2018 Libra Full Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Libra Full Moon

Saturday, March 31, 2018

8:38am EDT, 5:38am PDT, 12:38pm GT

 10 Libra 45

By now we are all coming to terms with the two-month journey we took in a wormhole, from 16 January through 17 March. We have had just about two weeks to survey the landscape and locate our bearings.  The Pisces New Moon on 17 March put us in a very wide a consciousness field. Chiron, the Master Healer Teacher at 29 Pisces is actively present to guide us as we find our way, offering us all the assists we need to recall our wholeness.  The Libra Full Moon now puts us squarely in front of “the Other, “ providing the opportunity to see how our wholeness is reflected back to us at this point in time.

With Chiron so present it is vitally important to remember that 29 Pisces is a degree of mastery, and we show our mastery every minute through our responses to what arises in our lives.  Some of it may not feel so great, as 29 Pisces puts in front of us the fullness of the human condition and challenges us to accept it all.  As our escort, Chiron always represents the inner rainbow bridge, where we can make the journey from our lower selves to our higher Selves. There is no better way to undertake this process than through the Libra quality of consciousness, where we realize that every relationship we have with the world “out there” is but a reflection of our own relationship with ourselves.

Moon over wind turbine clean energy windmills, Altamont Pass, Alameda County, California

In Cosmic Consciousness, the element associated with Libra is the wind, which is a source of energy for power, and Libra is also part of the power element of the tri-fold flame of the high heart chakra.  Film directors all over the world have long used wind to depict change, and the Libra Full Moon provides an opportunity to look at the mirrored self from the perspective of wholeness.  Change is always happening, all the time, because everything we perceive is comprised of energy, and energy is always in movement. All physical forms that seem solid to our eyes are in constant movement but are seemingly held in place through the belief structures we hold individually and collectively.
The Libra Full Moon illuminates what our beliefs look like and gives us the opportunity to observe how we feel about them, without passing judgment.  If we find ourselves recoiling at all, it might help to remember that Libra also represents the most objective judgment-free zone part of our consciousness.  We don’t always like what we see or hear, but it is so much easier to accept it all when we tap into the Libra part of our consciousness, where the fundamental motivation for reflection is to have the experience of Love.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Walt Disney Pictures, 2017
Mercury is retrograde at 13 Aries and is conjunct the Sun at 11 Aries, and is part of the bridge (opposition) that a Full Moon always creates.  During its retrograde cycle, Mercury (ruler of our mental body) gives us the opportunity to revisit and revise, and Aries provides the spark of inspiration, awakening us to just how we want to do this. We can take whatever we see in the mirror and revise our position on it from the perspective of wholeness. In the photo above, from the film  “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the character Rey wants to know the truth about her lineage and who she is.
She challenges herself to stand in front of a dark mirror to gain this knowledge, and finds, mirrored back, only herself.  Unlike other depictions of a mirrored self, Rey finds there is a delayed response when she moves her hand or snaps her fingers. In that delayed response is the moment of choice, where we can ask our selves “how do I want to perceive this feeling, person, event, circumstance, or object?”  We can, in that nanosecond delay, realize that we have a choice in how we want to respond.
All week we have felt the energies building around the stepping stone (square) between the Sun/Mercury in Aries and the new cycle (conjunction) of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. This stepping stone also forms an intersection (formerly a T-square) with the Moon-Sun bridge that provides us with the full blown consciousness of the mirrored Self, plus the additional path that features a new kind of authority (Saturn) around our physicality (Mars). With conscious presence, we can choose to shift, or altar, (raise our perception) about how we see the Other in relation to our Selves.  This is a moment not to be missed, because we now know we are no longer separate, but whole, and that life is all about the eternal process of recognizing and embracing the duality that is ever present on Earth.
The transformative powers of Pluto at 21 Capricorn are also with us, also serving in an intersection with the Light Bridge between Eris at 23 Aries (our inner awakener) and Haumea (our experience of Oneness).  The Capricorn and Aries qualities of consciousness also are power signs, as is Libra, and of course Cancer, which completes the quartet and disposes the Moon.  Make no mistake; this is one of the most potent Full Moons we can access if we want to make changes that feel fully empowered in how we relate to the Other.
Further, Jupiter at 23 Scorpio retrograde is in a resource (sextile) to Pluto at 21 Capricorn, which amplifies the transformational qualities of the intersection. This resource also expands the resonances between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter that will be occurring for the next two years and will deliver us to the new order with a conjunction of all three planets in 2020.
While there is plenty of drama going on in the world, we truly can use this Full Moon to take an objective look at it all from the perspective of the Higher Self.  This is where we remember that everything we experience is the Divine Drama of Duality.  From a Cosmic Consciousness perspective, Libra’s ruler Sedna is the archetype of the Divine Feminine remembered in everything. Sedna holds all the memories and records of consciousness in our Solar System. We tap into these memories when we use the observer’s perspective to see ourselves as we interact with everything (e.g. the perceived Other).

Painting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa, New Mexico
The observer’s perspective takes us back to Love, because, when seen with a dispassionate eye, we gain compassion for the Other and ourselves.  We all play our part in the Drama, and using this Full Moon to boost our use of the observer’s perspective will transform how we manifest through our emotions the world we want to be in.


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com

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