Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Libra

Emotional trials may be popping up everywhere, and it is often your reaction, as a true Libra, to take on the emotional communication of others as a good reason to criticize your Self. But a reaction is a reaction, not a response. When your sense of inner equilibrium is disturbed, it’s important to get back to your heart and remember the Truth of who you are. You are a very rare bird. As a result, you may not be particularly recognizable as you take first steps into new territory. When disruption upsets you, allow your unbalance to BE what it is, stay with your Self, and you will soon be delivered to you center again. There’s nothing wrong with a little emotional upheaval. There are few things that can move you so powerfully.

The New Moon will assist you in manifesting your latest chapter.

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