Cosmic Consciousness Monthly for September 2017

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For September 2017:

Welcome to the 9th month of the year, the last quarter of the Sun’s cycle, where we take stock of where we are, how far we’ve come, and what is now ready to be manifested. In Cosmic Consciousness we arrive at the 9 o’clock hour of Libra, at the most feminine Portal of Truth, where Emotional Wisdom meets Physical Power, where we bring into form what Spirit has initiated and brought down into higher thought, balanced by and strengthened with pure Love, informed, purified and aligned by the energies in motion (e-motion), ready to be brought into physicality. It is the balance point of surrender (alignment) to what is, in order to bring our highest intentions to fruition. This is the Libra hour, the ascendant, where we ourSelves come into physical Being as separate entities on the physical plane, making our way back to the Highest Realization that we are actually not separate at all, and never were, that everything “out there” is another facet of the hologram that makes each of us our very Selves. September is the month where we rebalance ourselves; it is a time of endings, reflection, of letting go of what is no longer working or has completed its usefulness. We are getting ready for the harvest, reaping what we’ve sown all year and preparing our Selves for the next spiral up the evolutionary ladder, clearing our energy field and planting seeds for the future.

It has been said that the energies of the 9 are related to the 3 and the 6: where 3 is manifestation and the 6 refers to harmony and balance, nurturance and support, the 9 offers these to the larger world. Nine is humanitarian, compassionate, empathic, generous, global and aware of the big picture, the long game. The vibration of the 9 gives us the ability to understand our own personal truths and live with integrity; it represents opportunities to see things from a clear perspective. The number 9 offers the gift of Attainment. It gathers together all of our resources and knowledge, forming a deep reservoir of experience that we can draw upon to contribute to the uplift of humanity. In the Motherpeace Tarot, the 9th card is the Crone, feminine expression of the Hermit, representing the blessing of solitude and the wisdom to be found there, in the stillness where heart and mind meet.

Big Energies Throughout the Month

September continues the 9 energies of completion that were part of August’s energies last month as a hidden energy (‘8’ month + ‘1’ year). September also contains the energies of new beginnings (‘9’ month + ‘1’ year = 10 = 1). For most of this month the wormhole remains open, closing with the New Moon in Virgo on 9/20 (which just happens to be Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year: a new beginning). In between, there is a potent Full Moon in Pisces; Mercury goes direct, recaptures his shadow, and meets up with Orcus, and ALL 5 lower body planets end up in Virgo, divine mother energies of healing and wholing—you can’t make this stuff up! Now THAT’s alignment! And not a moment too soon: we have stretched and grown so much and in as yet unfathomable ways with the culminating energies of August, and this recalibration is both necessary and welcomed.
September 1 begins with a Sun/Orcus new cycle (8/31), bringing conscious awareness to the part of us that is immortal, making it accessible for alignment within the whole of our being. Mercury and Mars are part of the Grand Fire Manifestation (trine) with Uranus and Quaoar; mind and body awaken together to the original thought that is available to us. Connected to this trine is another Grand Manifestation formed by Eris, the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) and Ixion, all at 23 degrees of the fire signs; we are awakening to a new future and a new purpose here on the planet that is altering us in every way. Can you feel it?
There are many Fingers of God (FoGs) all month. As Ceres moves towards the degree Venus held on the 8/21 Leo New Moon Soular Eclipse, both Ceres and the lunar South Node of karma are involved in 2 FoGs, (aka Yods): one has Ceres resourcing (sextiling) Vesta and both pointing to the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node), and another is formed with Saturn/Ixion resourcing the Earth Star Chakra and pointing towards Ceres. Clearly, we are restructuring our lives, claiming our inner authority to be a force of Light onto the planet, bringing in new beginnings out of the clearing of old attachments and beliefs. The energies of that total eclipse will affect us for months to come.
Fingers of God reflect the current state of human evolution and speak to the options we have available to us. The Great Eliminators that are part of it generate many forks in the road, and the choice to take the road(s) we know are there but don’t usually embrace. We must consciously recognize these roads, and deliberately choose to take the one that leaves fear behind. It takes effort, commitment, an acceptance of what is, and a leap of faith—and all the Self Love we can muster. Every FOG gives us the opportunity to practice the disciplined choice of Love over fear to achieve what has become fully possible. We are here to do this, we have the capability, and now is the time.
All month Chiron resources Sedna (exact on 9/14), and both form Great Eliminators to Jupiter/Haumea (exact 9/23-24), activating the Light Bridge High Way to awakening unity consciousness. As we align with the Divine Feminine in each of us, we are traveling new roads to expanding unity consciousness.  Juno’s exact opening stepping stone to Makemake reflects how the higher Laws of the universe are a part of our relationship to everything (including the universe); we can See this if we raise our perspective high enough. And a long-standing resource between Eris and the Earth Star Chakra creates yet another FoG, pointing to any planet at 22-26 degrees of Virgo, beginning with Vesta (9/4), the Sun (9/15) and Mercury (9/26). Clearing old karma is never easy, especially eons of misqualified energies. This month we have the opportunity to choose the high road regarding recalibration and clearing of fear-inducing vibrations in our very consciousness and mental operating systems (of Divine Masculine energies); next month Venus and Mars, disposers of the Divine Feminine, get their turn.
With Pluto retrograding in Capricorn and manifesting with Pallas Athena in Taurus, whichever planets come to the 2nd decanate of Virgo create a Grand Earth Manifestation. In August Mercury and Vesta triggered these points. The Sun activates this planetary picture around 9/6, Mercury (9/20), Mars (9/26) and Venus (9/30) resurrect their energies and gain new wisdom in the process. In order to reach this point, all those planets must first make new cycles with Orcus. Pluto and Orcus are binary planets that are similar yet opposite in orbit; they are connected. Together they open us up to the invisible realm, beyond physicality, beyond this dimension. The new cycles help us gain access to Orcus’ gift of the knowledge of our own immortality, preparing us to surrender to Pluto’s little deaths and rebirths while in the body, removing density and resurrecting us into the Light Beings we are.
One by one the lower body planets connect with Orcus creating 5D new cycles. Mercury conjoined Orcus 8/3, then again on 8/21 when retrograde, just before the New Moon Total Eclipse. September begins with the Sun/Orcus new cycle. On 9/18 Mercury conjuncts Orcus for the last time, locking in a new cycle with the disposer of our Cosmic Self. Mars makes a new cycle with Orcus on 9/19, hours before the closing of the wormhole. The heart, bringing up the rear, makes this connection with Orcus on 9/27. It will be another year before another planet conjoins Orcus.
After the lower body planets connect with Orcus, they move into polarity (bridges) with Neptune, who resources Pallas all month, aligning divine wisdom with enlightenment.  Newly charged with the energies of the Cosmic Self, the Sun (9/5), Moon (9/6), Mercury (9/19), Mars (9/24) and Venus (9/29) each create a bridge to the higher octave of Love. Neptune is a major part of this month’s Full and New Moons. If we choose to remain open and fearless, trusting the experiences that come to us, we can gain the clarity and wisdom to embrace and hold the higher energies as they come to us, in preparation for Pluto’s alchemical frequencies. If we fall into fear, or hold back our feelings, or get stuck in our heads, everything will feel confusing or overwhelming, and Pluto will have to work harder to show us where we give up our power. Neptune requires a leap of faith and trust in the divine rightness of the universal plan.

Events Within the Wormhole-Continued

On 9/3 retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars at 28 Leo 43 and they both trine Quaoar, part of the Grand Fire Manifestation with Uranus. Mercury is pulling into his station, rewiring the mind/body connection as it gets upgraded with new insights, ideas and perspectives. Following this meeting, on 9/5 Mars heads into Virgo to align our physicality and actions with mind, heart and spirit, while Mercury stations direct with the Soul Star Chakra nearby. On this day the Sun makes the first of 5 lower-body bridges with Neptune, clearing away the veils that cloud our awareness, bringing clarity to our mental processes; we are being readied for the potent Full Moon in Pisces on the following day.
This 9/6 Sun/Moon bridge at 14° on the Virgo/Pisces axis is all about wholing ourSelves, bringing all parts of ourSelves into alignment so we can face the Truth of who we Are: unlimited multidimensional divine Beings. In this lunation, the Sun is conjunct Orcus and the Moon is conjunct Neptune; the Sun is part of an energetic Grand Earth Manifestation with Pallas and Pluto as he trines both on 9/6 and 9/9 respectively. Venus is also involved in this lunation, with a subtle aspect to the Sun and a Great Eliminator with Neptune. Collectively we are injecting Love into the equation, using our newfound clarity to choose the path of wholeness as we prepare to grow into the new consciousness available to us. This Full Moon is the culmination of the energies of 8/21’s Total Eclipse in Leo, bringing them to fruition or completion.
It is no coincidence that Ixion goes direct at 24 Sagittarius at the exact moment the Moon conjuncts Chiron. Clearly our life purpose involves healing ourSelves and the planet on every level.  Ixion’s station on 9/7 resources Jupiter/Haumea and the Earth Star Chakra, and manifests with Eris and the Soul Star Chakra as part of a Grand Fire Manifestation, activating the Light Bridge of awakened unity consciousness. He also makes choices (a Great Eliminator) with Ceres, the divine midwife, creating a Finger of God with the South Node pointing at Ceres.  It is time to clear obstacles concerning what we want to bring into the world; although it is bound to make waves, that is just what is needed now, and it will lead to greater unity and wisdom.  This is underscored by the long-awaited 9/7 new cycle between Jupiter and Haumea, bridging Eris, with Ceres forming an intersection (T-square): finally we are ready for the expansion of unity consciousness and the changes it brings! We are birthing a new level of awareness that will change everything; there is no going back.
With our mental operating system fueled with energies from the royal star Regulus and sitting of the degree of last month’s Total Soular Eclipse, our higher minds are getting an upgrade and a reboot. There is no telling where it will take us. We are so blessed to be alive at this time! The Great Messenger enters Virgo on 9/9, ready to bring his new understandings to the mansion of Emotional Wisdom for integration and expression.
September 11 is an active day as Jupiter and Haumea are resourceful with the Soul Star Chakra, forming an energetic Finger of God with Chiron.  Jupiter/Haumea also resource Ixion, and both point to Sedna (another FoG). As if that wasn’t enough, a planetary picture called a trapeze is formed with Ceres resourcing Sedna and stepping up (squaring) to Jupiter/Haumea, who manifest with the Earth Star Chakra, which forms a stepping stone with Sedna! The Moon activates this configuration as she touches Sedna. We have the opportunity to rise up over the resistance and fears resulting from the clearing out of old beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are rooted in imbalances of yin/yang energies, and to birth a more balanced unity consciousness.
On the same day, Quaoar goes direct at 28 Sag 40 at the Galactic Center, ending his retrograde begun 5 months before at the first degree of Capricorn. Having purified and cleared old belief systems and triumphed over lower frequency thoughts, we are now making way toward receiving new spiritual direction with Quaoar’s ingress into Capricorn for good on 12/7. And finally, our divine feminine wisdom goes inward as Pallas stations retrograde at 14 Taurus until the middle of December.
As the wormhole winds down, our mind/body connection gets rewired with the Mercury/Mars new cycle on 9/16. This new beginning at 07 Vir 13 is a precursor to the new cycles created by each of these planets with Orcus, archetype of our Cosmic immortal Self; the Mercury/Orcus new cycle occurs on 9/17. Our mental operating system has expanded to the point where we can more firmly grasp our connection to the invisible realm.
September 19 is a day of beginnings and endings. Mercury finally recovers his shadow at 11 Virgo 38, ending his retrograde period, and later in the day he bridges Neptune, allowing us access to the unlimited clarity we seek. Mars and Orcus begin a new cycle; we have the capacity to tap and hold the multidimensional energies while still in our physical form, and it’s important to stay grounded and centered. The Light Bridge High Way to unity consciousness gets energized when the Eris/Haumea bridge becomes exact today. Before the day’s end, Venus enters Virgo, the last personal planet to do so, bringing emotional wisdom into our awakened hearts.
All those energies prepare us for the 9/20 Virgo New Moon, signaling the close of the multidimensional wormhole that has lasted since 7/23; doesn’t it feel like eons ago? On this day every one of the personal planets is in Virgo; it is as though our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies had to be together in the Christ energies of the Divine Mother before the wormhole could close. The Part of Fortune is rising on the ascendant; the Sun/Moon new cycle is resourceful with Ceres, bridges Chiron, eliminates choices with Uranus/Eris, and steps up with Quaoar/Ixion. We are wholing all parts of ourSelves, discerning our own Truth, and aligning with the higher cosmic forces, resulting in a stable, integrated space from where we can authentically express the deep wisdom of our hearts.

Fall Equinox

On 9/22 the Sun enters Libra at 4:02 pm, bringing the Autumn Equinox to the Northern Hemisphere and the Vernal Equinox to the Southern Hemisphere. The wormhole is now closed, and with the change of seasons everyone on the planet can feel the shift from the very emotional energies to the Presence of physicality. Day and night are balanced at the moment; we are more grounded in our bodies as our environment reflects the changes within us. At the fall equinox it is time to collect the fruits of our labors: the relationships, ideas, beliefs, creations, gifts, plants, and blessings that we grew and tended; the wisdom gleaned from all we’ve experienced (and allowed ourSelves to experience) thus far this year. As things come to their natural completion we bless them and let them go, preparing for the next cycle to come. It always does. Every part in the cycle of life has its place, its order and its purpose.
As the Sun enters Libra, Capricorn, sign of Source, signifying mastery and spiritual direction is rising at 28°, bridging Ceres at the master degree of 29 Cancer. Quaoar forms a resource with the Part of Fortune, and both make a Finger of God pointing to Ceres. Chiron and Sedna resource each other, and make great eliminators pointing at Jupiter. Choices must be made to bring in a new belief system that elevates us all to the frequency of Love; that integrates and attunes the ancient divine feminine energies to these new frequencies, expanding our consciousness and allowing us to triumph over our lower Selves once and for all. Haumea sits at the Midheaven, providing motivation for these choices; we are coming to Know that which we already Are: all facets of the Cosmic Jewel of Unity Consciousness.
Venus makes a subtle aspect to Makemake, underlining Love as Divine Law, while Mercury makes a separating manifestation with Pluto, bringing transmutation to our mental operating system and the way we communicate and connect with each other. The Light Bridge is activated with a near exact polarity between Eris and Haumea; they interact with the nodes and Ixion, all at 23+°, creating 4 resourceful sextiles, and ending with a Soul Star Chakra/Eris manifestation. Seeing through the opacity of deeply cherished illusions, awakening to the Truth, can really upset the status quo, but it brings about change that can liberate us all. It is tied to our evolutionary purpose. New seeds are being planted, readying us for the new beginnings to follow in October.

The Final Third of the Month

The remainder of the month brings 5 different new cycles; therefore 5 cycles are ending. Jupiter is quite active, bringing positive changes to our expanding social consciousness. Jupiter makes a Great Eliminator with Chiron on 9/23, and he connects with Neptune and Uranus before the month is over.
Our consciousness activates the cosmic viewpoint as the Sun resources Varuna on 9/24. Ceres enters Leo, dispositor of the Sun, right after that, and Vesta, who entered Libra on 9/18, begins a new cycle with Makemake.
The Sun follows with his own Makemake new cycle on 9/26, and a new cycle with Vesta 9/27. We can see more clearly how the universal laws operate in our lives, and how we can make use of them.
September 27 is full of aspects designed to expand and refine our consciousness beyond its already expanded parameters. In addition to the Sun/Vesta new cycle with Makemake, there is a Venus/Orcus new cycle AND a Ceres/Varuna new cycle—3 in one day! The emotional body is still very active with these divine feminine energies; as we awaken to them we are slowly incorporating them into our hearts and minds at higher levels. We also have the benefit of Jupiter’s expanding social wisdom and discernment of Truth as he connects with Neptune in a 135° karmic aspect called a sesquisquare, today, on his way to a final polarity with Uranus at the other end of the Light Bridge, the last aspect to this busy day. The Moon’s nodes are involved with the Jupiter Uranus Lightbridge, and it’s the midpoint of a Jupiter/Uranus cycle that began in Aries in June 2010 and ends in Taurus in 2024. We have come so far and cleared so much as we grow into our expanding social vision for the future.
Pluto, retrograde since 4/20, stations direct at 17 Capricorn on 9/28, as the month winds down. Once again we are ready for transmutation of Source energies, recalibrating ourSelves with the energies from all the new cycles of the past few days. We are being reborn anew. But the last aspect of September, on 9/29, is Mercury’s entry into Libra, sign of the Mirrored Self. We would do well to remember that everything we think, say or do is meant to be a product of our higher mind operating from the enlightened space of the heart, and that every response we receive is a reflection of who we Are. All we have to do is be present in every interaction.
"Life begins where fear ends." ~~Osho
"If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside." ~~Buddha
Wishing all who celebrate a joyous and peaceful Eid al Adha, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Islamic New Year, Feast of St. Matthew, Fall Solstice, and Yom Kippur. May each of us hold the Light of peace.

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