2020 Taurus New Moon

Vivian Small Moon Report


22 April 2020

New Moon 3 Taurus 24

10:26 pm EDT

The Full Moon in Libra gave us a clear view of where we stand with our true feelings about the human collective. Sitting in our homes and using social distancing, the tendency may be to not identify with those suffering the most with COVID-19 or those doing the most to keep us all safe. There may have been feelings alike: “that’s them,” “that’s how they are dealing with the situation” and “glad that is not me.” Sustaining the drama gripping us all is wearing on the human spirit, and we are all far more resilient as a group rather than as individuals. Libra shows us where we really are with seeing the other as precious as ourselves in the mirror. The Libra part of our consciousness is also where we gain discernment by using the observer’s perch. We learn here that if something comes and goes, then it is not the eternal Awareness, Love, or Truth.
Libra and Taurus used to be connected through Venus as their shared archetypical dispositor; and in the Cosmic Consciousness system, Sedna is now the dispositor of Libra. While the disposition has changed there is still an energic link between these two parts of our Consciousness. Libra is where we discover the Other while we open ourselves to the knowledge that we are the co-creator of everything we experience, whether we are aware of it or not. Taurus is where we experience ourselves as a presence, and in doing so find our inner voice, and learn how to trust it as authentic and true.
Image by 【微博/微信】愚木混株 Instagramcdd20 used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/creativity-imagination-fantasy-4913216/
The New Moon is at 3 Taurus and its dispositor, Venus, is at 15 Gemini. Gemini is disposed by Mercury, which is at 21 Aries. This Moon provides an opportunity to communicate our most heartfelt feelings about our current experience and our longing for new inspiration. There is a lot of fear generated with the reporting on COVID-19 and many unanswered questions that can cause confusion. The Taurus part of our consciousness is where, by tuning into our inner guidance, we acknowledge and nurture new ideas and gain a sense of strength as we do so. The symbol for Taurus is the tree of life, and we all feel a sense of stability and comfort when we see a beautiful tree that has weathered the decades.
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The New Moon is conjunct Uranus (where we wake up) at 6 Taurus, which points to a real wake-up call that will present itself—if we aren’t able to hear it internally, we will certainly see it externally. The secret is to draw from the understanding we gained from the Libra Full Moon. What we see and experience as external has some level of agreement and co-creation from us collectively or it would not be happening. On Earth, we are always working with the mirrored Self. So, whatever comes up for us, we need to respond to it, knowing it is what must happen at that moment. Our choice is whether we react in blind fear or in an open, loving response, e.g. ok, this is happening, now how can I work with this energy. The archetypical tool of Uranus’ is the lightning flash; this energy can provide a burst of illumination or burn something. It brings to mind the use of sacred fire.
Image by Robert Jones used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/sky-tree-darkness-evening-nature-2401268/
The Moon is in intimacy with Vesta (where we find devotion) at 13 Gemini, and we will be reminded that our allegiance to what we love can be renewed and revitalized at this time. The Moon is also in resource with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node of the Moon, where we meet our dharma) at 1 Cancer. We may feel more clarity about the future and our role in nurturing the highest, most positive vision we can muster forward.


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The Moon and Uranus are in a Grand Earth Manifestation (grand earth trine) with the Fixed Star Regulus (dignity and nobility) at 0 Virgo, and Orcus (where we meet immortality) at 10 Virgo. Our vision of the future can be aspirational—we are just as capable of utopian visions as we are dystopian ones. The third leg of the manifestation is formed by Ixion (where we discover our soul’s purpose) at 0 Capricorn, conjunct the Soul Star Chakra at 1 Capricorn, and conjunct Quaoar at 5 Capricorn. Because the Taurus New Moon is the only personal planet involved in this grand manifestation, the energy will flow toward changes in the way we feel, and therefore also the way we think about the future. Humanity has a destiny, we are not here just to survive and consume. We are here to help Earth evolve and ascend, while we go through the awakening process of Self-Realization
Image by Bettina Nørgaard used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/beach-landscape-hawaii-maui-kihei-1630540/
The Moon forms an intersection (t-square) with the Light Bridge (polarity with a 5D planet) between Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 2 Aquarius and Varuna (where our highest vision is) at 2 Leo conjunct Astraea (the purest form of the Divine Feminine) at 5 Leo. Intersections always provide us with a choice to make. During the New Moon, where new beginnings are possible, this can be directing our highest vision at what seems to be the passing of the patriarchy as an opportunity to bring in an inclusive vision where the Divine Male and Female energies are always balanced and working in harmony. We have been in thrall of the ‘power over” authority paradigm for so long, that we may have not noticed that this model can be exchanged with a new point of view just by changing our perspective. We can approach the current circumstances differently; and while holding the new will take focus and discipline, the most important thing is to decide to change.
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The Grand Power Crossroad (grand cardinal cross) continues as the backdrop for our collective Consciousness during this New Moon. The double crossroad has now dissipated, and we are working with an early degree crossroad. The crossroad is formed by Ixion, the Earth Star Chakra (Moon’s South Node, where we were with our karma) at 1 Capricorn conjunct Quaoar (where we change the way we think) at 5 Capricorn in bridging with the Soul Star Chakra at 1 Cancer. This is crossed by the polarity between MakeMake (where we find universal laws) at 5 Libra with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 5 Aries conjunct Chiron (where we whole ourselves) at 6 Aries.
At this point we know we are working with forces that we cannot see (the virus, for instance), and truly are stepping each day into new circumstances, that can seem both frightening and ruinous. All prior plans for the near future need to be recast, or rethought, or better yet, let go of. No one can predict exactly what will happen next. What we do know is that the Grand Crossroad provides a center point from which all possible pathways extend. We can travel down one path at a time or all at once.
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The Moon is connected to this Grand Crossroad through the Grand Earth Manifestation (described above) as it is manifesting with Ixion, the Earth Star Charka, and Quaoar. Fundamental change is afoot, and it is something that we have prepared for over the eons but have forgotten. While the unknown is in front of us, one way to stay with consciously aware is through what spiritual teacher Derek O’Neill describes as the five principles of spirituality https://www.derekoneill.com/the-five-principles-of-spirituality/)
  • Every person you encounter is the right one
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
  • Every moment is which something begins is the right moment
  • What is over, is over
  • Nothing is permanent

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