Cosmic Consciousness Monthly for February 2018

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For February 2018:

Welcome to February, the 2nd month of an already tumultuous year. February carries the energy of the 2, representing duality, polarity, reflection, and balance. Where the circle represents the ‘1’ primal force, the geometric symbol for the ‘2’ is a line connecting 2 points. The line was created by the first movement of consciousness away from the single point of Source, in its desire to know itSelf. The line divides the circle, just as a cell splits in reproduction, and creation begins. The 2 represents duality, the perception of otherness through which the One can understand itSelf.

Duality provides contrast and differentiation. There is no Light without darkness, up without down, and so on. Duality is what results when Source energies descend into the third dimension. According to Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, electricity is the positive Male (yang) principle, and magnetic attraction is the opposing negative Female (yin) principle. Both are necessary for creation. Balance between masculine and feminine energies produces ascension, and brings us back to Source.
February, with its frequencies of the “2”, brings to us the feminine energies of compassion, sensitivity, balance, service, courage, diplomacy, receptivity, consideration, adaptability, and unconditional love. It resonates with partnerships and relationships of all kinds, including all parts of ourSelves. It can reveal polarities that separate us, or offer us ways to build bridges across those differences through awareness, higher perspective, intuition and heartfelt love. It resonates with the Moon, feminine co-ruler (with the Sun) of our individual Spirit. The “2” is a uniting force. It is the dance of magnetism that energizes the universe.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the 2 o’clock hour of Spiritual Wisdom, where we go beyond (imagined) limitations imposed by the ego in order to ultimately realize our unlimited connection to one another, our Oneness. We face the fears and doubts thrown up by the ego to keep us separate and master ourSelves in the process; it is Divine Love activating through us.
In the Motherpeace Tarot the ‘2’ is represented by the High Priestess, a divine feminine sacred channel, capable of accessing deep wisdom by allowing the free-flowing energy of Spirit to enter into her body, unfettered by perceived limitations. When we pay attention to and align with our body’s cycles, we align our hearts and minds as well, gaining access to our inner wisdom.

February Energies

February opens with the reverberations of the Super Full Blue Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. It is fitting that there are no aspects at all on 2/1; we need a day to integrate the intense energies of the sideways elevator. On 2/2, Groundhog Day, Mars makes a great eliminator (inconjunct) aspect to Pallas and a resource to Makemake. On this day the higher universal laws are available to assist us as we the make the choice to obey our intuition and follow its wisdom, or remain in fear and miss the opportunities the current wormhole provides. Our physical reality is aligning with the higher laws of nature.
At the beginning of the month the fast-moving planets representing the mind (Mercury), heart (Venus), and consciousness (Sun) are all in Aquarius, along with the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) and Juno. Eventually the Moon enters this quality of consciousness and interacts with each of these archetypes as well, including a new cycle with the Sun. It is here we take down the barriers to intimacy: how appropriate is it that St. Valentine’s Day occurs in Aquarius? All month the Earth Star Chakra sits at the World Axis point; we are going deep within to clear out old defense strategies once needed to protect our tender hearts. Once we eliminate these ancient karmic barriers we access the frequencies of the higher heart, which resonate with the pure energies of Source; we no longer feel separate but experience the Truth of who we are-- divine beings of Love united as One.
Juno is an asteroid representing the divine feminine energies that refer to the new unity consciousness we have awakened to. More and more we are becoming aware of our unity with everything we perceive “out there,” which is our own projection. Because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience we are “in relation” to everything, but in reality there is nothing out there, only One consciousness. Through Juno’s energies we realize that the way we show up for ourselves is reflected in our projections. When we love ourSelves unconditionally, that energy expresses through us and to us because it is really all One. This month, as we shall see, Juno is especially active.

Sedna and the Light Bridge

Sedna, multidimensional librarian and holder of the vast Divine Feminine energies that we are now re-membering, stationed retrograde on 8/26/17 at 27 Taurus, just days after that powerful Leo New Moon total eclipse. Her retrograde cycle gave us the opportunity to bring her waves of potent goddess energies into our own personal frequencies, as we gain access to the capacity to make great leaps in our evolution while holding the energies of the Divine Feminine for ourSelves and the planet. This retrograde occurred during last year’s wormhole.
On 2/7 Sedna goes direct, holding at 25°+ Taurus for 3 weeks, which makes her energies even more powerful-- right in the middle of our current wormhole and right before this month’s Aquarius New Moon partial eclipse. You can’t make this stuff up! Now Sedna joins the ranks of all the other planets that are in direct motion as she maintains her ongoing great eliminator with Haumea that will continue for years, and which becomes exact on 2/7. As we evolve toward wholeness, we must work to eliminate obstacles to the remembrance, acceptance, and integration of the Divine Feminine in all her facets (Shakti), including the Great Mother and the Cosmic Destroyer.
Due to this long-term transit, any planet that aspects Sedna will also aspect Haumea. Haumea is part of the Light Bridge with Uranus and Eris, and Sedna gives us another path to awakening. The heart leads the way as Venus resources Eris and Uranus, makes a stepping stone with Sedna, and manifests with Haumea between 2/5 and 2/7. Our consciousness illuminates the Light Bridge when the Sun makes the same aspects between 2/11 and 2/14, and Mercury follows on 2/14 and 2/15. With our mental operating systems brought on line, the divine masculine (Sun and Mercury)
Is calibrated and balanced with the divine feminine (Venus and the Moon) on this Hi-way to Awakening Unity Consciousness. On 2/20 Uranus makes an exact bridge (polarity) with Haumea for the last time (25 Aries/Libra 35) as he journeys towards Taurus for a new chapter of awakening.

New Beginnings

This February there are 9 new cycles, all but one occurring in Aquarius or Pisces. The heart leads the way on 2/3 with a Venus/Juno new cycle at 21° Aquarius; hours later, the Sun and Earth Star Chakra have their own new beginning on the World Axis point of 15 Aquarius. As we hold our hearts in awareness of our innate unity, we become conscious of old patterns of separation playing themselves out. We now have the opportunity to see them for what they are and change them for good.
Our mental operating system continues this karmic recalibration with the Mercury/Earth Star Chakra new cycle on 2/9, also at 15 Aquarius. The divine masculine energies are traveling together, and as we raise our awareness of the old karmic patterns, we find new ways to think about and express that awareness, changing the dynamic, which is the true blessing of these new cycles. Nothing can change without awareness.
Our understanding of ourSelves in relation to everything else gets a boost as the Sun and Mercury create new cycles with Juno on 2/14 and 2/16 respectively, making intimate (semisextile) aspects to Chiron. It is time for us to get comfortable with our connections to one another, and learn how to master the true nature of relationships. The superior conjunction between Mercury and the Sun occurs at the master degree of Aquarius (29°) on 2/17, bringing a final opportunity for the Divine Masculine to align with and integrate the energies of unconditional Love before moving into the next quality of consciousness (Pisces) where it can be applied.
Already in Pisces, Venus conjoins Neptune in a new cycle on 2/21. As the two octaves of Love come together, our hearts are calibrated to the frequencies of higher Love; we come face to face with our limitlessness and the enlightenment- and fear- it brings up. This is an opportunity to consciously move through uncharted territory within, with Love as the beacon that lights our way through the shadows of Self-doubt. There is always Light at the end of the tunnel.
On 2/25 Mercury meets with Neptune for a new beginning in calibrating our mental systems to Love’s higher frequencies. The heart paved the way, and now our thought processes are ready to follow the same path through any doubts and fears that cloud our ability to grasp the beauty of our own Soul. Overthinking will cause confusion; best to remember it’s all illusion, and return to the safety of Love. In this way, masculine/feminine mind/heart balance is sustained. This new cycle has the resource of Pallas’ intuitive wisdom, insuring that errant thoughts will be guided back to a loving place.
The Mars/Vesta new cycle also occurs on 2/25, at 18° Sagittarius, and Venus connects to it with a stepping stone (square). We are devoted to bringing Love to actions that serve to finish the old power games, as we become more aware of how deeply entrenched they are. The new order has begun.

Changes in Consciousness

As mentioned before, Mercury, the Sun, Venus and Juno began the month in Aquarius, and all enter the Piscean quality of consciousness this month.
As each planet makes its entrance it forms a great eliminator with Varuna, signifying our readiness to choose the highest perspective in the arena of the planetary energies involved.
On 2/10 Venus (again) becomes the first lower body planet to move into the sign of Divine Mastery. Venus’ energies are a good fit in the watery sign of Pisces; like water, emotions operate best when they expand and flow and are allowed to move forward, clearing the way. The Venus/Varuna great eliminator that follows reflects the choice to allow our hearts to soar to a very high perspective in order to expand into our True Selves.
It takes a full week (2/17) before Mercury ingresses the sign of Spiritual Wisdom and accesses Varuna’s cosmic perspective; the Sun follows on 2/18. We are ready to face our limitlessness and master ourSelves, with the highest possible observer’s perch available to us if we choose to use it. We are ready for this. With attention, presence, and balanced mind/heart, we are ready to swim in uncharted inner waters. Mercury travels swiftly through Pisces, meeting up with Venus, and together they begin a triple new cycle with Chiron early next month for wholing and mastery.
Varuna is currently retrograde, moving clockwise towards Source. He has been repeatedly crossing the Portal of Strength between Cancer and Leo since 2016. On 2/19 Varuna reenters Cancer for the last time, going direct in April and moving into Leo in June for the next 24 years! Our capacity to See from the highest perspective gets a final realignment with the inner harmony of the divine feminine Mother energies that Cancer represents. We understand the purpose and place for our emotions, and the importance of Self-care in all its forms. This movement back into Cancer makes Varuna the last planet aspected (rather than the first) before Juno enters Pisces on 2/23. Loving ourSelves unconditionally is the highest expression of Self-care.

Lunar Matters: In the Heart of the Wormhole

Eclipses come in pairs, or occasionally triplets; February’s New Moon at 27° Aquarius is a partial solar eclipse that relates to the 1/31 Leo Full Blue Blood Moon total lunar eclipse.  It is also the mirror to the 2017 New Moon Total Eclipse in Leo, which occurred on 8/21, 6 months ago. During that eclipse Mars was conjunct the Sun and Moon; retrograde Mercury, in a new cycle with Orcus, was involved as well. The changes that began with that sideways elevator are culminating and deepening now, as the Sun and Moon meet in the polar sign of unconditional Love.  That New Moon was also part of a 2-month wormhole, just as we are experiencing now.
A wormhole is a theoretical passage caused by the folding of space and time. This connects together two different points in space, creating a short-cut whereby one can travel great distances over a short, even instantaneous, amount of time. It represents a larger new chapter in our lives, an opportunity to reach heights we thought impossible, to get to places within ourSelves we didn’t know were there. A wormhole begins and ends with a new moon, and contains eclipses within it. Because the opening new moon cannot be an eclipse, our present wormhole began with January’s Capricorn Sun/Moon new cycle on 1/16, making Saturn the dispositor of the entire wormhole. It ends on 3/17 at the Pisces New Moon.
February’s Sun/Moon new cycle occurs on 2/15, and is called a Black Moon since it refers to the absence of a Full Moon from a calendar month. According to Wikipedia, this can occur only in February, and it happens about every 20 years. When February is without a full moon, then the preceding January and the following March both have two full moons. Whether a black moon by this definition occurs depends on the time zone. When calculated in UTC, there are only 3 instances of a month without a full moon between 1990 and 2040: 2/1999, this February, and 2/2037.
This New Moon is conjunct Mercury and Juno, that aspect of our divine feminine that speaks to how we relate to ourSelves and show up in relation to others. Do we love ourSelves enough to speak up when we need to? Is our Self-talk kind? Do we experience the unity that we know lies behind all the polarity we see? The Great Messenger forms aspects with Uranus, Haumea, Sedna and Chiron, recalibrating our mental operating systems to a much higher frequency.
The Venus/Saturn resource at 6° Pisces/Capricorn refers to our Self-esteem and the inner authority of the heart. Both planets create a Finger of God with Ceres; we are birthing a new heart-based structure from our newfound authenticity and inner authority, as we birth the Divine Feminine. We are becoming who we Are.
Uranus is the planet this Aquarian New Moon belongs to. Much awakening is on tap as our consciousness gets a reboot within the sign of Divine Love. The Sun and Moon resource Uranus/Eris, manifest with Haumea, and step up to Sedna. We have the Light Bridge to Awakening Unity Consciousness at our disposal, reviving our awareness of our connection with the Divine Feminine and our own wholeness. In addition, the Sun/Moon new cycle resources Ixion exactly (on the Galactic Center). Ixion symbolizes our collective promise to reach certain evolutionary milestones in this lifetime. Our reason for being here is to Love ourSelves as Source/God/Goddess/the
Universe/Divine loves us—freely and unconditionally. And here we are.


February is all about seeing the unity in perceived opposites, which, from a higher perspective, become polarities, opposite ends of the same energy. Relationships, even within ourSelves, require another vantage point against which to explore. In order to balance a polarity we must stand in the middle, like a fulcrum stabilizing a see-saw: it goes up and down unless we are perfectly centered; then it comes to rest. To achieve this balance we must pay attention to anything that takes us off-center (our heart chakra) and return there without expectation or reproach, only Love, again and again. It is only there that we can find peace within, and connect with the Source within us all.
We need to hold the higher vision of the Love and peace we want to see in the world. It has already happened, we are already there; we just need to remember it. Like a mother in labor, we must focus on the new life that is coming and not the pain and confusion that precedes it. The old is passing away; the more we hold on to it the more painful, and the more we suffer. We cannot wish it away faster either. The Divine Feminine requires faith and total surrender to the process, which unfolds in its own perfection.
This February we must pay attention: to our thoughts, our bodies, our words, our emotions-- what warms our hearts, what makes us afraid--and shift fear energy towards Love. There is an upward feeling to the energies, as if we are rising; we are being prepared for what lies ahead in March and April. Remember, we are still in the wonky energies of the wormhole. This month requires the mother-like energies of Haumea: to be centered and peaceful in the midst of unrelenting change, aware and accepting it all as we go, holding all parts together. Where we put our attention is what will grow. Awareness and surrender are the keys that will open doors, ease our labor. Let’s have less news, more joy! We are all in this together.
I am in you, and you in me, mutual in divine love. ~~William Blake



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