FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Gemini Full Moon

Sunday, December 3, 2017

10:47am EST, 7:47am PST, 3:47pm GT

11 Gemini 40

The Scorpio New Moon on 18 October gave us the opportunity to delve deeply and experience our reactions (3D) and responses (5D) to occurrences in our lives through the mechanism of emotion.  It is worth reminding ourselves that whether a Full Moon or a New Moon, we are only seeing half of the picture. The other side of the New Moon that we do not see is facing the Sun. During a Full Moon, the side of Moon we do not see is in the dark.

This brings to mind the familiar Yin/Yang symbol, which is a reminder that for every New Moon there is a Full Moon on its way and vise versa.


It is no accident that the best time to plant a seed is during the New Moon. While the Moon appears barren she also governs growth cycles in agriculture. Because the Moon changes signs about every 2.5 days, we had the opportunity to nurture what we planted using the qualities of consciousness of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, and Pisces before we got to the this Gemini Full Moon. So what grew for you from the Scorpio New Moon to this Gemini Full Moon?
Balance is occurring whether we are conscious of it or not. Light and dark follow each other—we know this tangibly because we physically experience night and day, birth and death. A Gemini Full Moon provides us with the clarity to see this duality for what it is—a natural part of life on Earth. This particular Full Moon is considered a Super Moon—meaning that if you can see the Moon, it will appear larger than usual.  If you can’t see the Moon it will feel larger than usual. This is the only Super Full Moon of 2017, which adds to its potency.
Let’s look at the Gemini experience. The 5D Gemini quality of consciousness functions like a beautifully cut diamond. As such, our thoughts and communications no longer reflect just the experience of duality. We have the opportunity to perceive our Selves as a whole, living in a world physically defined by dualities and structured by differences.
When we tap into our own Gemini Diamond Mind something special happens. We can move from the 3D -- just look at the black and white of the Ying/Yang symbol -- to the 5D experience of perceiving as many facets of duality that we can hold at any one time. Each time we look at a situation, we can choose to see something else.  Once we see something in a new way, it is hard to go back to our previous notion. A Gemini perspective on the Yin/Yang Symbol might look like this:


Our Full Moon experience will feel amplified for several reasons. First, the Gemini Super Full Moon is disposed by Mercury, and Mercury is stationing today at 29 Sagittarius and is conjunct the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is a black hole at the center of our own galaxy and it is the Source of all we experience. It is the point where we collectively and individually can connect to our Highest Self.
The Sagittarius quality of consciousness provides us with the wisdom, courage, and energy to clear out all beliefs and prejudices that do not serve us individually and collectively at this time. Mercury -- the way we think and communicate – on December 3 is in the first of three conjunctions with Saturn -- the structure and authority we create.  On December 6 Mercury will again conjoin with Saturn, again on the world axis, reminding us of the ideas and communications that we paid attention to on December 3.
Quaoar -- which opens the door for new thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs -- is also conjunct Mercury and Saturn on December 3. Mercury will come very close to an exact conjunction with Quaoar, but refrain. This pulling back from an exact conjunction gives us time to absorb the impact that a new way of thinking can have on us. Mercury’s next conjunction with Quaoar will be in January 2018.
The Mercury-Saturn-Quaoar conjunctions provide the inspiration to let in a new vision of what we want to experience next. We can change our mind, our ideas, and any thought patterns seem unchangeable. The more we look at the way we each perceive our experiences, the more we will recognize that there is something new in our lives, our social spaces, and what we as a collective whole are experiencing.
This is why, on December 1 Stephanie Azaria wrote that this set of conjunctions is the trigger for  “the watershed moment that will ultimately redefine the world as we know it, and it is the reason each and everyone of us are here at this time.”  The confidence and authority to make the new visions part of our daily experience will be come with the last set of conjunctions with Mercury, Saturn, and Quaoar on January 3, 2018, when all three planets come together at 1 Capricorn.
Second, Sagittarius and Gemini are both wisdom signs in cosmic consciousness, and as such provide the opportunity and perspective to make real changes.  It can feel a bit Shiva-esque, when things are changing seemingly without our control.  


Mt. Agung, Bali, Indonesia, November 28, 2017.


Third, the Gemini Super Full Moon emphasizes and expands the importance of these conjunctions into providing unlimited possibilities for personal and collective growth.
Here is the gift: The Gemini Super Full Moon can reveal crucial information for our own growth if we allow it to do so. It really doesn’t matter how much or little is revealed at this time. What counts is that we pay attention to the information in whatever form it takes.
There are several other important aspects at play. Ceres, the great midwife, conjunct with the Soul Star at 18 Leo, is providing assistance in accessing what this Full Moon offers. As well, the Light Bridge linking Uranus/Eris/Juno with Mars/Haumea is active and ready for our use to gain the observer’s perspective on our lives.
This Light Bridge is so important, because as we imagine it in our mind’s eye, our ability to see is expanded -- like having super peripheral vision--to see both ends of the bridge at once.  Let’s look at the Mars/Haumea part of the bridge, where the physical reality of our individual experience is infused by the realization that we share a unity consciousness. The Uranus/Eris/Juno part ensures that the need for change incorporating Divine Feminine wisdom is recognized and paid attention too.
We have seen this come out lately in the #Me Too movement in 3D. In 5D this calling out becomes the recognition of collective shared experience, which is needed for a shift in consciousness.
On December 3 Mars and Haumea start to move apart from their conjunction, which means this particular infusion of unity consciousness into our physical experience is complete. The actions that were initiated during this conjunction made a difference and a new cycle.
Remember that we can use the brightness of the Gemini Super Full Moon to also change how we use our minds. Gemini gives us the opportunity to see duality for what it is -- not a “this over that” -- but rather the differentiation that makes life so interesting and Love so meaningful here on Earth.
Using the information gleaned through this Full Moon passage, we are asked to tap into our Higher Minds to “walk the talk” using the five human values of Love, Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, and Non-Violence.  We can use the energy of this Full Moon to see how our minds serve us, instead of allowing the mind to be the master.
Please read Stephanie’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up Shelly Leal’s description for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this new Moon.  


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