Friday, February 5, 2016


I have been and still am traveling, visiting family and hanging with friends. I am out of my usual routines of meditating, exercise and eating, and having alone time. Seeing people you love in different circumstances provides so many lessons and realizations, about who they are, and ultimately, about who I AM. It is a constant realization that I have dropped out of my heart-center, and upon that realization, to go right back in, and observe how everything changes and softens. When something appears to go wrong, I visualize what I want to happen as already happening,….and it happens! Trust and surrender are they keys.


We all know how Venus connecting with Pluto brings up issues of powerlessness and victimization. I feel somehow this is an issue that affects women more, even though it affects men as well, as we are all One. Even in the world, where one woman is in the forefront, and another has been shut out of the debate, it is playing out. Will we stand up for ourselves or remain silent? From personal experience I am learning to speak up, but if it’s not done with Love, with the intention to clear the air and speak one’s truth, if it’s done with anger and shouting, then the result is just resistance from the Other (which is really resistance within oneself). The only way out is through Love. And that begins with each of us, for our Selves.


Today also, Vesta connects with Uranus in a new cycle, where we access our devotion to our own intuition, our own awakening. This is occurring in the Aquarius hour of unconditional Self Love. We are in service to ourselves here, and Venus is coming to make a stepping stone to Uranus/Vesta, requiring us to step up our Self-esteem and to remember to value our Selves.


The Great Eliminator inconjunct between Mars in Scorpio (in the hour of emotional power) and Uranus/Vesta in Aries (in the hour of loving ourselves unconditionally as Source does) provides us with a choice: we can ignore/resist being loving to ourselves and have those lessons be delivered suddenly through actions from others or some physical event, or we can allow/accept whatever comes, with the understanding that this acceptance is HOW we love ourselves. If your body talks, it is leading you to your Heart; listen and be grateful.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Many of us are feeling caught between 2 worlds, 3D and 5D, feeling stretched to the bone, uncertain of where to turn or how to step forward. With the Sun at 8 Aquarius making an intimate aspect to Neptune at 8 Pisces, it’s no wonder we are feeling confused and afraid. Neptune can be confusion, but also illumination. Jupiter/Soul Star Chakra conjunction is stretching our evolution, Mercury is meeting with Pluto again for some more mental transformation, and with today’s Sun/Neptune aspect, we need to sit tight, breathe, and have faith (Neptune) that all will be revealed (Sun) shortly. Blessings to all, especially those who feel stretched and pulled. We are all in this together.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Mars and Juno formed a New Cycle at 3:30 AM (the 3:3 of manifestation), at 12 Scorpio, the sign of Highest Vision, bringing unity consciousness to our physicality. We are beginning a new cycle of awareness of our connection to one another despite the 3D separation of our physicality as more of us can envision this awareness. At the same time, Ceres, in the sign of Aquarian self-love, has been busy making a resource (sextile) aspect to Quaoar, bringing us to the realization that with our new mental upgrades, courtesy of Mercury retrograde/Pluto and Uranus, we are capable of higher thought; with these higher thoughts and intentions we nurture ourselves, clearing out old thought forms; and with unconditional self-love we create higher thoughts and intentions, it is a circle….and each thought or intention changes what manifests physically for everyone. All this, while Jupiter is expanding our evolutionary consciousness with the Soul Star Chakra at 23 Virgo, the sign of Wholeness. These new cycles and connections represent the parts of our consciousness coming together, wholing; evolution moving up the spiral. Nothing to do but meditate on that unity consciousness as we birth new thought forms into being and work on clearing out the old reality of separation.


Friday, January 22, 2016


Our mind(s) will go as far as we allow it to, by opening it up and resisting the urge to direct it. Pluto is taking apart the old ideas, mindsets, paradigms. Planet X is such an example. Neptune was “inferred” from the discovery of Uranus, and it took a while to find it in the physical plane, but it was found almost exactly where astronomers thought it would be. Did their thoughts about it “create” Neptune, or was it “found” when the collective consciousness became elevated enough to “see” it? We may never know, and it surely doesn’t matter (brings up the thought: Never mind, no matter…).  If we think it first, does it exist?  Quaoar would argue, of course, being the place where the energies of thought begin, where sacred geometry is created from which form springs. Our collective thought forms, as expressed by astronomers Brown and Batygin, have already created the new planet, and they are confident that it’s only a matter of time before they can locate it, and they already know where to look! They just need a telescope powerful enough to “see” it. When we are ready for it, when our “vision” is clear enough, I believe it will happen.


Using this line of thinking, one could ask (being such mental beings), who or what created the thoughts for the creation of the universe, the galaxies, our beautiful solar system with that gorgeous planet Earth in it? Seems to me to be a wonderful indicator of the workings of Source, Infinite Intelligence, whatever you want to call it….look what happens when Mercury and Pluto come together, opening the door to transformation of the mind! There’s no telling where that will take us.


At the same time of the Mercury/Pluto meeting with its transformation and rebooting of our higher thought processes, Venus is coming together with Quaoar, the 7D  spiritual higher octave of Mercury. If our conscious thoughts can literally create worlds, what else do we need to know about how powerful our thoughts are? Venus’ new cycle with Quaoar, near the Galactic Center no less, is an indicator that the Heart is very much involved at  the highest levels. It is here we can create loving thoughts throughour Universal Heart, and seed our thoughts with heart-centered values right now and for the future. The Mercury/Pluto AND Venus/Quaoar new cycles both take place in the hour of bringing thoughts, feelings and actions into balance and alignment. This is where we are collectively working to unify and make our Selves Whole. Let us take a moment to send Love-infused thoughts to our Selves, each other, mother Earth and the cosmos, remembering that it’s always, in every moment,  perfect.