The Action of Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly LealCall

Sunday May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day to the Mother in You!

By the time you read this it will be Monday, but I could not let this day go by without commenting on today’s  chart for 12 noon. As Stephanie said, as quiet as today was, there was still lots of activity in the cosmos. Mars is still in a stepping stone (square) aspect with Orcus, exact at noon on Sunday, giving us an opportunity to make use of the strengths we have accumulated from the planetary archetypes that make up the square. Orcus is where we are when we are not in physical form, the world between worlds, and Mars is nothing if not the physical form that we inhabit right now. We are called on to stretch our understand that we are more than our physical bodies, even while we honor, care for and accept the limitations of our physicality. Here on earth, we are grounded in the physical, rooted to the earth, even while we are simultaneously reaching for the heavens. Orcus gives us the greater understanding that we are Spirit having a physical experience, that our time here is brief, impermanent, and meant to be joyous; another stop on the journey. Working with this understanding puts us on the path to wholeness.


Mercury connects to the nodes in an exact resource with Earth Star Chakra (South Node) and an exact manifestation with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node). With our newly upgraded mental systems, we have the resources to change the way we think and communicate, manifesting this outwardly in how we speak to ourselves and others, how we share knowledge in writing. We evaluate how we used to do these things, discern what is no longer serving us, and align our Selves with new thoughts, ideas, connections. We are learning to be impeccable with our words, to communicate more clearly, and to focus our thoughts more productively.


It’s a blessing to witness how our minds and bodies are recalibrating at the time that Mars and Mercury are moving towards Source. At the same time, Venus is getting ready to make a connection with Neptune, giving us a resource to apply Higher Love. As we say, you can’t make this up!

Have a beautiful week!