Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Cancer

Your Cancer consciousness is all about the emotional experience, and you’re an adept master, no question about that. This week, there’s a new Moon in Virgo that activates a worm hole, also known as an eclipse passage, and this one, for you, is all about a whole new way of emotional Being. Well, it’s not just a whole new way of being, it’s also the very fertile ground that leads you to your new role as master teacher of the new heart centered journey. Don’t let the ‘master teacher’ label deter you, Just BE… that’s your main MO. Just allow your Self your walk on the water, and everyone else will magically come to you. When they do, what will matter the most is your willingness to take on your new role.

This new world begins right here, and you’re the heart of it.

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