2016 Sagittarius Full Moon

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 FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Sagittarius Full Moon

Saturday May 21, 2016

4:15pm EDT, 1:15pm PDT, 9:15pm BST

1 Sagittarius14


There’s so much expansion taking place, we get 2 full Moons in Sagittarius this year! These bookend full Moons have a lot to teach. Get ready for some awakening inner and outer travels. This first full Moon in Sagittarius steps up the invitation to live your truth, in the most mundane aspects of your life and the most public. What sacred message wants to come through you? What vision are you committed to living into being?

The fire of this full Moon purifies thoughts and directs actions towards your highest good. With a strong mutable element present, change is a given. What adventure are you feeling into? What expansion is making itself visible?

A free flow of energy within, leads to a free flow without. The Full Moon shines a light on any stuck energy within the body and mind. You can cure restlessness and impatience with the outer world by tending to the energy flow within. Really practically, Sagittarius can be associated with excess so it may be time to clean up the diet and be good to your liver. Physical activity helps move energy and ground you in your body.

A sense of restlessness may be inviting you to shift a belief that isn’t in alignment with your highest truth. What are your beliefs about a current situation you wish to change? Do you believe it can change for the better? Inner awareness expands so you can clearly see emotional reactions coming, especially up around a situation you’ve experienced before. You have the opportunity to pause and consider how you want to engage with it. The option to act from a place of love and courage is there for you.

Full Moons mark a key turning point in the lunar cycle where a flowering takes place; of awareness, emotions, events, etc. Mars retrograde and the Sun form their own full phase aspect as they oppose one another on the 22nd. This is a key turning point in the Mars retrograde cycle, when a soul desire that was perhaps frustrated in the past comes back into the light. Growth often comes by taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. The step back is meant to help you integrate the change that is taking place, even if it doesn’t seem that way. What steps can you take now, drawing on the wisdom gained from experience?

Mars backtracks into Scorpio in a few days. The full Moon is lighting a torch of higher perspective that you get to take with you into the depths. Each time you take a trip to the underworld you have the opportunity to see it in a positive light, knowing that you will re-emerge in a new form with new capacities.

The vital, purposeful Sun is aligned with the sacred fire of Vesta in Gemini. They help you stay focused on your purpose, knowing, as it’s said, that where you direct your attention, your vital force flows. Mars retrograde participating in the full Moon, makes it easy to re-align your actions with your vision and purpose. The full Moon asks you to assimilate and integrate what you’ve learned; to make it personal and to use your knowledge in service to the sacred message you are here to share. Keep it real and keep it close to the heart.

Many blessings on this Full Moon!

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