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For August 2017:


Welcome to August, 8th month of the year, an amazing month with intense, quickening energies and all the gifts that brings. In July the energies lifted us up, and by allowing them in with an open heart and mind, with gratitude for our blessings, we were able to soar. Every delay, illness, inconvenience and loss had their divine purpose, preparing us for the acceleration of August’s energies. This month we are called upon to align ourselves, purify our hearts, be response-able and transparent, and allow ourSelves to be moved where we are meant to go (fasten your seatbelts, arms and legs inside the Merkaba, please).

The shape of 8, known as the Lemniscate, is represented by the infinity symbol, the rhythm of energy that flows around and within 2 polar opposites. It is in constant motion, looping around each side, coming together at the point of unity in the center before moving away only to come back again. This dance of energy reveals the Oneness of the polarity, how each side contributes to the balance within the Whole. One side represents the material realm, the other the spiritual, and they reflect each other, bringing together heaven and earth, manifestation and de-manifestation, the in- and out-breath of the Universe.  The sacred geometry of 8 is the octagon, the intermediate form between the circle (Heaven) and the square (Earth). As the 4 doubled, it is the number of ascension above the material world through spiritual perspective. As a symbol the 8 is an endless looping in and out, a giving and receiving of energy in a never-ending cycle. The spiritual lesson of the Eight is to make the divine connection between the material and spiritual realms, thereby accessing both. In numerology, GOD is an 8 vibration, eternal, infinite, vast, imperishable. Horizontally 8 signifies infinity, unending abundance: infinite Love, infinite energy, infinite supply, infinite bliss, infinite awareness, infinite choice. The energies are always there; it is up to us to tap into them, and the only way to do that is through the center, which is the heart, where Love exists, waiting.  Because the 8 has no ending and loops back upon itself, it is seen as the number of karma, of energy returning to itself, symbolizing the endless cycle of cause and effect, which generates the Universal Spiritual Law of karma. As we learn to navigate between 3D and the higher dimensions, we learn to balance ourSelves in the center of polarity; we do this through coming from the heart in thought, speech and action, creating less karma and balancing it out; eventually we will transcend duality altogether while living in it.
The energies of 8 reflect new beginnings, resurrection and renewal. The 8th step of a scale is the octave, the first note at a higher level, which brings harmonic resonance and a sense of fulfillment. We’ve heard it before, but now we hear it again in a different, more profound way. The faster we vibrate, the greater our awareness and the more we can See while aligning ourSelves with the changing energies. The number 8 offers the gift of Mastery. It reveals the infinite in a seemingly finite world. Through bringing our spiritual perspective down to Earth, we can act with true power and certainty.
It has been said that Saturn is astrologically linked to 8 frequencies, representing our capacity to act with authority, integrity, and strength. Saturn represents the order and structure of our lives; as the dispostitor of Capricorn, sign of Spiritual Power and Source Itself, it connotes strength and power. Yet Makemake’s influence cannot be denied; as the archetype of the higher universal laws of Love, karma, attraction, and nature he is the higher octave of Saturn. In the Motherpeace Tarot, the 8 is Justice, which relates to the balancing of karma and the higher natural laws. When we are in balance we are able to manifest what is needed from a higher, more awakened place.
In Cosmic Consciousness, the 8 o’clock Virgo hour of Divine Mother energies is where we apply the emotional wisdom to discern where we are out of alignment, whether it is mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. We work to unite ourSelves, aligning and integrating any misqualified fragments that prevent our wellbeing on every level, as we heal ourSelves into wholeness. As each of us unifies and become Whole, we see the wholeness in others; at higher levels we create space within mass consciousness for all of us to align together as One. We can ascend only as fast as the slowest among us; we have been holding the space of higher awareness as much as we can, with Love and compassion, while others awaken in their time. Many have already awakened; the frequencies are the highest they’ve ever been, and with the Particle Convergence, 8:8 Stargate and lunar and soular eclipses occurring within the wormhole, which opened on 7/23 and spans the entire month, we are all undergoing a major shift in consciousness that can take us anywhere. It is imperative that we allow ourSelves to experience what the energies bring to us without any preconceived ideas or fears about what is to come. Only by connecting with the Divine Feminine through the safety of the heart will we find the strength and courage that the Leo energies of the month provide.

Events within the Wormhole

A wormhole is a theoretical passage, a bridge, if you will, created by folding space and time, that connects two different points in space together, creating a short-cut whereby one can travel great distances over a short, even instantaneous, amount of time. Astrologically it begins and ends with a new moon, and contains eclipses within it. It represents a larger new chapter in our lives, an opportunity to reach heights we thought impossible, to get to places within ourSelves we didn’t know were there. Wormholes occur around eclipses, but this wormhole is unprecedented for many reasons: it is exceptionally long, lasting 2 months; it contains 2 new moons in the same sign (Leo), and one of those new moons is a total soular eclipse whose path of totality crosses only the USA; and it occurs during the part of the year when the Lion’s Gate opens, connecting us to the energies of the 7D star Sirius, which alone brings about awakening to higher frequencies and energetic potentialities. That all this occurs within the wormhole is no coincidence; we are ready for the energetic shifts in vibration that elevate, expand and quicken our frequencies, connecting us to the higher dimensions. There is no way to grasp this at the (lower) mental level, no way to describe it. It can only be experienced with higher awareness and trust. The wormhole opened on 7/23 at 0 Leo, infusing us with the mechanism of Emotional Love at the purest level, giving us what we need to navigate this passage: an open heart that sees, accepts, shines with Love in service to all.
In the interest of awareness of and readiness for the amazing energies occurring within the wormhole, this month I will take the chronological approach (although we know there is no such thing as ‘time’), highlighting major events beginning with the opening energies for August.
Beginning energies The Aug 1 chart reveals a Mercury/Vesta/Orcus conjunction at 6-7 Virgo: through Mercury/Vesta we have the purity of mind to access the immortal realms of Orcus.  Our mental operating system of higher thought has a new, greater capacity for tapping the higher consciousness of who we Are, in the sign of the Divine Mother, representing purity, clarity, alignment and service. Together these 3 archetypes, and especially Orcus, form a Grand Earth Manifestation with Juno (and later Pluto) in Capricorn and Pallas in Taurus that will last into October.  Our ability to locate the representative of the invisible realm anchors us more firmly in the 5th dimension (and beyond). We can now apply our innate feminine wisdom (Pallas) and purity of purpose (Vesta) to our understanding at the higher, heart-infused level (Mercury) of our relationship with and to everything (Juno), which is being resurrected (Pluto) to a higher level (Orcus). Mercury will conjoin with Vesta and Orcus on 8/2 and 8/3, and manifest with Pallas on 8/7. On 8/11, before the Lion’s Gate closes he conjuncts Vesta again as he slows down for his retrograde, and Vesta moves on ahead.
The Sun and Ceres both aspect Pallas, making her a big player in our lives and the cosmos. We need to access the wisdom that comes from our feminine side, the kind that can only be reached by allowing it to arise from within through quiet observation and intuition. When the Sun and Pallas step up together, the wisdom we access infuses our consciousness. Ceres is resourceful with Pallas, allowing us to bring intuitive guidance to our emotions.
Love has entered the emotional field with Venus’ ingress into Cancer. Venus steps up to Makemake 8/2 and forms a bridge with Juno 8/4, creating an intersection (T-square) that reveals how the presence of Love affects everything we relate to; it is the higher, natural Law and the energy that fuels the fabric of the cosmos. With Chiron bridging Makemake, we have the means to master and align with this understanding, and see it from all angles.
Varuna entered Leo on 7/24, just after the wormhole opened, infusing any planet that enters a new sign with its vast cosmic perspective, which includes Love and gratitude.
Uranus, Chiron, and Quaoar are all at 28+ degrees of their signs (Aries, Pisces and Sagittarius, respectively) bringing mastery to the qualities each sign represents. On some level we are all facing our fears, clearing out old games, and awakening anew. Once again, Quaoar and Uranus are the last planets to be aspected before the personal planets enter new signs, activating the Light Bridges of awakening to wholeness and of our collective purpose of restructuring a new world. We are doing it!
On 8/3 Uranus retrogrades at 28 Aries 31, until 1/2/18, joining Eris the feminine awakener in her journey towards Source. He’ll spend the month at that degree, manifesting with Quaoar, helping us awaken to new ways of perceiving/receiving higher awareness, which in turn sparks new realizations. It’s a good time to go within and see what needs changing to allow more freedom of expression in our lives.
Jupiter steps up with (squares) Pluto for the last time on 8/4 at 17 Libra/Cap. They came together in this aspect on 11/24/16 and also on 3/30. This last meeting perfects the expansion of the transmutation we are undergoing now, resurrecting ourSelves much like the caterpillar stretching and growing within the chrysalis, emerging in a different form altogether. We are rebirthing who we are and how we regard and interact with one another, as Pluto squeezes us through the chrysalis, forcing us to leave behind attachments and dogmas of the 3D world. What we are not wise enough (Jupiter) to let go of, Pluto yanks away from us in painful fashion. Now is the time to rise above these attachments as we prepare for the new cycle of social transformation in 2020.  Pluto and Orcus are the connection between the higher Self and the Cosmic Self; today’s Vesta/Orcus new cycle in the sign of the Divine Mother adds purity of purpose to our ongoing transmutation.
On 8/7 the Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse occurs at 15 Aquarius 25, on the World Axis. Mars is involved along with Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and even Black Moon Lilith, our access point to the divine feminine. This is our opportunity to bring the spiritual into the physical, to love ourSelves so unconditionally that we can share our life force (which is Love) with the world. The sideways elevator that is the eclipse can, if we allow it, take us to places within where we can uncover our hidden facets of Light and bring them out to shine. Saturn and Haumea, resourcing each other, form a Finger of God pointing at Sedna and the Part of Fortune. We have the authority to access our growing unity consciousness and use it to re-member and integrate those forgotten parts of ourSelves; it is our destiny.
Right after the powerful Full Moon eclipse the sideways elevator delivers us to the Lion’s Gate Star Portal, whose energies culminate on 8/8. At this time, Sirius moves closer to the earth and aligns with the stars in Orion’s Belt, which themselves align with the pyramids of Giza. Sirius’ presence brings transmutation and new potentials, creating shifts in frequencies that allow us to activate our 3rd eye chakra and access the higher energies of our being. While the stargate is open we can get a glimpse of the higher dimensions; we have the opportunity now to go where we really want to go, but we must keep our energies high by releasing all preconceptions and fears, aligning with our heart, and allowing ourSelves to be taken on the ride. The strength of Love (Leo) lies in the very divine feminine energies of allowing: the courage to trust in the heart’s wisdom, align with it and let it lead.
On 8/12 the Lion’s Gate portal closes, but the energy will continue to be intense through the month of August, and will be amplified and augmented by the two eclipses. Today also Mercury stations retrograde at 11 Virgo 38, bridging Neptune, and manifesting with Pallas as part of Grand Earth Manifestation with Pluto. Mercury entered his shadow on 7/24, at the beginning of the wormhole, at 28 Leo 25, the same degree as the 2nd Leo New Moon! You can’t make this stuff up! He’ll reenter Leo on 8/31, and finish his journey to Source on 9/5—all within the wormhole. Our mental operating system is recalibrating to the higher frequencies. During this retrograde cycle Mercury will move back and forth over Vesta and Orcus but will not form a new cycle with Orcus until just before the wormhole closes. And also on 8/12 Venus and Ceres meet in a new cycle at 13 Cancer 31, conjoining Sirius and manifesting with Neptune. Talk about birthing the depth of Love to new heights! With Mercury and Venus—and Sirius!—so active on the day the 8:8 stargate closes, the opportunity for ascension through raising and balancing mind and heart energies is off the hook for those who are ready. We are all about to get a major shift.
The Sun activates the Light Bridges when he resources Haumea (8/15) and manifests with Eris and Ixion on 8/16. The Sun also forms a new cycle with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) at 24 Leo 13, forming a Grand Fire Manifestation. This is a good day to pick one of the Light Bridges to stand on, making your intentions known with Love and gratitude, letting the fires of Spirit burn away all obstacles.
At this point Mars is moving faster than Mercury, entering the Grand Fire Manifestation with the Light Bridges on 8/20, forming resources and manifestations with Jupiter, Saturn, Haumea, Eris and Ixion in that order from 8/20 to 8/26. With our consciousness newly calibrated, our bodies and environments are now being revitalized by the Light Bridges. Mars makes his own new cycle with the North Node on 8/27. Venus, the dispostitor of the divine feminine along with Mars, makes her own connections with the Light Bridges between 8/17 and 8/24 stepping up to Jupiter, Haumea, Eris, and Uranus, with an infusion of Love; and Great Eliminators to Saturn, Ixion, Earth Star Chakra and Quaoar, bringing Love to the restructuring of the old world into the new.
August 21 is such a life-changing day! The Sun manifests with Uranus and Quaoar as part of the Grand Fire Trine, and Mercury conjuncts Orcus; along with the Light Bridges, all of these planets are part of the 2nd Leo New Moon, a Total Soular Eclipse that has its strongest effects in the USA, which hasn’t seen the likes of such an eclipse since 1918! Occurring at the master degree of 29 Leo, the location of Royal Star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, you might say this is a Total Eclipse of the Heart J! It provides the opportunity to master our capacity to get to the heart of any matter and keep our hearts open, listening to and trusting its wisdom, and moving towards what it resonates with. When we allow this, we are choosing the timeline we want to live in. This sideways elevator will deliver us to a completely new world.
The rising energies of August create space for the Divine Feminine to be felt more intensely. The Particle Convergence, which begins today with the 2nd Leo New Moon, brings a re-membering of all the fragments of the divine feminine arising from their submersion in the water of emotions. As we reclaim these fragments, we unify our consciousness. It also begins the convergence of the dimensions and acceleration of frequencies that began with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal. This acceleration allows us to see the multitude of possibilities available in the multidimensional universe, giving us the opportunity to pick those that are in alignment with the Truth of our Soul. The heart Knows, and through the divine feminine practices of stillness and listening deeply, what we truly wish for will unfold before our eyes. Do not let any fear of change mute the voice of the heart; it is the voice our Souls long to hear.
The following day, 8/22, our consciousness shifts as the Sun moves into Virgo, from the emotional openhearted expansiveness of Leo to the nurturing, healing energies of the Divine Mother. Standing strong in our heart space, it is time to align it with our spiritual, mental and physical Selves, bringing balance and wholeness to our consciousness.
Saturn stations direct on 8/25 at 21 Sag, having spent the entire month (and all of the wormhole into September) at that degree, thus energizing Ixion and Quaoar. Retrograde since 4/6, Saturn’s journey towards Source speaks to going within to access our inner authority and strength to re-form our lives to be more authentic with who we really Are. Saturn’s connections with the Moon’s nodes and Haumea (with Jupiter) means we are restructuring our lives through unity consciousness from the inside out, through ages of old karma, extending into the unknowable future. We are truly clearing the path to a new existence.
August 26 is another jam-packed day of events. The divine feminine is active, as Venus enters Leo and begins a new cycle with Varuna, activating the mechanism of Love and elevating it with cosmic perspective. Juno, representing our relationship to and with everything, stations direct at 3 Capricorn, stepping up to Makemake on the Super Galactic Center, the Source of our own Galactic Center, thus connecting us with the higher Universal Laws (including Love) that operate throughout the cosmos. We are not separate from the multiverse, nor exempt from its Laws. Juno also manifests with today’s Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction, balancing and aligning with the divine masculine energies. It should be mentioned that on 5/9 Juno went retrograde just before conjoining with Pluto, called a refranation. She will create a new cycle with Pluto on 11/11 when both are direct, and we are ready for a resurrection in the way we are in relationship to ourSelves and everything else.
As the month winds down, the Mars/Soul Star Chakra new cycle at 24 Leo on 8/27 prepares our physicality for the evolutionary changes occurring within and around us (which are the same thing). Jupiter connects resourcefully with Saturn, recalibrating our social awareness and interactions as they make their way to their new cycle in 2020. And Sedna, multidimensional librarian and holder of the vast divine feminine energies that we are now re-membering, stations retrograde at 26 Taurus 46, barely moving throughout the entire wormhole period. As such, she is supremely powerful, sending waves of potent goddess energies to the planet; her retrograde, lasting until 2/8/18, gives us the opportunity to bring these energies into our own personal frequencies in any way we can. It is highly significant that this retrograde begins in the wormhole; we have the capacity to make great leaps in our evolution, holding the energies of the divine feminine for ourSelves and the planet, using Sedna’s energies.
The energies remain high with the Sun/Orcus new cycle at 08 Virgo 38 on 8/31. Our consciousness gets aligned with our Cosmic Self, the part of us beyond the physical plane that Knows why we’re here. Our higher mental operating system has already connected with Orcus twice, and Mercury reenters Leo today, recalibrating mind and heart, reactivating the Grand Fire Manifestation with Mars, Quaoar and Uranus before he stations direct in Leo on 9/5. He brings what he’s learned to a new cycle with Orcus on 9/17, before the wormhole ends.
By the end of the month the 4 personal dispositors of the divine feminine and and divine masculine energies, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Sun, are in Leo and Virgo. We are moving from acknowledging our Light and coming from the heart in every situation, to addressing imbalances that arise within our frequencies and wholing (aligning) ourSelves. We are preparing to fine- tune our vibrations in accordance with the evolutionary frequencies pouring forth with the help of the wormhole, Lion’s Gate and eclipses. The heart, fueled by Venus’ entry into the Star of David at the start of the wormhole, and new cycles with Ceres and Sirius, has undergone a true rebirthing this month; we are becoming more adept at accessing her highest frequencies. The practice this month is to breathe through the heart center often each day, re-membering to return there before each interaction; coming from the heart in every situation. Questions come out of the mind; the question to ask, if one needs to be asked, is “What would Love do?” The heart is our emotional enter and our beacon of Light and strength; to keep the heart opened in all the external chaos is to be truly lion-hearted. As the frequencies of higher consciousness accelerate and make themselves available to us, our surrendered open hearts, unfettered by doubts and fears, will connect us to them and we will be delivered into a new experience of Being.


“Though the eye is small, the soul which sees through it is greater and vaster than all the things which it perceives. In fact, it is so great that it includes all objects, however large or numerous, within itself. For it is not so much that you are within the cosmos as that the cosmos is within you.” Meher Baba

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