2017 Scorpio New Moon

Vivian Small Moon Report







November 18, 2017

6:42 am EST. 3:42am PST, 11:42am GT

26 Scorpio 19

The new Moon at 27 Scorpio) occurs right as the morning is becoming light here on the eastern coast of the United States, we’ve taken our rest and the day is starting. 



Regardless of what time the new Moon occurs for you, this is a potent one as only a Scorpio moon can deliver. Because the moon experience is so deeply personal to us all, as one of the spiritual lights that make our individual and collective consciousness possible on earth (the other being the Sun), a Scorpio Moon can feel intense, or we can experience events that seem intense.  Let’s look at why this might be so. 
 The Moon shapes how we experience and respond to emotions. A Scorpio Moon in any phase can feel extraordinary because it allows for the possibility to experience emotion at levels or dimensionally that you may have never gone to before, on your own, seemingly without an external assist.  It can feel like you have arrived as stranger in a strange land and are seeing things that are totally new and are experiencing things that feel familiar.  
The Scorpio quality of consciousness allows us to have a richly textured experience of emotion (energy in motion), and how we allow this flow to occur shapes the feelings we have. It can feel very 3D and yet also 5D at the same time. Scorpio’s purpose is to provide the means and mechanism having this experience, and through it, transform these feelings into new understanding about yourself, your life experience, and the other souls you encounter.  And as this mechanism does its work, something new manifests.  It may seem like it nothing is happening, but something always is, as the Scorpio quality of consciousness is fundamentally that of love. As Christine Clemmer described in her Cosmic Consciousness weekly essay for 23-26 October 2017:
“Wherever there is Love – the measurable frequency of Universal Energy – there is peace, abundance, sustainability, expansion, and new possibilities.  When we experience Love, there is a physical chemical response in our cellular bodies that produces a magical quality of energy that energizes, inspires, nourishes, and ignites potential.” https://thecosmicpath.love/cosmic-consciousness-weekly/cosmic-consciousness-weekly-104/#more-64638
Scorpio asks us to make the ultimate sacrifice, for our consciousness, which is to accept responsibility for our own vision, and by doing so, we find it transforms through an intensely creative and personal process.
 Let’s explore this a bit more–behold these two images: 


La Brea Tar pits, Los Angeles, California




Spring on Panther Meadow, on Mount Shasta, California



Both pools are fed by a wellspring of energized liquid that pushes up and outward. The mechanism through which emotion rises in us is like a pool of unimaginable depth, fed by hidden springs (our higher consciousness).  Whether we identify emotions as residing in the subconscious or if we identify them through feelings experienced through our conscious mind, the pool remains the same, unless there is purposeful expansion. The wellspring is the same.  Note the bubbles rise and dissipate immediately in both pools-and they keep coming!
The opportunity of the Scorpio new Moon is we can acknowledge this process and deliberately just allow it to occur and watch it, by mustering up tenderness. It all happens in the dark of the moon.  For instance, as we go to sleep at night we enter a state of trust with ourselves that allows us to surrender to the sleep-state.  Most of the time this happens effortlessly. 
The new Moon happens is in a manifesting relationship with Chiron at 25 Pisces.  In this case, Chiron may shepherd in feelings of escapism, doubt, and holding on to the past, as these are misqualified energies that can occur for a Scorpio Moon in relationship to Pisces energy. We can transmute these by remembering that the Moon, ruled by Cancer, also stands for nurturing and taking charge of our own emotional security.
If feelings come up, let them. Chiron is the archetype of master healer teacher, that part of ourselves that helps bring forward our deepest wounds and then facilitates the energies of our consciousness for a complete healing, and beyond this, wholling. The wholling is the connection between you have learned (5d) and how to apply it (3d). This means that whatever comes up for you during this new Moon phase can be completed and does not need to be repeated.
Also influencing the Moon is Uranus at 26 Aries in an inconjunct relationship, where an unexpected turn or new way forward can show up, seemingly out of nowhere, like a spark lighting up a dark room, and a choice is possible.  This is a great assist to know about, especially if the feelings that come up or experiences you perceive are uncomfortable 
Another assist comes from Haumea, at 25 Libra, in an intimate relationship with the Moon, providing the reassurance that whatever happens during this Moon phase will add to your experience of unity consciousness. This means that what you experience can manifest as a real change, particularly regarding your capacity to view your feelings objectively.


Whatever comes up, it is likely the experience is layered with deep memories, allowing one to recall feelings from infanthood and connect them to deep history on Earth despite no apparent 3d connection.  But there is one, always, or we would not have the experience.
This is the influence of Sedna, master memory keeper, at 27 Taurus (as in the Tree of Life). If you have such experiences — of the personal connected to the universal — experience, take note of what you perceive, no matter how strange it may feel or outlandishly imaginative it may seem. It is for you alone, and the Scorpio Moon energy again allows you to go places you have not been before and see the connections. You can accept or reject them, but they are all for you.
The bridge with Sedna is the big event for this new Moon.  It is a wide and beautiful bridge, with either side starting from a deeply feminine energy, the Moon to Sedna, who represents the most expansive idea of the Divine Feminine that we can conjure, in Taurus (led by Venus). Take a look at this picture, as it reflects a little of the beauty of Sedna in Taurus, and is a great way to greet this opportunity for transformation through this Scorpio new Moon.

If we just let the experiences come to us today, we will find that this bridge is fully, illuminating the roots of our feelings, allowing us to see them, treasure them for just being there.  And all this is happening “in the dark of the new Moon.”  What we discover will start to sprout and develop to the next full Moon on December 3, in Gemini.  


Please have a look at Shelly Leal’s Cosmic Consciousness monthly column for November for clear descriptions of all the aspects occurring for this new Moon. This piece delves more into the mechanisms at work for this very special, magical new Moon, which provides us with the opportunity to do a deep dive, experience and witness the depth and touch lineage of our emotions, and by doing so, set ourselves free.

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