Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Cancer

What’s happening inside this powerful eclipse passage is that the emotional roller coaster you’re experiencing is showing you the true nature of the connection between emotion and the higher awakened Mind. They are completely interactive, and when they are perfectly balanced, there will be no stopping you. Allow your feelings to move you, without the need to figure out where they come from. Emotion is an energetic force that motivates everything you do, but only when you don’t identify with it. Sorrow may be present, but that NEVER means that you ARE sad. When you decide you are, you have to process the emotion. It’s actually meant to deliver you to your heart swiftly, like a shortcut. Attachment is an ego game, and it produces the experience of time. Your emotions are extremely evolved. Let them deliver you.

You’ll soon realize you’re already home.

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