May 2023 Monthly Aspects

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May 2023

It’s another busy month, with 5 planets changing direction and 6 planets changing signs. There’s a lunar eclipse at the World Axis point, felt around the planet, and the wormhole closes with the New Moon. Even with all this activity, it’s a less intense month than the last two, with 7 or 8 planets in Taurus all month. In 5D, Taurus is the sign of Conscious Obedience, where we tune into our inner guidance, which comes from the heart. When we trust that guidance implicitly and feel it in our body, we become magnetic, and we raise the frequency around us.


The first thing that happens this month is the Juno-Sedna new cycle on 5/1, signifying our relationship to everything on a grand scale. The second event is Pluto’s retrograde station, also 5/1, just barely in Aquarius. It will take a full month for Pluto to backtrack through the sign of unconditional Love, giving us time to recalibrate the truth that Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s powerful, and necessary. And Astraea conjuncts the dharmic Soul Star (N.Node); it’s another indication of how we are evolving with the help of divine feminine energies that are more in play now.


May 2 features two asteroids changing signs: Juno entering Gemini, and Pallas entering Leo. Both of them aspect Pluto—Pallas in a bridge (opposition) and Juno in a trine, or manifesting.And they are resourcing (sextiling) each other. This is a day filled with wisdom and connection.


Pluto continues to have influence as the dispositor of the Scorpio Full Moon lunar eclipse that occurs on 5/5. Venus influences all the planets in Taurus that flank the Sun, notably Uranus, the dispositor of Aquarius, which is the sign Pluto is newly transiting. It’s all connected. Full Moons bring up emotions that need to be dealt with from the corresponding New Moon; because this one is an eclipse it calls forth new emotional responses. Eclipses create sideways elevators that can energetically take us places we’ve never been. Now is the time to be open to whatever comes. The Venus-Jupiter resource indicates expansion and open-heartedness, especially in the social arena; Saturn’s resource with Astraea and the Soul Star bodes well for balance, structure and integrity in the way we deal with each other. There is the potential for grounding and transformation with this lunation.


Speaking of Venus and Jupiter, both archetypes shift into new signs this month; Venus enters Cancer 5/7, and Jupiter enters Taurus 5/16.  Jupiter is a planet we like to watch because of his benevolent effect on us all, especially socially. On 5/17 he forms a stepping stone (square) with Pluto, a connection between these two very expansive energies that must be worked with by stepping over emotional blocks that can arise. Jupiter stretches our consciousness and brings wisdom and abundance. Pluto transforms and resurrects. Any interaction between these two recalls the major effect of their 3 meetings in 2020. But they are both in different signs now, and they are building something new together.


The Sun-Uranus new cycle begins 5/9, providing sudden revelations, awakenings or insights concerning our individual or collective values, resources, finances, perhaps even the planet herself. We are being called to pay attention. On 5/19 the New Moon in Taurus occurs, closing the wormhole we’ve been in since March. With the Moon there are 9 planets in the sign of Mental Love, where we learn to come from a heart-centered place with no attachments to pull us off-center. We realize our beliefs and values by connecting to our inner guidance system. Sedna conjoins this lunation; the Sun-Sedna new cycle occurs 5/20. Uranus also has an influence. We must identify and let go of limiting beliefs and ideas in order to move forward.

Venus, the sign dispositor, is about to meet with the fixed star Sirius (also 5/20) for some multidimensional tweaking. When the Sun enters Gemini 5/21, he resources Mars and manifests with (trines) Pluto. In Gemini we become aware that balancing mind and heart is essential for right action to occur.


Speaking of right action, Mars (who reentered the ecliptic 5/4 after being out of bounds since October) enters Leo 5/20, and forms a bridge (opposition) with Pluto.  There is plenty of life force here, and now is the time to be thankful to be here, in our bodies, at this time. And on 5/30 Mars and Varuna make a new cycle of seeing a higher perspective that we can feel in our bodies if we pay attention, resulting in action that fits whatever situation we are in.


On 5/6 Ceres, the nurturer, stations direct in Virgo, directing our energies towards the alignment of body, mind, emotion and spirit. This is very helpful, especially after the lunar eclipse the day before. Mercury stations direct 5/14, slowly making his way through Taurus, leaving his shadow 5/31. Other planets changing direction include Chariklo, stationing retrograde 5/17, and Orcus, returning to direct motion 5/28. Once again, there is only one retrograde planet in our solar system, Pluto. But that might be enough to anchor us.

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