January 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects

January 2023

Although Venus and Pluto kick off the new year with a conjunction (new cycle), it is the only time they meet this year, as Pluto prepares to move forward and Venus takes time to reevaluate and integrate what is important and necessary to keep the heart open. As if to prepare us for Pluto’s eventual shift, Venus enters Aquarius on 1/2, where she meets with Chariklo (1/8) and Saturn (1/22) before entering Pisces on 1/26. We learn that sharing our gifts and our love is good for the soul, and everyone else too. But first we must share them with ourselves.


The first Full Moon of the year occurs on 1/6, with the Moon in Cancer conjunct retrograde Pallas, opposite the Sun in Capricorn conjoining retrograde Mercury. Chiron in Aries intersects (forms a T-square) with the Sun-Moon bridge; Uranus weighs in from Taurus as does Vesta from Pisces. The Moon is in her home sign, and the Sun is disposed (influenced) by Saturn. And Pluto forms a bridge with Black Moon Lilith. There can be a reevaluating of what we thought we knew with this emotional Full Moon, some of which can correlate to how we relate to power in our lives. This can lead to new revelations in a positive direction. Self-understanding opens up possibilities for growth.


This month is chock full of retrograde action: two 5D planets station retrograde, but 4 planets go direct, reflecting the intent to go forward.  MakeMake stations retrograde 1/7; Haumea follows suit 1/29. On 1/11 Eris resumes direct motion, followed by Mars (1/12), Mercury (1/18) and Uranus on 1/22. The Mars and Mercury backward cycles end at the same degree of Gemini and Capricorn, and they form a great eliminator (inconjunct) aspect. This points to choices that must be made regarding thinking before acting, and in doing what’s needed to keep the mind-body connection strong. Higher thought is available, providing impetus for heart-based action. The Sun-Pluto new cycle that occurs on the same day Mercury goes direct (1/18) brings our awareness to what needs to be transformed this year. With Uranus’ station (1/22), both awakener planets are direct, and any realizations will require considered action from the heart.


On 1/20 the Sun enters Aquarius, putting the focus on sharing our unique gifts with others. We do that by giving ourselves unconditional love, and the freedom to be who we are, without judgment. That is also the message of the New Moon in Aquarius that occurs on 1/21, conjunct Pluto and Chariklo. We are powerful, and when we can accept our power without fearing it or misusing it, we can use it for the benefit of others. Chariklo provides a wise, stabilizing and nurturing influence. Black Moon Lilith and Varuna sit opposite the Sun-Moon conjunction, while Haumea forms an intersection (T-square) from Scorpio—there’s a lot of 5D energy with this lunation. If we take a wider view of ourselves and our lives, we can see how best to share what we have to offer. And with the Jupiter-Juno new cycle in Aries resourcing (sextiling) the New Moon, our offerings will be welcomed. Uranus, the dispositor of this lunation, is pretty powerful as he is stationing direct the following day. An element of surprise or new revelation is possible. And Mars manifesting (in trine with) Chariklo bodes well for action that is nurturing and beneficial, especially for those outside the status quo. The Sun catches up to Chariklo on 1/28, intersecting (making squares with) the Moon’s nodes. We can revisit old attitudes about those who don’t fit in, or we can choose to expand the boundaries of what ‘fits in’, making it supportive for everyone.

Welcome to the New Year!

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