September 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

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Welcome to September, the 9th month of the year, the last quarter of the Sun’s cycle, where we take stock of where we are, how far we’ve come, and what we can manifest between now and the end of the year. September is a time of reflection, of letting go of what no longer works or has completed its usefulness, as we prepare our Selves for the next spiral up the evolutionary ladder, clearing our energy fields and planting seeds for the future.
The energy of the 9 represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, thus assisting in the process of transition or transformation. At higher frequencies it signifies the releasing of limitations and illusions of who we thought we were, allowing us to rebirth our Selves and call forth a new, more expanded manifestation of experience, relationship or creation.
In Cosmic Consciousness we arrive at the 9 o’clock hour of Libra, at the most divine feminine Portal of Truth, where Emotional Wisdom meets Physical Power. This is the hour of the ascendant, where we come into Be-ing as separate entities on the physical plane, making our way back to the Highest Realization that we are actually not separate at all, and never were. Here we learn that everything “out there” is our reflection; and each of us is another facet of the cosmic jewel of which we are all a part, each shining in our own way.

September Energies

As busy as August was, September feels even more intense as the 4 lower-body archetypes continue making connections with many other planets, including those of the Capricorn, Aries and Libra stelliums (groups of planets) and with each other. Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn are prominently featured, as well as Haumea and Eris. We can feel the shifting energies and increasing speed of change. Of course, every September holds the vibrations of the Fall/Spring Equinox, which brings a perfect balance between night and day, and sets the energetic patterns for the rest of the year. This month 6 planets change direction, including Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, bringing collective social and physical change; and 5 planets change signs (consciousness).

The Personal Planets

These lower body planets represent the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical parts of our experience, affecting us directly on an individual level.  That is why this month’s Mars retrograde is so profound.
The SUN: The Sun spends 3 weeks in Virgo, the Divine Mother, who births all things. In the new 13-sign system, Virgo is the largest sign, taking up 44 degrees of the zodiac. With the Sun in Virgo we have access to purity of heart, alignment of our 4-body system, and service to others through the expression of our innate Emotional Wisdom.
The Pisces Full Moon is the first Sun aspect, bridging the Moon at 11 Pisces. The Sun conjuncts Orcus and the Moon conjoins Ceres and Neptune, one of the dispositors of the lunar event along with Chiron. Clarity, alignment, access to unlimited potential, and greater connection to our immortality are all available. Uranus and Pallas Athena form a Great Earth Manifestation (grand earth trine) with the Sun, providing wisdom and a jolt of realization to our awareness that we are more than just our physicality. At the moment of the Full Moon, Black Moon and Eris meet in an exact conjunction (#11), unveiling more Truth ultimately leading to greater Self-realization.
As if that wasn’t enough, there is a Mercury Eris great eliminator (inconjunct), Venus Saturn bridge and Mercury Chariklo manifestation (trine) that contribute to the Full Moon energies. Disruption is in the air, but stability as well, it all depends on how we choose our thoughts and words. When we walk the Venus Saturn bridge we raise our Self-esteem and bring Love to our inner authority and capacity to act wisely. The immortal part of our consciousness becomes more accessible with the 9/3 Sun Orcus new cycle.
The Virgo Sun manifests with the Capricorn planets, beginning with Jupiter (9/9), Pluto (9/14), Chariklo and Saturn (9/17). Our consciousness is shining on the transmutation and new social awareness that is slowly emerging. The choice to be present and aware through disruptions arises with the Sun Eris great eliminator on 9/16. These energies are part of the Virgo New Moon that occurs on 9/17.
This New Moon is another powerful lunation, disposed by Chiron in a Lightbridge with MakeMake. The higher immutable Laws are involved in the alignment and wholing we are undergoing. The New Moon forms an intersection (T-square), or off-ramp, to the Earth Star (S. Node)/Ixion-Soul Star (N. Node) bridge. The birthing energies of the Divine Mother are at the center point between the past and the future. Bridging the New Moon is Neptune the Enlightener, adding clarity and hope.
Sedna, Chariklo and Saturn form a Grand Manifestation with the Virgo New Moon, which Eris and Mars connect to in great eliminators. We can choose how to respond to the shake-ups that come our way, with heart-based strength or fear. The Mercury Jupiter stepping stone gives a well-earned lift to our thoughts and communication processes that enables us to reach out to others. Our job is not to convince others, it is to make connections by simply being our Selves.
When the Sun enters a new sector in our energy field, our consciousness shifts, focusing on the qualities of that sign. On 9/22 the Sun enters Libra on the world axis point, and the Fall/Spring Equinox begins, impacting everyone on the planet. According to Cosmic Consciousness, this marks the Sun’s journey from the realm of emotional wisdom across the divine feminine Portal of Truth to the part of us that experiences the gift of physicality. It is here, in Libra, through every relationship we have–with another person, an idea, an object, a physical symptom—that we learn to take responsibility for our earthly experience, working towards the highest realization that although we are physically separate we are all connected as One. Even with the extreme polarity being expressed at this time, it is vital to remember that in 5D there is only unity, and every experience can bring us to a new sense of that unity. The shift occurs within; it begins with us.
The Equinox chart is a harbinger of what the season will look like. And it looks like a powerful season of greater awareness, clarity, higher consciousness, accountability, and clearing. To start with, The Black Moon already conjoined Chiron/Salacia, and they all form a Lightbridge to the Sun MakeMake conjunction (exact on 9/28). Much will be uncovered for us to see and heal, especially with regard to the universal laws that have been disregarded in the past. The Mercury Arcturus new cycle (with Haumea) that bridges Mars and Eris, promises scientific breakthroughs or new discoveries that will change everything, perhaps even the way we think of our bodies or environment. Add to this the Capricorn stellium; new structures are being built or old ones transformed.
In addition, the Moon Uranus great eliminator reflects the choices that need to be made in the way we respond when another Truth is suddenly revealed. Juno and Ceres manifest a (re)birthing of unity consciousness. And a thriving (sextile) relationship between Jupiter and Neptune creates a Finger of God (yod) pointing towards the Venus Vesta new cycle in Leo. Wisdom and clarity are available to support our devotion to keeping our hearts open, but we must choose the open heart every time, especially when it is difficult. Varuna at the midheaven is the motivator for the season; when we see the bigger picture everything feels less chaotic. The Sun MakeMake new cycle manifests with Mars, making our awareness of the 5D natural and cosmic laws more tangible.
MERCURY: Although Mercury begins the month in Virgo, he changes signs twice and so changes his relationships (aspects) to the other planets. The Great Messenger prepares our consciousness by making the same aspects as the Sun, only earlier. He manifests with Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn (9/1-9/3), makes a great eliminator with Mars and a resource with Venus (9/4) before entering Libra on 9/5. On 9/9 Mercury bridges Salacia and conjoins MakeMake for a new cycle of connecting our higher mental operating system with the cosmic order.
As Mercury travels through Libra, he makes stepping stones with Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn and new cycles with Astraea (9/13) and Arcturus (9/22). On 9/23 Mercury enters his shadow at 26 Libra, preparing for his final retrograde of the year next month. Every connection made from here on in will be repeated, except the Mercury Mars bridge (9/24), as the mind-body connection gets an upgrade. Mercury conjoins Haumea (9/24) before entering Scorpio on 9/27, where he communes with Juno on 9/30.
VENUS: The dispositor of our emotional body and heart center finishes her journey through Cancer, bridging Saturn (9/2) and connecting to Mars in a stepping stone (9/4) before entering Leo on 9/6. Leo is the part of our consciousness where we must choose to focus on the blessings that are always present in our lives. It represents the Life Force and heart energy; it’s the perfect place for Venus’ vibration of Love.
Traveling through Leo, Venus makes new cycles with Varuna (9/10) and Vesta (9/22). A wide-angle lens allows us to pull back and see what we can be thankful for even in the face of chaos. The more time devoted to focusing on the blessings and away from negativity, the more Love we can shine into the world. Venus makes great eliminators with Jupiter (9/21), Pluto (9/26) and Chariklo (9/28) as well as manifesting with Eris (9/27). Choices must be made to expand our hearts and allow what is to come without fear, remaining stable and strong in the protection of Love. Love is disruptive to those whose hearts are closed. On 9/28 Venus connects with Saturn and Mars again, this time with a Saturn great eliminator and Mars manifestation. When we choose to claim the rightful authority of the heart, right action is assured.
MARS: Stephanie Azaria has written much about Mars’ journey through Aries as a mythical Hero’s Journey. In his new archetype as the Protector and the co-dispositor of the divine feminine, Mars represents Right Action that is motivated by the heart, not by negative thoughts or emotions. Mars is traveling through his own sign, the sign of Mental Power and Self- realization, where he has dignity and strength. On 7/25 he entered his shadow, kicking off the “departure” of the Hero (which is us) on a new journey of Self-discovery through the power of our capacity to direct our thoughts towards positivity. On the way Mars connected with squares to Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn, and Lightbridges to Arcturus and Haumea. These encounters set the energies and themes in motion, and gave us tools for the journey: wisdom, expanding social awareness, transformation, stability and integrity along with creativity and capacity for scientific breakthrough. On 9/4 Venus meets Mars in a stepping stone, connecting the divine feminine co-dispositors before the next stage of the journey. Here we learn to use the body as a barometer of what the heart truly requires for Love and Right Action to function. When the heart shuts down we feel it in our bodies and can take action to remedy the situation.
It is fitting that on 9/9, the day the 9:9 star gate is open, Mars enters his retrograde at 28 Aries, starting the Initiation phase of the Hero’s Journey. Mars’ retrograde takes the energies within and slows them down so that we pay attention to our physicality and the results of our actions. Infused with downloads of endings and beginnings, we don’t know what’s coming or what to expect. The only way to function at a higher level is to accept what unfolds with an open heart and let it happen, acting only with the combined wisdom of mind, heart and body. This is our initiation. Any attempt to “try” to “understand” will lower our vibration to the level of fear, and we will manifest what we don’t want.
This month, Mars makes another Lightbridge with Haumea (9/23) and a bridge with Mercury (9/24). Walking these bridges is a good way to think about revisions or new solutions to issues we are experiencing. On 9/29 Mars squares Saturn for the 2nd time, a very potent aspect with both planets in their own signs, made even more powerful with Saturn stationing direct. These 2 planets won’t make the same connection again until January 2021—in different signs. We’re getting another chance to take the higher road to a greater vision for our future. The time to act responsibly, with integrity and honesty, is NOW!

Other Planetary Stations

Interestingly, of the 6 planets stationing this month, 4 of them are situated in Capricorn, and all are ending their retrogrades. Their energies are ready for outward expression as we head towards the end of the year.
Although just an asteroid, Pallas has been in the thick of the Capricorn stellium all year. She went retrograde in May just inside of Aquarius, and stations direct on 9/5. Her special kind of divine feminine wisdom will come in handy as she makes her way through Capricorn, conjoining with Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn and leading the way back into Aquarius on 12/7.
Traveling with the Earth Star Chakra, Ixion goes direct on the Galactic Center on 9/10. Ixion represents our collective soul purpose, and that purpose speaks to the soul’s promise to accomplish certain evolutionary milestones. Ixion’s station on the Galactic Center, the Source of everything in our galaxy, ties that promise to the elevation of our consciousness. As we clear ancient karma we can turn our energies to manifesting a new world.
Jupiter has been retrograde since May, and during that time we went within to reevaluate how we connect socially, where we could have applied wisdom but did not, and how we could expand our consciousness to see the Truth in others. In these polarized times it is difficult to see the Truth but we know it’s there. On 9/12 Jupiter ends his retrograde, thriving with Neptune and ready to express the Truth that opposites are functionally complimentary– they work together to create harmony when we can expand our consciousness far enough.
On 9/15, Quaoar, who fosters totally new thought from the depths of mind-heart balance, goes direct after a 5-month-long retrograde. As the 5D octave of Mercury, Quaoar represents our capacity to move outside the confines of the lower mind and old thought patterns, and manifest new paradigms. Quaoar provides an off-ramp to the Chiron/Salacia-MakeMake Lightbridge; new modes of thought make it easier to see and align with the cosmic order that pervades everything.
Saturn completes his retrograde on 9/29 and stations direct at 25 Capricorn for the final leg of his journey through his own sign. Saturn is the inner teacher, the voice of our own authority, steering us towards acting with integrity. For 4 1/2 months we had the opportunity to reevaluate the structure of our lives, and what needed tweaking to strengthen the foundation of our connections with each other, and with what we wanted to achieve. We went within, learning where and how we give away our authority, and now it’s time to reclaim it and put it into action. The lessons are over, and we’re on our way to building a new structure based on authenticity, fairness, accountability, integrity, and Source-driven guidance.  Mars lends his energies in a perfect square to Saturn, emphasizing the importance of Right Action that comes from the heart. It requires work, but is well worth the effort.

Notable Planetary Activities

The Juno Haumea new cycle on 9/9 is notable as it bridges Mars while he stations to go retrograde. There is nothing we can’t create when we realize the unity in all our relationships. On 9/20 Juno enters Scorpio, where she manifests with Ceres and merges with Mercury (9/30) in a new cycle of bringing unity consciousness to our thoughts and communication systems.
We know we’re in transition between the old and new worlds. Ceres retrograding through Pisces reminds us to have faith, trusting that this too will eventually pass, not knowing when or how. On 9/27 Ceres reenters Aquarius, signifying that it’s time to remove any barriers to loving our Selves unconditionally, for Self Love gives us the strength to continue on through murky waters; it help us persevere in bringing Love to the unlimited possibilities that await.

Black Moon

Black Moon spends all her time in Aries this month, communing with Eris (#11) and Mars (#4) before briefly entering Taurus again on 9/7. On 9/9, with Mars stationing, Black Moon goes retrograde, backing into Aries (9/10) and dancing with Mars (9/11) and Eris (9/13) again. There is so much more to learn about the true nature of the Mars archetype; this Truth will shake up what has been believed about masculinity, and physicality in general.
But Lilith isn’t done yet. She has worked extensively with Chiron and Salacia over the past year, and this month she communes with them on 9/20 and 9/21 for the 22nd time. On 9/23 Black Moon goes direct, turning around and dancing with Chiron (9/25) and Salacia (9/26) for the final time, making new cycles of healing and alignment at the emotional, mental and physical levels. The lessons are done. We are now ready for the unveilings and awakenings that will take place when Black Moon meets with Mars, Eris and Uranus in the coming months.
Everyone can feel the ramping up of energies as the polarization increases. It is hard to find neutral ground, and yet that is what we are called on to do. We must keep our energies elevated and centered despite the distractions and swirling emotions if we are to manifest the peaceful world we want to live in. We must take every blessing we can find. Peace and love are not just hippy sentiments; they carry real healing energy. What we focus on grows.
Right now the world feels like a kaleidoscope: turn one way and the pieces shift, turn another, and everything rearranges. Nothing makes sense, and it won’t do to reach for understanding, for the pieces will swiftly alter again. What is helpful is to pull back and take the highest, widest view we are capable of. If we pull back far enough we can see the different pieces of our experience as beautiful patterns that shift and change with every event, every truth revealed, every nuanced thought that brings an awakening.  And it’s all perfect.
Mars’ retrograde teaches us to slow down and feel our way through each day. We can discern truth from lies though our bodies, we can tell when our hearts are closing and we know how to keep them open. That is our task and our initiation. We are called upon to act, but only from an open heart. The universal energies support us, and we have each other on this journey we are undertaking together, as one Spirit.
New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings~~Lao Tzu
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