2018 Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Saturday, August 11, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse

5:58am EDT, 2:58am PDT, 10:58am GT

18 Leo 42

This is the last eclipse of the current wormhole passage. Following on the heels of the Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse at 5 Aquarius on 27 July, this New Moon/Solar eclipse can be considered a completion point. This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, as a New Moon generally is seen as a new beginning with the completion occurring at the next Full Moon. We are still moving through the wormhole and our perceptions of time/space may be more than a little distorted. For this New Moon, rest assured, there is a new beginning AND a sideways elevator taking place within the context of the three-eclipse cycle of the current wormhole. Take a deep breath and read that sentence again. This is also the last of the three eclipses contained within this worm hole journey, and in that sense it is also a completion.

Eclipses are well-known and normal astronomical events that occur in predictable patterns. Each eclipse produces a sideways elevator that presents an opportunity to allow our conscious awareness to be moved to a new place. A lunar eclipse “reboots” our emotional body and how we respond to ourselves, others, and events in our lives. The recent Aquarian Full Moon/lunar eclipse event had a sideways elevator that may have taken us to emotional places that were unexpected, and without exception, each of us was asked to open emotionally in very new ways.

This Full Moon/solar eclipse in Leo is a reboot of our overall consciousness. In other words, the parts of ourselves that we are already conscious of together with the parts that we do not yet comprehend, ALL OF IT is being rebooted. A solar eclipse is very much like turning a computer off and then instantly turning it back on. The programs you had open may be the same, but the energy is different, BECAUSE it’s been turned off and on again. It’s important to make use of your conscious awareness to realize what has shifted. Because we are still in the wormhole passage, chances are it will take until the eclipse period is completed on September 9 until we sense just what has changed. Maybe we understand someone better, or we feel differently about something that occurred since the Full Moon, or that occurred at another point in our lives.

Bursting Sun, painting by Jason Cianelli.
The Full Moon/solar eclipse is at 18 Leo 41 (19 Leo) and puts the Leo quality of consciousness front and center. We have the opportunity to recognize everything that we are most heartfelt about, and everything we are grateful for. We might also feel the absence of these things, acutely. It all depends on where we place our consciousness. Mercury (the way we communicate) retrograde at 15 Leo and Pallas Athena (our inner wisdom) at 17 Leo participate in this eclipse/new Moon event, and can really assist us in recognizing that everything in our lives, no matter how wonderful or uncomfortable, is occurring for a reason. The outlook we have on the world is central to how we experience and respond to events in our lives. Either they happen to us, or they happen for us. The latter stance illuminates emotional responses that are positive and affects everyone whose life we touch in a similar way.  
The Lion’s Gate, which gives us access to multidimensional consciousness, culminated on August 8th, and included a Sun/Mercury new cycle. Using the Mercury retrograde to examine how we speak to ourselves, gives us an opportunity to redirect negative thought patterns. Mercury is also in a stepping stone (square) to Jupiter (where we experience our consciousness in relation to the world) at 14 Scorpio, providing great wisdom and depth to positive self-examination.  This is particularly poignant because this is the second of three Mercury/Jupiter stepping stones at the Lion’s Gate point. This stepping stone also provides access to the ongoing grand manifestation (formerly grand trine), between Jupiter, Neptune (where we experience enlightenment) at 15 Pisces retrograde and the fixed star Sirus (where we can access the consciousness of the ascended Masters) at 14 Cancer. This easy flow of expanded enlightening energies is what it seems—an opportunity to lighten our load by dropping any thought form and negative self-talk.
Venus (our heart center and where we activate love) at 3 Libra is in a new cycle  (conjunction) with MakeMake (where we access awareness of the universal law of Love) at 4 Libra. This new cycle is very significant during the New Moon, because while our own consciousness “goes dark” (the eclipse reboot), we have the opportunity to really experience the trifold flame that is in our heart chakras. We do this by simply visualizing this flame. The blaze of our own individual consciousness can make this flame of power love, and wisdom hard to discern. The New Moon/solar eclipse is an unusual chance to feel this part of ourselves.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, had a starring role during the Full Moon in Aquarius, and since then he has gone retrograde at 2 Taurus. This gives us a chance to listen to how we feel about the lightening flash events that occurred between the Full Moon and now. This  is generally a private experience, and whatever insights we gain will stick with us.
Finally, Mars (where we tap into our energy to make things happen) will be at 0 Aquarius during the New Moon solar eclipse. This is degree is the same as when Donald Trump was elected. Whatever you may feel about America right now, this is a moment to remember that a solar eclipse consciousness reboot is a global event that happens to everyone, everywhere. Leo and Aquarius are in a polarity relationship with each other. This polarity is a consciousness bridge that we can jump up onto anytime to gain objectivity. The Sun is the most powerful object in our SOULar system. Remember, Leo is all about recognizing our heartfelt feelings, letting them shine forward and outward, and being grateful for the lives we have right now. These feelings have nobility, strength, and generate the good feelings necessary for positive self-motivation. Our outlook and attitude have a tremendous impact on the world, because, in truth, they create the world we experience and make it feel real.  Use the reboot to shift your outlook on yourself and the outside world.  John Lennon may have said it best with his song, “Instant Karma”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H0UUWcXxfU

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon. If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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