2016 Taurus New Moon

Stephanie AzariaMoon Report


Thursday May 6, 2016

3:29pm EDT, 12:29pmPDT, 8:29pmBST

16 Taurus 41


The Moon is new a day after the Sun crosses the powerful degree of 15 Taurus. It’s time to take what you’ve recently discovered about yourself and draw that energy within, to fully embody the changes taking place. The New Moon is stabilizing, helping to counteract any overwhelm. Organization occurs as your many responsibilities align in a lovely flow, and you let go of the ones that no longer serve.

The New Moon is very close to Mercury retrograde and making stellar aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde as well. These connections help weed out fear based beliefs from the root, so you can thrive is this life; here and now. These aspects allow for huge leaps forward in manifesting a life of peace on earth, starting with peace within yourself.

Awareness has expanded to encompass your entire journey, from the past, to the present, to the future you wish to create. When fear, anxiety or a limiting belief arises, remember that this is but one part of the vastness of what is. Can you see each limitation as an opportunity to expand your consciousness and hold conflict in love and light?

Since the last New Moon an old wound may have opened, bringing what was unresolved up for healing and release. Loosening and unravelling this stuck energy, you feel it, move it, and heal those wounds. This frees you up for authentic, empowered, and grounded self-expression. The healing may very well come through self-expression. Be open to expressing yourself in new ways. Let yourself play and have fun.

After all the intensity, the Taurus Moon brings new life to your inner being. You may feel drawn to retreat for a bit, but not for long, as growth continues to unfold and relationships facilitate this process. Though the New Moon reminds you how awesomely capable and strong you are on your own, you can’t do everything alone and help abounds; in both seen and unseen forms. I’m often amazed at how the exact support I’m looking for shows up, right on time, not sooner than I know I need it, and not too late. What opportunities do you have to reach out for the support you need? Be receptive and awake and the right help will come. Your intuition and your guides are always right there with you.

This is a very earthy New Moon. What does it feel like to connect with the earth element within? There is no wrong answer here. During a guided meditation recently, sitting outside barefoot, when invited to feel my body filling with light, instead I felt my body filling with rich, dark soil. It felt incredibly grounding. Rooting comes before rising. I was being filled with soil and new roots were growing down, the roots of fresh, new life to come. It’s spring within as well as without.

It’s an especially potent Moon for sound healing, toning, singing and drinking in the silence that follows. It’s also a wonderful time to form relationships with the plant world – through mindful food preparation and eating, through herbal preparations, or by being out in nature. Contact with soil is connected with an improvement in mood and stronger immunity. Evolutionarily speaking, plants are much older than humans. They likely know a lot that we do not and are wonderful allies and guides to reach out to.

Evolution appears to be more of a stripping away of conditioning and adaptations, to uncover and remember who we really are, than a needing to add anything to our already complete wholeness. The New Moon reminds you that every moment is an opportunity to wake up to more of who you really are. Luckily you can’t escape your true nature, no matter how much forgetting has taken place. You are valuable beyond measure, based on who you are, not what you do or what you produce.

The coming together of the Sun and Moon, with Mercury retrograde, supports remembering; remembering your worth and remembering what you already know. Like bubbles that rise to the surface of simmering water, what’s most important will become abundantly clear. If you seek out new information, let it be highly valuable and pertinent to your purpose. In an overly intellectualized world, other ways of knowing have been devalued or forgotten altogether. We are here to reclaim what’s been lost. Awaken all of your senses and enjoy what is present.

~ Blessed New Moon ~

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