2017 Cancer New Moon

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Friday, June 23, 2017

10:30pm EDT, 7:30pm PDT, 3:30am (6/24) GST

2 Cancer 47

Today we bear witness to a Cancer Super New Moon event.  It is a powerful seeding of the heart consciousness contained in original thought from Source within our transformed and transmuted mental operating system.  The higher Mind is being recalibrated to Love as the dial on its operating system that it is locked into.  At 2 Cancer 46 (3 Cancer), the focus is on letting go of all old thoughts and beliefs based on previous experiences in order to perceive from the Observer’s detached perspective of the higher Mind.  From this perspective, there is no emotional “buying in” to what is being felt through the senses via the heart.  When in the Observer’s Perch, everything just IS as it presents itself and is perceived as an evolutionary blessing for expansion of consciousness.  We are being urged to wake up from the illusions of the outer world, as this lays bare the heart, the lotus opening to reveal her splendor.  It is the heart who holds all as equal and one within her nurturing and sustaining womb.

The Moon, the Mother herself, is the dispositor of this Cancer New Moon event.  As such, the full power of the heart found in allowing all feelings to be the divine messengers that they are is up front and center.  We are being asked to right our relationship with feelings from a higher perspective so that they no longer overwhelm us into protective slumber, but rather inform us into awakened awareness of the fullness of our power.  We have invented so many ways to numb our heart’s intelligence.  Now, this intelligence and its true meaning and function in our lives is being transformed from within.  We are awakening to our heart’s intelligence through a restructuring and expanding of our mind.  It is allowing this previously dormant, innate intelligence entrance into our everyday world.  With higher frequency light streaming into our lives from the cosmos by virtue of where we now sit in our galaxy’s rotation around its Sun, the Galactic Center, we now have more light with which to see the truth contained within our previously darker world.  Our “night vision” is turning to “day vision”, allowing greater clarity of sight of all that was always there before us.

Even with Neptune in retrograde, we are awakening to greater perception in order to expand our awareness of all that occurs simultaneously to impact the totality of every “now”moment.  Today’s SuperMoon event is no exception.  This new beginning today carries the seed energies of all that has occurred before it so that we are ready for this next step.  The Cancer New Moon contains the balance point of the Light and Dark from the Solstice whose energies we are still immersed within.  It also contains the energies of the balance point of the Heart and Mind   From a higher perspective, the Sun and Moon, who express the consciousness of the divine within us, have just entered the emotional body together, led by the ruler of the mental body, Mercury.  All 3 rulers within the Divine Masculine (Sun, Moon, Mercury) have entered Cancer consciousness where the emotional power of the Divine Feminine’s heart is contained.  Our spiritual consciousness (Sun and Moon) is at home in the emotional body’s heart, as this is where Spirit lives within us (Moon in Cancer, Sun in Leo).  The rulers of the spiritual and mental bodies have also joined the ruler of the physical body, Mars, in the Cancer consciousness within the emotional body.

Meanwhile, Venus, the ruler of the emotional body as a whole, is sitting in the Taurus field of consciousness where she is at home.  From this position of comfort, she is presiding over what is manifested in our physical world by directing the focus of the mental body as it gives form to her desires.  All of the rulers of our most personal Self are residing within the heart’s consciousness today, gaining resonance as a unified energetic group with her power to birth Spirit into manifested form in our physical world.   The 4 personal parts of our incarnate Self have come home to the heart today.  This is what we are being seeded with to carry forwards towards the Particle Convergence during August’s Eclipse season.

Each of the 4 body rulers of the incarnate Self are having their own unique experience today that is contributing to this whole event package.  The Moon is joined to both the Sun and Mercury, and meeting Mars energetically at her outermost edge of influence with Mars. The Sun and Moon are also making subtle adjustments in their relationships with both Venus and Vesta that will allow us to demonstrate our devotion to being the Light of Love through our gifts, talents, skills, and behaviors.  Together, the Sun and Moon are being upgraded by Chiron’s and MakeMake’s healing and wholing energies into resonance with cosmic and natural laws founded in Love.  They are also integrating original consciousness in the form of original thought emanating from Quaoar joined with Saturn and Ixion.  This original thought is coming directly from Source, who is Love.  The Sun and Moon are becoming aware that our consciousness and our world that we experience are one, reflecting who we choose to be and how we choose to experience our Self.  In essence, our spiritual Self is assuming conscious responsibility for our creations.

Mercury, who is a major contributor in this New Moon event, is unifying the Divine Masculine’s higher Mind today within the heart’s Moon-disposed consciousness.  All three rulers of the unified Divine Masculine (Sun, Moon, Mercury) are united today and reflecting heart consciousness.  Mercury joined to both our conscious and subconscious experience of Self is a big deal, especially because Mercury has been immersed in both of the major Light bridges that have been influencing our evolution for the last several weeks.  Mercury’s mental operating system has been transformed and transmuted by the Light, and is now lending a more enlightened perspective to all that has lain dormant from awareness in our subconscious.  Mercury, along with the Sun and Moon, is also in a subtle adjustment relationship with Vesta, refining its perspective to more clearly reflect a devotion to thinking, believing, and communicating from a perspective of Love.  In addition, Mercury is in a Light bridge with Juno, integrating her unifying higher consciousness for more accurate perspective when relaying information to parts of Self that are perceived as separate or “others”.  With resources from the invisible realm via Orcus, Mercury is stepping up to MakeMake’s higher vibratory resonance where Love is the Law that rules over all in creation.  It is a blessing that Mercury is in a Great Eliminator relationship with the Part of Fortune, eliminating all from the mental operating system that prevents unity consciousness from informing and forming our world.

Venus is joined to Sedna today, opening herself up to all historical records of Love’s evolutionary journey.  She is also stepping up (squaring) the emotional body and heart to the level of Vesta’s devotion to sustaining and nurturing all with the Light of Love.  She is being resourced (sextile) by Neptune’s enlightening subtle, creative, and spiritual energies while manifesting her transformation and rebirth into undistorted reflection of Love’s unity consciousness.  It a game changing day for Venus as she relates and resonates (sesquisquare) with MakeMake’s cosmic and natural laws that are founded in the Law of Love that rules all of creation.  She knows that she can no longer be less than who she is, Love.

Mars is leading the way in this New Moon event’s Cancer stellium.   He is joined with Mercury as both are orbiting out of bounds through the Cancer field of consciousness, traveling though previously uncharted territory within the heart in order to manifest the heart’s Love more accurately as originally intended. Mars is infusing his gut instinct capabilities into the Divine Masculine’s transformation process today, opening us to a subtle adjustment in our consciousness that is taking place within us as he relates (sesquisquare) to Sedna’s historical records of Love. With the assistance of a Light bridge (opposition) that he is forming with the higher consciousness of 5D Juno conjunct Pluto, all in the physical world is suddenly seeing, understanding, and knowing Love’s unifying energy in relationships, allowing for expanded consciousness of the physical through Mar’s stepping up by choice (square) to Jupiter’s influence.  Neptune is lighting the way for Mars (trine) so that Mars can manifest all that he is awakening to in the physical world.  Interestingly, Neptune is connecting in a positive way today with both rulers of the Divine Feminine so that the Divine Feminine’s truth can be seen with greater clarity

The divine midwife, Ceres, is lending her assistance to this Cancer Super New Moon event by steadily birthing the higher consciousness thoughts that resonate with the original thoughts of Source for the formation of the created world to experience Self.  She is in a Light bridge with Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, Ixion, and Quaoar as Quaoar is sitting in direct alignment with the Galactic Center, the Source of our galaxy.  This is occurring on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of consciousness where the unity consciousness of the higher Self triumphs by choice over separating duality as new, original thoughts with a higher frequency resonance are birthed into our higher Mind.  The higher Mind then uses this new perspective to nurture and sustain a unified consciousness as our inner and outer worlds awaken to their Oneness.

The higher Mind is the part of us that allows us the perceptive capacities for conscious awareness of the information coming in at the “Heart” of our Self.  The Heart is the deepest part of ourSelf that contains all energies of our divine, cosmic Self seeking expression in physical form as chosen for evolution of consciousness.  All energies are constantly available to us like colors on an artist’s palate to use at our discretion/choice in order to paint our unique portrait of Self/Source Incarnate.  Through our brush (the physical body), the way we connect with life, whether in form or formless, creates our unique portrait.  As with all art, it will be perceived by all viewers in their own unique way, depending on what they need to receive from their observations of our portrait for their enrichment and growth.  Each of us is an artist’s Self-portrait to be savored for the richness of feeling and perception transmitted from within.

Our nerves, that make up our brain, are what give us the capacity to decode and transmit the sensory feelings from the cosmos of consciousness into experiential expression.  The Heart and Mind are inter-dependent in the incarnate experience of consciousness.  If that is so here on Earth, it is so in some other form of expression when experiencing the cosmos on other planets or in other dimensions of consciousness.

The experience of life incarnate is multi-layered and multi-dimensional in every moment.  It is also a constantly every-changing interplay of energies/frequencies that minutely and profoundly alter the dynamics of the energetic connections that are made with these frequency interactions.  The truth is that there is no “stability” in the experience of life.  The only consistent thing about the experience of life is that it is sustained as an ongoing experience through connection.  It is the “gift” that keeps on giving, and that depends on the quality of the connection.  In turn, the quality of the connection depends on our ability to be present to the “now” moment, aware of all of the contributing parts or factors in an experience.  This increased perceptive awareness of the gifts of the Heart is what has been enlightened in our higher Mind in earnest over the last few days with Mercury’s infusion with the two Light bridges that have been working their magic for the last few weeks.  These Light bridges are helping to bring to fruition the Star of David’s mandated encoding of Wholeness that is presiding over us throughout much of this summer season of the Heart.   This time we live in is serious.  Our time for Wholeness is now, requiring a conscious choice to allow entrance within to the dance of cosmic energies so that they can awaken us to the remembrance of life lived as Love incarnate.

With Love for All……..

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