Stephanie Azaria Weekly Horoscope - Leo

Birthday time is always empowering, AND you’re feeling pretty good about the progress you’ve made recently. (If you’re not, please, take a closer look: there isn’t a Leo in the world that hasn’t seen a breakthrough in the past few weeks). This is the perfect opportunity to check your focus, because if you’re still fixated on what you DON’T have, you won’t be able to realize your accomplishments. The more you acknowledge your progress, the more progress you’ll make. This IS a bumpy little stretch of the road, it’s true, but it’s the same for everyone, no exceptions. Don’t stop moving toward your dreams, even if it seems like you’re blocked. In Truth, there’s no such thing as a block, there’s only the idea of one.

Sometimes slowing down is in order, so you can see the multiple choices that are about to appear.

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