2020 Capricorn Full Moon

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5 July 2020

Full Moon 13 Capricorn 37; Lunar Eclipse

0:44 am EST

The Cancer New Moon on June 21 supported us in taking a refreshed look at core feelings about our Self-identity and our lives. Capricorn, in polarity with Cancer, takes us to our connection to what we believe is Source, structure, and our personal sense of authority. This can be a bit stark unless we carry through the tender nurturing toward our Selves and others that we rediscovered during the Cancer New Moon/solar eclipse.
When the Moon is in Capricorn, we experience our feelings as if we are in a foreign country for the first time. This is really important, as the Capricorn part of our consciousness allows us to encounter emotions in a unique way. They can be experienced as fresh, and not necessarily tied to the past. In Cancer, we work with the continuity of our emotional experience and history. It is a story –our personal story – where past matters because we felt it, it informs the present and guides the future because we experienced it. This is the Cancer way. With Capricorn, we remember that our individual history is just that and that every person has a different story. Using our Capricorn quality of consciousness, each emotional response can be viewed as if it is for the first time and certainly from a different perspective.
It is enough to be part
of the fabric of life.
Flowing from the senses
in an intricate design.
Awareness watching ever new
colors and patterns.
Emerging from
The weavings of the mind.
Poem by Judith Whitman-Small from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Ashland Hills Press, 2012, Ashland, Oregon.
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2020 Cancer New Moon

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21 June 2020

New Moon 00 Cancer 21

2:41 am

We are all feeling the effects of the wormhole that opened with the Gemini Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Nothing is what it was, and the ground certainly can feel like shifting sands. Emotions are riding high, and events keep occurring (as they always do) which ask us—and often challenge us, for an immediate emotional response. Gemini is where we work with taking right action, working from our core. There are so many emotions out there and they all attract us, somehow with a yes or no, light or shadow, etc. With Gemini, we realize we must have a center to keep from emotional whiplash.
Cancer is where we return to our core and have the opportunity to touch our innermost feelings. The Gemini part of our consciousness and Cancer are in intimacy (semi-sextile) with each other. It is in the Cancer part of our consciousness where we approach our innermost feelings with great nurturing, as the Mother with her beloved child. We need to remember here that all the astrological signs form our consciousness, and what we recognize as planets and points are the archetypes that we work with to express these parts of our consciousness. When we work with Cancer we are delving into our individuality to authentically express our feelings and experience the response these evoke in Others. When working with our emotions, we are working with a choice between a fear or love response. Cancer asks us to Love (accept) all our emotions with equanimity, and check-in with ourselves about whether we are, through observation, allowing our feelings to freely run through us.
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2020 Sagittarius Full Moon

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5 June 2020


3:11 pm EDT

Fire all the rockets. This is the message of the passage between the Gemini New Moon and this astonishingly potent Sagittarius full Moon/lunar eclipse, which is taking us on a sideways elevator journey. Remember that the Gemini portion of our consciousness is where we “walk the talk,” and recognize our role in experiencing duality here on Earth while seeking Unity Consciousness. Gemini and Sagittarius are in polarity with each other. One part of our consciousness is working with duality (Gemini) and the other is clearing karma (Sagittarius). The action we can take is to deliberately imagine ourselves in the middle of this polarity—being able to see both—or many sides at once (Gemini) and being able to face the difficult and expand into something new and wiser (Sagittarius).
Be not afraid, this is a dynamic time supported with all the forces of the Universe as they apply to our beloved planet Earth, and our cherished view of ourselves—as beings that separated ourselves from Unity consciousness so we could journey back to Oneness and assist the Earth with her evolution. Circumstances are extraordinary at this time, and they are difficult. However, the tide is turning. We cannot let up on our energetic work and our work with real people on tangible and current issues. This is the time to roll up our sleeves and do the deep work, with Trust in Trust and Faith in Faith without any idea about the outcome.
What is it all about?
You tell me…
I am dying to know…
--Poem by Judith Whitman-Small
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2020 Gemini New Moon

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22 May 2020

New Moon 2 Gemini

01:38 pm EDT

We dove deep and soared high using the Scorpio Full Moon energies. During the lunar passage we had some realizations, and perhaps even revelations about our Selves and how we behave as a group. Our shared consciousness is complex and full of competing emotions that can be intense or light as air. We either explored this within ourselves, or we saw it being played out in public. The Scorpio portion of our Consciousness makes this deep exploration possible, and it is always good for us, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. We need the focused research capacities of Scorpio so we can see what we have created and then chart a course forward.
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