Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Scorpio

If you’re focused in the right direction, (read: on Love of Self), there’s no telling what astonishing creative blasts of genius you can access this week. These amazing ideas are yours for the picking, like coming upon a perfectly ripened peach tree where the fruits are just falling off into your hand. There is only one requirement, and you already know what it is, because you’ve had some years of practice… Let go of your fears and allow the free fall into your Truest Self. Allow your Self to be planted in this new very fertile field of dreams. It’s yours, you created it, and it’s time to take ownership of your handiwork. Any ‘but’ that comes up in your mind needs to be immediately discarded. NOT disregarded, but carefully, consciously and deliberately discarded.

There’s no place for fear-based motivation in this new world.

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