2021 Aquarius New Moon

Beth Nolte Moon Report

New Moon 23 Aquarius 16

February 11, 2021

7:05 pm GMT; 2:05 pm EST; 11:05 am PT

In the middle of another beginning.
Would you look at that beautiful stellium in Aquarius?! On a day made only of zeros, ones and twos (02-11-2021)! This feels like tasting the most delicious, mind-blowingly complex dish that is both sweet and savory, but made from just a few basic ingredients.  
The first Aquarian new Moon since Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius seems big. Do you get the sense that St. Germaine is near? In some realm, the ascended master of Aquarian consciousness is standing by and waving us in.
Here is the Sun and Moon, our lights, sitting in a new cycle, joined by Pallas Athena (feminine wisdom). Mercury sits in the center. He is retrograde; the new archetype of the divine masculine reflecting our inner operating system is moving back toward Source. We have Venus, our heart, together in a new cycle with Jupiter, the force of expansion. And Saturn, our form and structure, rounds out this sacred container. Aquarius in Cosmic Consciousness is pictured as electricity hitting water. Could there be a better bowl to hold our juice and spark?
With an Aquarius stellium of such potency, we also look to Uranus, the Aquarian dispositor, to see what’s up on a deeper level. Uranus is in Taurus – forming another sweet stellium with the Black Moon, Mars and Sedna. Uranus is in a great eliminator with MakeMake in Libra. The Great Awakener aspecting divine law means we get to make some choices and eliminate the dross. At the same time, MakeMake, the higher octave of Saturn, is manifesting with Saturn. While the Uranus MakeMake great eliminator makes us stretch, there is an easy flow of energy between the 5D and 3D octaves when it comes to how we think of form or limits. We have help to see the divine order arising and can make decisions from that perspective.
Thank you MakeMake! This 5D perspective will be most useful as Saturn moves into a stepping stone (90º) with Uranus. Saturn in Aquarius; Uranus in Taurus. Inner guru, form, discipline meets enlightenment, surprise, electricity. The Earth innovations that we are up on, bringing in more fine-tuned consciousness, requires effort. Situations of tension require extra effort – watch your step– in order to use the stepping stone aspect to walk on water, we must keep returning to a growth mindset.
Find the blessing. It will be there. There is also a Saturn – Chiron resource. We have two master teachers working together to put us in touch with our own greatness. Ready?
The new Moon is in a resource with Eris. Our inner awakening is ongoing, and this event continues to move us beyond our comfortable places. You know those funky old house slippers that feel like a second skin? We might be ready for a new pair.
There is a finger of god that points to Venus and Jupiter – our heart expansion project is coming along brilliantly. This point is connected to the Part of Fortune and Sirius (destiny and the God star) along with Orcus moving retrograde, bringing our immortal soul into the mix.
Yep. This is what we came for.
Happy New Moon. Bon Appétit!
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