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August 2018

Welcome to August, 8th month of the year, with its intense, quickening energies and all the gifts that brings. In July the energies spun us around, moving sideways with the eclipses; standing in the observer’s perch and keeping an open heart and mind allowed the energies to move us. Through finding the blessing in every situation, we are ready for the influx of August’s energies, including another reboot of consciousness. We are becoming adept at being fluid and adjusting to rapid change. This month we are called upon to align ourselves in mind, heart, body and spirit; to purify our hearts, be response-able and transparent, and allow our Selves to be moved where we are meant to go.


In Cosmic Consciousness, the 8 o'clock Virgo hour of Divine Mother energies is where we apply the emotional wisdom to discern where we are out of alignment.  We work to bring errant fragments of our Selves together, and integrate any misqualified vibrations that prevent our wellbeing on every level, as we bring our Selves into wholeness. As each of us becomes whole, we see the potential for wholeness in others. At higher levels we create space within the mass consciousness for all of us to come together as One.  Now as we clear out old karma and unconscious thought patterns we are resonating with higher dimensional frequencies and rewriting our cellular structure, which will come to reverberate on the physical plane.
The shape of 8, known as the Lemniscate, is represented by the infinity symbol, the rhythm of energy that flows around and within 2 polar opposites. It is in constant motion, looping around each side, coming together at the point of unity in the center before moving away only to come back again. This dance of energy reveals the Oneness of the polarity, how each side contributes to the balance within the Whole. One side represents the material  (feminine) realm, the other the spiritual (masculine) realm. They balance each other, bringing together heaven and earth, manifestation and de-manifestation, the in- and out-breath of the Universe.
As a symbol the 8 is an endless looping in and out, a giving and receiving of energy in a never-ending cycle. The spiritual lesson of the Eight is to make the divine connection between the material and spiritual realms, thereby accessing both. In numerology, GOD is an 8 vibration, eternal, infinite, vast, imperishable. Horizontally the 8 signifies infinity, unending abundance: infinite Love, infinite energy, infinite supply, infinite bliss, infinite awareness, infinite choice. The energies are always there; it is up to us to tap into them, and the only way to do that is through the center, the heart, where Love exists, waiting.
We are learning to balance our Selves within the center of polarity with every thought, word and action. As we clear karmic debris, eventually we will transcend duality altogether while living in it.


August Energies

For most of August we are in the energies of Leo, the Sun’s home sign. The Sun, masculine co-dispositor (with the Moon) of the spiritual body, is the generator of consciousness on every level. In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo represents the life force empowering all of us to take in extra energy and awareness. It refers to the light we bring to others when we hold the space of gratitude in our hearts.
Every August features the powerful 8:8 stargate known as the Lion’s Gate, but this month presents the last of the 3 eclipses, a solar eclipse in Leo, occurring within the wormhole. Sideways elevators can pop up at any time, creating major shifts in consciousness that can take us anywhere.  Mercury (8/19) and Mars (8/27) will end their retrogrades, and Mercury will regain his shadow in Leo. Uranus begins his journey towards Source, and we get a chance to revisit, assimilate and recalibrate the awakenings we’ve already encountered.  It is imperative that we allow our Selves to experience what the energies bring to us without any preconceived ideas or fears about what is to come. Only by connecting with the Divine Feminine Christed energies through the refuge of the heart will we find the strength and courage offered by the Leo/Virgo energies of the month.
The grand water manifestation, consisting of Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and especially Sirius in Cancer, is very active this month. It should be noted that Sirius (14 Cancer 19) forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius 13). Any archetype tapping the multidimensional frequencies of Sirius will automatically connect with the Great Attractor, the Source of our home series of super clusters. According to Cosmic Consciousness, whatever falls on the Great Attractor degree, by transit or by birth, is drawn inexorably toward some of the highest consciousness possible for us to achieve. Those with eyes to See can open themselves to some truly high frequencies. There is no way to grasp this at the (lower) mental level, no way to describe it. It can only be experienced with higher awareness and trust.

Some Events within the Wormhole

8/1:  The month opens with Vesta going direct at 22 Sagittarius, and the 2nd Mars Uranus stepping stone. Mars is in Uranus’ sign, and the changes in our bodies, physical locations, and environments are shaking us loose from any attachments and fixed ideas in those areas. Mars is concerned with right action, one of which is to love our Selves without reservation or condition. We are dedicated to ending the game of attachment to things that are passing.
8/5:  Ceres in Virgo joins the ongoing Jupiter Neptune Sirius grand manifestation with a Light Bridge to Neptune, affording us an observer’s perch from where we can access our connection with Divine Mother energies with clarity and wholeness.
8/6:  This is an important day for many reasons. Today the 2nd of 3 stepping stones between Saturn and MakeMake occurs, representing the transfer of energies from the patriarchy and the rule of law (Saturn) to the higher Laws of the universe—of Love, the Law of One, and reverence for the laws of nature (MakeMake). It mirrors the change from 3D law to 5D cosmic order.
The Mars Varuna Light Bridge opens today, resourced by Chiron, with Uranus providing another access point (intersection). From the highest vantage point we can see/feel/awaken to our cells/Selves rewiring to a finer crystalline structure capable of holding more energy at these multidimensional frequencies.
Also on 8/6, Venus enters Libra, the sign of the highest realization that I am you and you are me, and she immediately makes a stepping stone to Quaoar, shifting our hearts’ perceptions to a new level. Venus is the classical ruler of Libra; our hearts are comfortable in this quality of consciousness, where we realize that those we love, and those we don’t, are all facets of our Selves; there is no difference, no separation.
8/7: A Sun Pallas new cycle of conscious application of divine feminine wisdom occurs today. With a stepping stone to Jupiter and great eliminator (inconjunct) to Neptune, this new cycle is connected to the grand manifestation involving Sirius. Expanded consciousness is a given, if we shine our light on it. All these archetypes are involved in the Leo New Moon.
Also on 8/7, Uranus stations retrograde at 2 Taurus, heading back into Aries on 11/6 for 2 more months of clearing out the core. We are going within to reevaluate our realizations and see if they are valid. Do we truly trust our intuition and follow it, or do we talk ourselves out of its wisdom? Do we ground ourselves through the practice of non-attachment and coming from the heart, or do we become distracted by fear-based thoughts? These are the issues we must face before Uranus goes direct on 1/6/2019 and reenters Taurus in March for the next 7 years.
Uranus manifests with Saturn and forms a great eliminator with Make-Make. We are questioning what the rule of law really means, and how easily it can be distorted, as it is really only collective structures that we have agreed to. We are awakening to the knowledge that the immutable universal laws of Love, divine order, nature, and Oneness are really the only laws we need to follow.
8/8:  Right in the middle of the Sun’s sojourn through Leo, at 15°, a world axis point, the Lion’s Gate culminates on 8/8. It is the original Egyptian New Year, a time that celebrates the portal connecting our life force to that of the Great Central Sun. Each year at this time consciousness ascends, as Light Codes and keys are downloaded. The opening of this portal affords us the opportunity to calibrate our energies to superconscious levels and embrace what is revealed. We can make use of the energetic shifts that elevate, expand and quicken our frequencies, connecting us to the higher dimensions. The faster we vibrate, the greater our awareness and the more we perceive while aligning our Selves with the changing energies.
The Lion’s Gate is associated with the rising of the 7D star, Sirius, whose energies connect us to higher frequencies and energetic potentials. This year the energies are even more intense. With Sirius’ part in the grand water manifestation with Jupiter and Neptune, our consciousness is expanding; veils are lifting. On this day, there is a Sun Juno stepping stone, a Sun Neptune Pallas great eliminator and a Neptune Juno resource, all at 15°. Our consciousness is infused with newfound wisdom of the unity consciousness that connects us all.
This is also the day of the Sun Mercury inferior conjunction at 16 Leo, the midpoint and high point of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. This brings the co-rulers of the divine masculine together literally an hour before the Moon conjoins Sirius. You can’t make this up! The higher Christed mind and spiritual bodies are charged with multidimensional Light while our hearts align with the wholeness of Love.
8/11:  The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 18 Leo 41 is the last of the sideways elevators occurring in this very long wormhole. Mercury, Pallas and the Part of Fortune form a Leo stellium with the Sun and Moon, and all are in great eliminator aspects with Neptune and Pluto. Pluto is also involved in the grand earth manifestation forming with Juno and Ceres in earth signs. Eclipses tend to bring endings and new beginnings; with Pluto so active, a resurrection of some kind is a surety, especially with today’s reboot of consciousness following the Lion’s Gate and Venus MakeMake (8/10) new cycle.
8/12: As Mars continues moving clockwise towards Source, he retrogrades into Capricorn, remaining at 29° for a week before connecting with the Sun (8/21) in a great eliminator. It’s time to greet whatever comes with awareness and gratitude, and engage in right action with surety, authority, and joy. Allow the energies to move through freely, knowing that we are blessed to be here to shine our Light.
8/19: When Mercury is retrograde our mental operating systems review and recalibrate all the connections and communications we have experienced over the last few months and integrate them with the Higher Self.  We have been going within and connecting with Source at the mental level since 7/26, quieting the mind to gain clarity, definition and much more of a realization about what's happening in our lives. We are connecting with our capacity for inner gratitude, looking for the blessings in whatever presents itself.
This month our higher minds make many connections as Mercury moves clockwise towards Source. There’s a great eliminator with Pluto (8/5); a stepping stone with Juno, conjunction with Pallas, and great eliminator with Neptune (8/9), activating the grand water manifestation; a stepping stone to Jupiter and intimate aspect to Sirius (8/11); and a resource with Venus (8/18), before stationing direct at 11 Leo. The aspects with Sirius, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto will be repeated and realized as Mercury goes over these degrees and recaptures his shadow.
Also on 8/19 Jupiter (expansion and wisdom) and Neptune (enlightenment and higher love) manifest at 15° of their signs. This marks the high point of the grand water manifestation, and the beginning of its dissolution, although it will last for another few months.
8/20: Today is notable as the Eris Haumea Light Bridge to Awakening Unity Consciousness becomes exact at 24° Aries/Libra. This exact alignment reinforces its effects, and strengthens the observer’s perch. Everywhere we can see how we all fit together, and how any disruption is the result of resisting this unity. We cannot unite until the polarity plays out.
It should be pointed out that beginning today, all the divine feminine planets begin to resonate at around 20-24° of their signs. This includes Black Moon, Eris, Juno, Pallas, Ceres, Haumea and Vesta! Only Venus (13 Libra) and Sedna (27 Taurus) are not part of this great calibration. (Interestingly, Venus and Sedna are the classical and 5D rulers of Libra.) The Sun Sedna stepping stone brings the remembrance of the Divine Feminine to our consciousness, while the alignment of these archetypes allows us deep access to its unification. The Divine Feminine is whole!
8/23: The Sun enters Virgo and our consciousness begins to shift palpably to the very feminine energies of the Divine Mother. We begin to apply discipline and clear-sightedness to any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical imbalances that come up for wholing and realignment. While the generator of our awareness (Sun) remains in this quality of consciousness, we apply emotional wisdom to identifying and bringing into balance the parts of us that are misqualified, learning to master our Selves. As each of us achieves this mastery, we raise the healing/wholing energies for all.


The Sun’s entry into Virgo creates a grand earth manifestation with Quaoar (8/23), Saturn and Uranus (8/26), providing our Inner Teacher with new insights and perceptions, grounding, and integration. The Sun’s connection with Chiron and Varuna (8/24) allows a higher vantage point for greater alignment.
8/24: The calibration of divine feminine planets continues and intensifies as Eris, Pallas, Ceres, Haumea and Vesta are all resonating at 24°, with Juno at 22° of sign.
8/26: Today the Moon and Sun enter the halfway point of the Leo New Moon cycle that began on 8/11 with the Pisces Full Moon at 3° 12’ along the Pisces/Virgo axis. This Wisdom axis reflects the divine feminine nature of this event (water and earth are feminine), and Uranus provides another access road (intersection) along the Sun Moon bridge, where we can align our Selves with our unlimited true nature and achieve mastery over our lower selves.
The Sun is also part of the grand earth manifestation with Uranus and Saturn (and Quaoar); the Moon provides the kite energies that lift our emotional responses to a higher level to manifest the integrity, harmony and peace we all seek. MakeMake in Libra and Black Moon in Aquarius are also involved, manifesting with each other, injecting the higher laws of the divine feminine into this process. They add the masculine element of air to the earth/water energies, providing balance in expression of masculine/feminine vibrations.
8/27:  Mars stations direct at 28 Capricorn 37 today, ending this year’s retrograde cycle. He spends the rest of the month at this degree, hardly moving. It will take till 10/8 for Mars to finish traveling over the retrograded degrees. Our physical wiring is still being reworked as Mars remains out of bounds for another month.
8/28:  Sedna, multidimensional librarian and holder of the vast Divine Feminine energies that we are now re-membering and unifying, stations retrograde at 27 Taurus, holding at this degree throughout the entire wormhole period. As such, she is supremely powerful, sending waves of potent goddess energies to the planet. Her retrograde, lasting until 2/8/19, gives us the opportunity to bring these energies into our own personal frequencies in any way we can. We have the capacity to make great evolutionary leaps in consciousness as we hold the energies of the unified Divine Feminine for our Selves and the planet. This year all the divine feminine planets except 2 are resonating within 4° of Sedna’s degree at her retrograde.
8/30:  Vesta kicks off the aspects this August and ends them as well, with a Vesta Ixion new cycle at 25 Sagittarius. Our passion to clarify and express the soul’s purpose for our incarnation at this time rises to a new level now, as we devotedly work to end the ego games of the old world.


The Black Moon

In 5D consciousness, Black Moon Lilith represents the place within our energy field where we have access to the Divine Feminine Self. Wherever the transiting Black Moon is, the collective feminine access point emerges.
Black Moon begins this month in Aquarius, where we can access our divine feminine through the vehicle of Self Love. To love our Selves without condition we must allow and accept the expression of what the divine feminine wants to show us, however uncomfortable that may be.
On 8/4 Black Moon goes retrograde at 19 Aquarius in a subtle (intimate, formally semisextile) aspect with Pluto. We know a resurrection of feminine energies is coming. She conjoins the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) for the 4th time on 8/12 (at 6 Aquarius) before reentering Capricorn on 8/14 and conjoining Mars (at 29 Capricorn) for the 2nd time. The Black Moon in Capricorn represents the capacity to awaken to the Divine Feminine Creator. She returns to Capricorn repeatedly over the next few months to strengthen this capacity.
Between 8/16 and 8/17 Black Moon forms an intersection with the ongoing Eris Haumea Light Bridge, providing a new road to the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness, where we can simply allow things to be as they are and trust that it is okay. On 8/18 the retrograde is over, and Black Moon reconnects with Eris and Haumea again on 8/20; we get another chance to access the intersection through the path of least resistance and allowing.
Now direct, Black Moon and Mars conjoin for the 3rd time on 8/24; she enters Aquarius again later that day. The 5th Black Moon Earth Star conjunction occurs on 8/27, again at 6 Aquarius. As we undergo the process of massive karma clearing of old habits, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes, we are integrating the divine feminine into new forms of expression.
We are in the midst of some huge, superconscious high frequency energies that can feel very erratic. We will need to be adaptable and work with what presents itself with no attachments or expectations. Everything is new. This month it will serve us to learn how to better read our environment, to sense the truth of what is present for each of us in the moment and then work with it, rather than pretending it’s not there or trying to force it to be something it’s not. The world is rapidly changing, and we are required to participate in it by consciously injecting more Love.
The practice for this month is to get our bearings through slowing down, breathing, and connecting with something that helps us to ground our core. It could be a meditation, song, mandala, location, a friend, anything that returns us to our home frequency and stabilizes us.
It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. ~~Alan Cohen


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    1. Sydney and I are sitting here in my living room reading your beautiful profound message. Our hearts are filled with great appreciation and love for your gifts you share.

  1. Yes, yes and yes! I love the way you summarize with a quote at the end, and this quote resonates so profoundly…in movement there is life. I will never forget how my dying father loved to go for a drive….he needed that sense of movement to make him feel alive, at a time when his physical body was dying.

    1. Also, this resonates with me this week: “We are becoming adept at being fluid and adjusting to rapid change”. Yes, indeed. Having a John Lennon moment, ‘Imagine’, as we begin to share in new ways, creating our own brotherhood of man in our tiny corner of this universe. Namaste.

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