal planets symbolize our lower four-body system and reflect how we navigate our experiences, internally and externally. We feel their effects on a personal level.

The Sun

This month the Sun starts out in his home sign of Leo, shining Light and bringing clarity to our endeavors. As chaotic as things seem, we would do well to count our blessings and maintain an attitude of gratitude for choosing to be here at this time. While the Sun moves through Leo, he forms great eliminators (inconjuncts) with all the Capricorn planets, thriving (sextile) with the Libra stellium, and manifesting (trine) with all the Aries planets. As always, the Sun provides a lot of positive energy.
The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on 8/3, with Uranus in Taurus forming an off ramp intersection to the Sun Moon bridge. Flashes of insight, intuitive hits and realizations are on tap, awakening us to new developments and calling for mindful responses. The Sun Varuna new cycle provides a wider perspective for these realizations. The Ceres Orcus bridge offers a means to bring in something new from the immortal depths of our being, if we choose to remain open to the unlimited possibilities inherent therein.
In the middle of the Sun’s sojourn through Leo, just after the world axis point (15°), the Sun rises with the 7D Star Sirius. Beginning on 7/26, the veils between the dimensions become thinner, and on 8/8, we collectively enter the Lion’s Gate Portal, where the veils that separate us from the higher realms disappear. At this time light codes and keys are downloaded through the crown chakra. This Portal affords us the opportunity to elevate, expand and quicken our frequencies, calibrating our vibrations to superconscious levels and higher dimensions. The faster we vibrate, the greater our awareness, and the more we perceive while aligning our Selves with the shifting energies, and the more we get to experience the powerful energy of Love and unity.
Between 8/6 and 8/18 the Sun manifests with the Great Attractor (8/6) and makes great eliminators (inconjuncts) with Pallas (8/6), Jupiter (8/11), Neptune (8/12), Pluto (8/15) and Saturn (8/18). Choices must be made to allow wisdom, expansion, enlightenment and transformation to deliver us to an authentic expression of who we are, especially in the social realm. The positive aspect between the Sun and Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) on 8/19 makes a Finger of God (yod) pointing to Saturn that signifies how important choosing to remain present, authentic and in integrity is to our evolution. The Sun manifestation with Mars and Eris (8/16), and the Sun Mercury superior communion on 8/17, sheds Light on the issues of shifting physicality, of which the Covid-19 pandemic is a part, and offers ideas and possible solutions to solve such problems as schooling, working, and so on.
On 8/18 the Sun and Moon come together for the Leo New Moon, at 27 Leo. This is a powerful new beginning, occurring as it does in the grand Power crossroad, making a great eliminator with Saturn, manifesting with Mars and Eris, and thriving with Arcturus and Haumea. As we search for ways to deal with the effects of the pandemic, the choice to listen to our inner guru and discern Truth from misinformation becomes paramount. Creative scientific possibilities must be tested and refined for possible use down the road. There are no quick fixes, and discernment is key. The New Moon and Soul Star create a thriving connection, and manifest with the Earth Star. As we clear old karma, the resulting clarity will allow us to tap into a resourceful and thriving relationship with the world we are creating. The Venus Uranus resourceful aspect opens the heart to new insights and sudden revelations that can change everything. When the Sun manifests with the Galactic Center (8/19) and Ixion (8/20), the downloads received help refine the collective purpose.
The Sun enters Virgo on 8/22, shifting our consciousness to Inner Alignment and emotional wisdom. Disposed by (belonging to) Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher, Virgo is an earth sign, represented by sand, signifying the yielding quality required to bring fragmented or misaligned energies back into wholeness. Carefully tending to our own wellbeing is a great service to humanity. Alignment of spirit, mind, heart, and body, produces a wholeness of Presence that is expressed as emotional wisdom, such as knowing when and how to act, when to speak and when to listen. A soul who is whole serves as an example for others to realize their own state of being whole. In this polarized world, nothing is needed more than the possibility of recognizing wholeness.
In Virgo the Sun manifests with the Capricorn stellium, makes great eliminators with the Aries planets, and subtle, intimate aspects with the Libra planets. The Sun Ceres Lightbridge (8/28), along with the Salacia MakeMake Lightbridge (8/26) are great places to observe how the interplay of dark and Light actually follow the higher cosmic laws and serve a higher purpose. As we align our lower body systems, new possibilities are arising.


Mercury is very active this month, starting out in Cancer, moving into Leo on 8/4, and entering Virgo 15 days later. While in Cancer he is part of the grand Power crossroad, forming a stepping stone with Eris (8/1) and a bridge with Chariklo (8/3). The mind is still working with emotions, informed by Eris and steadied by Chariklo. The 8/3 Mercury Vesta new cycle brings steadfastness and balance to the way we think and communicate.
After Mercury enters Leo on 8/4, he manifests with the Aries planets, thrives with the Libra planets, and makes great eliminators with the Capricorn planets, the same connections as the Sun. It seems that first our consciousness connects with the other planets, and then we get to think and communicate about those connections. Mercury is uncomfortable on the master path in Leo, but it’s here we can achieve mastery with thoughts of gratitude. Some aspects to note begin with the 8/6 Mercury Varuna new cycle, which gives the higher mind a broader perspective, preparing us for the Lion’s Gate portal.
On 8/17 Mercury connects with 6 planets! The Great Messenger manifests with Mars and Eris, thrives with Arcturus and Haumea, makes a great eliminator with Chariklo, and a superior conjunction with the Sun. This is sure to be a very active day mentally. We would do well to ground our Selves physically and listen to the body’s messages, as well as how we speak to ourSelves. Words matter. On this day Mars and Eris have their first meeting, and the Black Moon communes with Chiron, all in Aries. Deliberate, mindful right action based in positive, heart-based thought is called for.
Mercury enters Virgo on 8/19; he manifests with Quaoar (8/21), Uranus (8/25) and Jupiter (8/29), forms bridges with Ceres (8/23) and Neptune (8/30) and a great eliminator with Chiron (8/24). The Mercury Orcus new cycle (8/25) reminds us that we are more than our thoughts; our immortal soul is connected to the Higher Mind.


Venus spends the first week of August finishing her sojourn in Gemini, manifesting with Haumea (8/2), making great eliminators with Chariklo and Saturn, bridging Ixion (8/5) and making a new cycle with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) on 8/6. With an open heart we can manifest anything, especially when we choose to stay centered and compassionate and follow our inner guidance. This is the way to clear the old karmic energies and work towards our evolution.
On 8/7 Venus enters Cancer, resonating with the grand Power crossroad. Throughout the month, Venus bridges the Capricorn planets, and makes stepping stones with the Aries and Libra stelliums. On 8/22 it is Venus’ turn to conjoin with Sirius for downloads at the heart level. By the end of the month Venus connects with Pluto (8/30) and Eris (8/31), opening our hearts to transformation and the disruption that brings. Accepting things as they are and keeping the heart open are the only options.


It is no mistake that Mars, more than halfway through his home sign of Aries, gets all the way to 28° before going retrograde in September. He is a big part of the great crossroad in Power signs, conjoining Black Moon Lilith and Eris; bridging Juno, Arcturus and Haumea in Libra; and making stepping stones with Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, Chariklo and Pluto in Capricorn–not once but 3 times–for the rest of the year.
The 1st Mars Eris communion occurs on 8/17, with a bridge to Arcturus. This could trigger a physical or environmental issue, or it could signal good news regarding a Covid-19 vaccine. There is no way to tell. At the same time, the co-dispositors of the divine masculine, the Sun and Mercury, meet in a superior conjunction, manifesting with the Mars Eris conjunction. Even with disruption, something positive will come of these energies.

Other Important Events

On 8/5 the karmic Earth Star Chakra conjoins with Ixion for the last time, making a new cycle at 28 Sagittarius. Our collective souls’ purpose has been changing, as we go back over past mistakes and old ways of doing things, resolving to change them for the better. The demonstrations over police brutality towards Black people, and the taking down of confederate statues are but two manifestations of these energies. This new cycle represents a new expression of healing the karma of racism and slavery going forward, as our soul promise upgrades to align with our evolving consciousness.
Vesta, representing what we are devoted to, enters Leo on 8/11, adding more emphasis to finding the blessing in whatever situation we find our Selves. The Vesta Varuna new cycle (8/20) brings a new commitment to attaining a higher perspective, sorely needed now.  Also on 8/11, the Eris Arcturus Lightbridge becomes exact. Arcturus signifies very advanced healing and scientific breakthrough, which is certain to be disruptive, but in a positive way.
Uranus undertakes his yearly retrograde on 8/15 at 11 Taurus, conjunct Albion. While Uranus is symbolized by lightning, and can awaken and illuminate in a sudden unexpected way, Albion expresses those energies through sound. Albion can be the clarion call that announces the flash of a new revelation if we’re silent enough to hear it.
Uranus’ journey towards Source gives us the opportunity to integrate and reevaluate the realizations and awakenings we’ve already encountered from a higher perspective. Do we truly trust our intuition and follow it, or do we talk ourselves out of its wisdom? Do we ground ourselves through the practice of non-attachment and coming from the heart, or do we become distracted by fear-based thoughts? We have until 1/14/2021 to examine what is true for us. By then the world will be totally changed.
Astraea, the powerful archetype representing the essence of Virgo and Libra, crosses the divine feminine Portal of Truth that connects emotional wisdom (Virgo) with the mirrored Self (Libra) when she enters Libra on 8/20. As she moves through that sign, the Astraea MakeMake new cycle (8/31) bridging Salacia delivers us to the highest realization that duality and separation is nothing more than a game of hide-and-seek with our higher Selves and each other, and that all beings are One.
Finally, Sedna, multidimensional librarian and holder of the vast Divine Feminine energies that we are now re-membering and unifying, goes retrograde on 8/29. Retrogrades give a more elevated perspective on what we didn’t see the first time, and every time Sedna undergoes her backwards journey, we integrate her wisdom of the ages a little more. We are all making great evolutionary leaps in consciousness as the Divine Feminine becomes unified within our own personal frequencies.

Black Moon Lilith

The Black Moon has been busy all July, and shows no sign of stopping. Much dissonance and realignment is on tap this month. First thing, on 8/1 Black Moon communes with Eris again, delivering more unveiling of Truths that we need to see, causing more disruption that ultimately brings inner realization. On 8/4 she goes retrograde at the master degree of 29 Aries, conjoining with Eris once more (#10) on 8/8, the day of the Lion’s Gate portal. While multidimensional downloads are available to us, there is still more unveiling of Truth to be received.
Black Moon continues backwards through Aries for her 3rd communion with Mars, revealing more about the masculine expression (right action) of the divine feminine. Right action, from the heart, comes after acceptance and surrender; witness the proliferation of the Wall of Moms movement protecting protesters in cities across the country. Black Moon continues her dance with Chiron (8/17) and Salacia (8/18), and then reenters Pisces on 8/21 for the first time since April, having a last look around before going direct at 26 Pisces on 8/25. She enters Aries again on 8/27 and finishes out the month communing with Salacia (8/28) and Chiron (8/29) for the 21st time. Whenever these planets meet the Great Unveiler, a little more Self-realization presents itself. So much has been realized already, and there is still more to come next month.


We stand at the center of the Grand Power Crossroad. It is imperative to keep our hearts open and bring our Selves into alignment to discern which path to take. The old, what is no longer useful, must go. There is so much chaos now because the old refuses to leave. Those with power refuse to use it properly or share it. The ego refuses to let go. The more we push against this energy the more entrenched it becomes. But lifting above these frequencies to a higher view reveals that what is unsustainable will be eliminated. We must have compassion, for ourSelves and for those frightened souls who can’t see that the old world is dying, or are afraid to let it go. Going within, we must honor those parts of ourSelves that are still holding on to the old unconscious patterns that are not yet ready to move forward into an unknown new world. These parts must be acknowledged, honored and expressed, freeing the energy they hold, which raises our frequencies to where we can see the possibilities inherent in the new world we are already inhabiting. The divine feminine teaches us to observe with compassion and detachment; any response, in heart, mind or action, must be rooted in the same.
The practice this month is to observe where we are out of balance, acknowledge it, and Love it into alignment. Total acceptance is required. Self-care is of the utmost importance now, even if it means repeatedly stopping to focus on your breath for 30 seconds before responding. By bringing thoughts, feelings and actions into balance, self-worth rises. A good way to start the day is to ask “What am I grateful for?” and “What is the best expression of my Self today?” Then breathe in for 8 counts, hold for 8 counts, and exhale for 8 counts, several times. The answer may or may not come, but you will have set your intention for the day. This August, alignment and mastery are at the forefront as we apply the healing balm of emotional wisdom to wherever our experiences take us.
Without this ‘wearying world’ we cannot find enlightenment. We would be bereft of the fabulous friction which illuminates our Buddha nature. We practice and we work with whatever arises—without attempting to convert the disorderly nature of existence into something more regimented. We have to be the ‘peace and quiet’ rather than expecting the world to supply it. ~~~ Ngak’chang Rinpoche
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