FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Virgo Full Moon

Thursday, March 1, 2018

7:52pm ET, 4:52pm PT, 12:52am (3/2) GT

11 Virgo 23

We have reached the final Full Moon of this wormhole, which began on January 16.  We have had three Full Moons in this wormhole, which is a lot of manifestation.  Remember that each Full Moon brings forth the fruition of the seed actions we started with the New Moon. The last New Moon was an eclipse that took us on another sideways elevator ride, and this Virgo Full Moon promises to reveal a bit of what that ride was all about. More of the purpose of what we find now will become clearer once we are out of the wormhole, on March 17. There is so much more to come.

No matter what has happened to us inside this wormhole, we are here, we are still thriving, and we are able to make use of the Moon’s energies to help us.  I make this statement because I believe that anyone reading this blog about the Full Moon can step up onto it with the mind’s eye to access the observer’s perspective. From there, we can see that no matter what is going on in our day to day lives, we are always thriving.
The Moon is part of our collective experience and is also incredibly personal, because the Moon represents how we experience emotion. The Moon governs all cycles on Earth, and a Virgo Full Moon is quite special, because it makes possible the integration of spirit, mind, emotion, with the physical experience.

Photo by “Moonrise Over The Sand Dunes.” Morro Bay, California
Virgo is disposed by Chiron, the archetype of the master healer teacher. Chiron helps us locate where we feel less than, hurt, or wounded. This is where we can feel stress.  It is place we usually do not care to visit often, because how to address this core belief of “less than” can seem elusive, and the steps needed to heal it repetitive.  Once addressed in one context it tends to pop up again somewhere else.  This is precisely its purpose, to take us to that place where we do not know what to do and at some point, surrender, so that a new strategy can emerge. Chiron empowers us to find our own inner master healer teacher and never leaves us dangling in space without guiding us to a way to identify and transform our pain.
The core function of Virgo is to make alignment possible, and that is a repetitive process as we move through this Earth journey. Once we awaken to this realignment process occurring within ourselves, we move beyond healing and into ‘wholing’. The amazing thing about “becoming whole” is the realization that we were born whole and always remain so, no matter what happens!  Living on Earth requires learning that we must maintain a never-ending process of ‘wholing’, because we are continuously changing. A Virgo Full Moon inside a wormhole is the best time to recognize any issue that has eluded us while it was hidden in plain view.
The Full Moon energy can reveal our beliefs about our core issues.  It can light up a core issue by showing us the patterns it creates in our lives from the observer’s perspective. And that detached, nonjudgmental perspective leads us to the decision to bring our thoughts, feelings, and actions into balance, however it may happen. Just wanting this balance can help build Self-worth. There is also a strong element of Grace to this Full Moon, as it is has just formed a new cycle with Orcus at 9 Virgo. Orcus represents our Immortal Self. Grace is the compassion that comes with realizing we are more than the 3D experiences we have, and that we are constantly surrounded by Love and support.
The yellow moon is pressed
against the dark sky,
waiting for an easy death
at dawn.
The Goddess of Compassion
Loves to find
Our tender places
And press them to her light heart
Used with permission from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems, by Judith Whitman-Small. Ashland Hills Press, 2012. Ashland Oregon.


Painting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa,  New Mexico
There is also a Light Bridge between the Full Moon at 11 Virgo with Orcus at 9 Virgo bridging with the Sun at 11 Pisces in a new cycle (conjunction) with Neptune  at 13 Pisces (our capacity for unlimited vision). This Light Bridge is an opportunity to open the doors of our perception because a Sun Neptune connection in Pisces can easily burn off the fog of illusion surrounding any issue we are looking at. It also unleashes our inner guidance about the issues that may have come forward during the wormhole to date (remember it is not over yet!).
This Sun / Neptune dynamic is strengthened by Mercury at 22 Pisces, Venus at 23 Pisces, and Chiron at 27 Pisces, all in a stellium and working together.  Venus and Mercury are getting ready to start a new cycle (conjunction) after the Full Moon event. This represents a coming together of the mental body (Mercury) and the emotional body (Venus), to bring us to new horizons regarding the male/female balance we have achieved.

Painting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa,  New MexicoPainting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa,  New Mexico

Painting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa,  New Mexico
Further, Makemake at 4 Libra is in an ongoing three part stepping stone with Saturn at 7 Capricorn. MakeMake represents Divine Law that we recognize as having universal truth and applicability, even if we can’t fully describe it yet. Saturn, represents how we respond to authority—our own and others, and how we respond to rules, laws, and social structures that we accept from our home up through the highest levels of government. This indicates an opportunity to demand more from government and the rule of law. The new 5D  planet Albion is at 4 Taurus 45 in a Great Eliminator with MakeMake, indicating that alternative ways of perceiving, listening, and hearing are available. This gives us a boost in terms of imagining what we want the near future to look like for ourselves now and for the generations to come.

Painting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa,  New Mexico
With this Virgo Full Moon we can give each other and ourselves the benefit of forgiveness and compassion, while using the wormhole energies to learn how we hide our core issues and beliefs in plain sight. Only we ourselves have control over these, and the Chironic energies of alignment and wholing provide the impetus to make changes. Transforming self-healing into a practice of wholing is what we are here for because this process generates unconditional Love, The wormhole has a few more weeks, and it’s important to make good use of the rest of the journey!
Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  

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