2018 Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Aquarius New Moon/ Solar Eclipse

Thursday February 15, 2018

4:06pm ET, 1:06pm PT, 6:06pm GT

 27 Aquarius 08

That Leo Super Blue Moon and solar eclipse on January 31 really gave us a blast of Light energy, softening some of the edginess of being in a wormhole. I am not using the words “travelling through a wormhole” , but instead saying: “being in” a wormhole. This is because when all moorings are cut loose, there is no sense of direction, space, or time. The wormhole began with the Capricorn New Moon on January 16th and will end on March 17 with a Pisces New Moon. We need to keep remembering that a wormhole is a natural, normal process, astonishing as that may seem at first. A wormhole is the experience that encompasses a full eclipse cycle, which starts on a new moon and ends on a new moon. Stephanie Azaria describes each eclipse as a “sideways elevator,” which is a vehicle that moves us in an unexpected direction, so that instead of the anticipated up and down, we could easily find our Selves moving sideways, diagonally, spiral, flying randomly around, or just staying still, or…

While there may be experiences of disorientation when an eclipse happens inside a wormhole, how that experience feels is completely up to each of us, in the moment. It is just as significant to feel untethered as it is to feel settled with our feet on the ground.

Chloe Kim of the United States warms up priior to the Women's Halfpipe Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

A new moon is always the point of new beginning.  A “beginning” implies a single point from which the beginning emanates. In a wormhole it can feel like we lose perspective of points in time, though the 3D reality still governs our days with a clock and specific intervals of hours, minutes, and seconds. “Being in” this wormhole takes us out of our comfort zones (feeling moored in time and space) and presents us with the opportunity to respond differently.  Not just differently, but with a entirely new origin point (I did not say “from a new point of origin). That is what becomes possible with the awakening of the Divine Feminine. We have the option to re-do the old “rules for response and behavior.” This wormhole is a birthing process, delivering us to entirely new conscious perspectives.
The Aquarian quality of consciousness is all about stepping out of structures, rules, boundaries, and taking down shields or walls. With Aquarius, we have the opportunity to allow any barriers that seem insurmountable within ourselves to just melt away. There is a clean, pure, and dedicated method for doing this, which is to Love ourselves unconditionally, no matter what judgments we may have. Does it sound easy? It is.
But we must be willing to look in the mirror and say “I Love you” to ourselves, and it must be genuine to be believed. There is an extra boost to this New Moon because Uranus governs Aquarius. At 25 Aries, Uranus is in a resource with this New Moon, providing an extra charge to the eclipse. We cannot know what, how, where, when, or with whom that extra energy is until it happens. But we will have a Lightening flash moment of how get to the experience of Love for ourselves. Like all Lightning, we will not know where that flash will come until it appears.!

What does this mean?  We may feel resistance to something, or rebel against or reject something, or that there is too much to do, or that there is just too much going on in our minds, and there is no way to touch spirit. These are the feelings that set us up for that flash of Uranian awareness that comes and goes in an instant. Mercury (the way we think and communicate) and Juno (our relationship to unity consciousness) are both conjunct the New Moon at 26 Aquarius.
Once we get the flash message, no matter what it is, we then have information we can work with. The information is the location of the sticking point that seems to prevent us from relaxing into ourselves and feeling peaceful, balanced, and loving. If the sticky issue seems to come from another person, know that person is a conduit for sending us a message (from self to SELF if you will). The message is not that we are like that person, or their behavior, but that something about them is bothering us. The message is: stop, take a breath, read me, and then respond.”  Just doing this can change a situation in a moment. Because we have changed the way we took in the information, internalized it without it being a threat, and then communicated it outward in a way that feels clean.

Also working to amplify this New Moon is a stepping stone to Sedna (holder of all Divine Feminine energies in our consciousness) at 26 Taurus.  A stepping stone provides the kinetic movement for two energies to interact.  The Moon is our Divine Feminine identity, just as the Sun represents the Divine Masculine identity within each of us. Because of the partial solar eclipse, how we identify with the Divine Feminine and our memories of the Feminine in all possible forms with be more accessible to us.  We can use the New Moon Aquarian energy to expand our definitions of Divine Feminine and how this relates to the Divine Masculine as well. In short, to achieve balance there needs to be a central point (the fulcrum), where balance is achieved. As we repeatedly find this balance point within with our Divine Feminine and Masculine Selves, we will find this balance materializing in the outer world.
Haumea at 26 Libra (the creative force of rebirth into wholeness) and the fixed star Arcturus 25 Libra (activating the wholing process) are also in a resource with the New Moon. This resource provides the access to creative energy needed to support that balance point we find within. And, just to add some extra emphasis, the Light Bridge is still going strong between Uranus (the great Awakener) and Eris (the inner Awakener) and Haumea and Arcturus. Sitting on the Light bridge puts us into the observer’s perch. Don’t be surprised if suddenly you can see more than one internal balance point within yourself!
Further, Sedna is in a resource with Chiron at 26 Pisces (our own inner master, healer, teacher) and in a Finger of God pointing at the Haumea/Arcturus conjunction. A Finger of God points to the choice that is always there to release a past hurt by recognizing it, healing it, and allowing that experience to inform a new approach so that pain is transformed into wholeness.  To do this we recognize that no matter how much someone may try to help us, the only one who can take a healing into a “wholing” is ourselves, individually.  Ixion, representing our Soul’s purpose, is on the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius, intensifying this entire New Moon experience.
No matter where the New Moon sideways elevator takes us, when we sit in the observer’s perch we remember that we want to be here on Earth, having these experiences, of Love and ambivalence, peace and conflict, duality and oneness, confusion and clarity, Light and darkness…and so on.
It behooves us to remember that the Aquarian quality of consciousness is also one that can really Lighten things up with a wacky idea, as well as a forward-thinking vision. Who could have imagined that the vision cooked up in 1981 in the film Heavy Metal (see this clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWMPe3wF9jQ).  would be manifested by Elon Musk and his Space X Falcon Heavy team on February 6, 2018.  Enjoy the New Moon eclipse and whatever new beginning comes to you!


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up column, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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