22 April 2020

New Moon 3 Taurus 24

10:26 pm EDT

The Full Moon in Libra gave us a clear view of where we stand with our true feelings about the human collective. Sitting in our homes and using social distancing, the tendency may be to not identify with those suffering the most with COVID-19 or those doing the most to keep us all safe. There may have been feelings alike: “that’s them,” “that’s how they are dealing with the situation” and “glad that is not me.” Sustaining the drama gripping us all is wearing on the human spirit, and we are all far more resilient as a group rather than as individuals. Libra shows us where we really are with seeing the other as precious as ourselves in the mirror. The Libra part of our consciousness is also where we gain discernment by using the observer’s perch. We learn here that if something comes and goes, then it is not the eternal Awareness, Love, or Truth.
Libra and Taurus used to be connected through Venus as their shared archetypical dispositor; and in the Cosmic Consciousness system, Sedna is now the dispositor of Libra. While the disposition has changed there is still an energic link between these two parts of our Consciousness. Libra is where we discover the Other while we open ourselves to the knowledge that we are the co-creator of everything we experience, whether we are aware of it or not. Taurus is where we experience ourselves as a presence, and in doing so find our inner voice, and learn how to trust it as authentic and true.
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5 April 2020

Full Moon 18 Libra 43

10:35 pm EDT

This passage from the Aries New Moon to this Full Moon in Libra is one we are not likely to forget. The Full Moon is occurring right as the apex of COVID-19 is manifesting in the United States and the virus is now everywhere in the world. Libra represents the physical social awareness part of our Consciousness. The key is how we go about experiencing this social awareness.
In Cosmic Consciousness, the purpose of the Libra is where we experience the true relationship we have with our Selves through the mirrored reflection of our relationships. This statement is so near and so close to each of us because it is with Libra that we start to realize the “I AM” awareness as “I AM THAT.”
Under this vast star-bright sky
--it is hard to be someone
We gain consciousness of the Other, first as someone “doing something” that demands our attention. We are socialized to “take the world in” instead of seeing ourselves as co-creators of it. With the “I AM THAT” awareness, we begin to see that the Other is another precious soul working alongside us, no matter what they are doing and no matter where they are. These are enormous words, and it is very difficult to hold this awareness because in the moment it is only me or you interacting with each other.
In the pond
-my reflection changes
With each indifferent gust of wind
In this time, where everyone on the planet is challenged to radically change our social behavior by a virus that we cannot see, it is time to truly connect to the Libra portion of our individual and shared Consciousness. To save ourselves and each other, we need to set physical boundaries and at the same time, hold on to the collective consciousness. This means focusing on the sense of we instead of me.
The affirmation for Libra is “I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME,” and we need to accept and abide by our shared responsibility for each other. We are living with new rules of physical social distancing, at the same time as we grapple with the continued need to connect in meaningful ways. This Full Moon is to remind us that we all have the capacity to do this. Libra is the ultimate observer, with the ability to see things as they are in the moment, all things being equal as they happen, without judgement.
My reflection in the glass
-has aged
Without me
Ragged clouds
-high winds
Changing shapes
(Haiku-like poems from Seasons, by Judith Whitman-Small; Ashland, OR: Blue Moon Press, 1998)
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24 March 2020

New Moon 4 Aries 12

5:28 am EDT

The Virgo Full Moon took us into a check-in with our four-part etheric bodies—the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. We have all since discovered parts of ourselves that we have not tended to in a while and other parts that need some exercise. The scale of change we are currently going through cannot be measured in any meaningful way. We know it is profound, and we know that we must be able to take care of ourSelves. Access to all that was seemingly easy before the COVID-19 virus started to spread is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Aries is the part of our consciousness where we find the inner spark of creation—in Cosmic Consciousness we call it the divine spark of creation because this is what it is. We learn how important it is to pay attention to the thoughts we think and always chose LOVE over fear. This is not easy to do, and we need to engage with mental and emotional discipline and keep our minds focused loving our thoughts.
The New Moon at 4 Aries is disposed by Mars (how we move), and Mars is at 25 Capricorn. This disposition is amplifying our emotional desire for a new beginning among the backdrop of the conjunctions among Mars with Pluto (where we transform) at 25, Jupiter (where we consciously expand) at 24, and Pallas Athena (where we tap into our wisdom source) at 23 Capricorn. There is energy and movement added to the deep, thorough, and global transformation we are experiencing as a human family, and frankly, as a species.
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9 March 2020

Full Moon 19 Virgo 37

1:48 pm

We can still see that vast, endless horizon we experienced with the Pisces New Moon as we move into the Virgo Full Moon. It is like sitting on a beach and shifting our gaze from the wide surface of the ocean to the grains of sand that comprise the shore. When we physically shift our vision like this—from the large to the tiny - we are mirroring the “zoom” lens effect of the polarity created by Pisces (our vision of the infinite) and Virgo (our focus on detail). Pisces/Virgo is such an interesting polarity because we use it all the time—for instance, we all have conversations where we leap from an open-ended topic to one that ends in definite steps. We use the “zoom lens” perspective simply by changing the focus of our thinking from the wide to the narrow. Without awareness of how the Pisces/Virgo zoom lens works, these two qualities of our consciousness can lead to exasperation (the big picture provides perspective) or frustration (without the details there is no big picture). The option for joy and fulfillment is always present, we just need remember that we can always shift our focus. Sometimes this can feel is effortless, and other times not. The key is to remember that all it takes is a deliberate decision to do so.
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