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 From Dublin, Ireland

I will be in mid air for this Pisces Soular eclipse, and I can’t imagine a better reality or metaphor! The sideways elevator takes us to the limitless realm, if we’re awake, or to the somewhat chaotic realm of the oceanic expanse if we’re not. But the important thing to remember is that either way, it’s perfect, because an eclipse will always deliver us to a part of our Selves we’ve never been to before. We can go happily, excitedly, warily, quietly or in abject terror, but we will get there all the same. (The fear based journey always SEEMS to last a lot longer, though it isn’t, really, since there is n such thing as time, except as we construct it).

This eclipse is a huge one. Aside from being in the sign of the limitless realm, it is accompanied by a bunch of important planets, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, along with Orcus in a bridge. This Light bridge is open for traffic. It’s a bridge that spans from the limitless Self to the immortal Self, and with an eclipse taking place, the sideways elevator can certainly deliver us to astonishing new inner spaces.

Pisces is the part of our consciousness where personal mastery is achieved through the practice of spiritual wisdom, which is LOVE IN ACTION. As with everything in this world, LOVE must be SELF Love, otherwise it has no real meaning, no real application. And this is the very Truth that is available to us here in this soular reboot of consciousness, that no matter what drama transpires in your day to day life, it is your limitless Loving Self that is being awakened here.

While this eclipse occurs, with its dispositor Neptune completely participating in the event, there is another major event taking place simultaneously. Mars, ruler of the physical experience, makes it to Uranus and Eris (today and tomorrow), and activates our actual physical journey across the LIGHT bridge that is being made with Jupiter Haumea this year. This is the bridge to unity consciousness, and with this Piscean eclipse activating the limitless potential of all we do, we will somehow begin walking, physically, toward this new consciousness, which is, in fact, the new world.

The journey to the new world, a world we have taken lifetimes to create, begins here.

With Mars and Uranus coming together today, there’s no telling what the eclipse will bring. Stay centered in your heart, prepared for anything, be fearless about it all knowing it’s all perfectly divinely planned, and you will emerge with brand new parts of your Self realized.

Fascinatingly, Mercury forms a resource with Quaoar today too, making it more than probable that new thinking and new ways of relating to the journey will also surface now. To experience a Piscean eclipse with Neptune in conjunction AND Mars (ruler of the body) in aspect to Uranus, Eris, Jupiter and Haumea and Mercury (ruler of th mind) in aspect to 5D Quaoar all at the same time is exquisite and rare indeed. Everything changes today, and life will continue to unfold and expand into a new paradigm for many months to come.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Soular eclipse, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks: Please don’t forget to read Ann Harris’s Moon report too!

Pisces 9:  Dusk. A vampire awakens.

Darkness hides all the parts of self which are not ready to live in the light. Each one of these knows it’s way around the darkness, is able to navigate fluently on the inside of life, underneath all appearances. And they enjoy the existence which for others might seem almost macabre in it’s reversal of the ways of the day.

                When you are accustomed to the hidden depths, they do become all of life. And then you give yourself over to dream, inner work, other parts of existence. You still perhaps devote the outer side to outer pursuits. Yet what stirs and quickens your blood is entirely hidden away from sight, only known to those who can penetrate there.

                We each bear a Shadow Essence. It’s favorite places are those of twilight, tending into darkness. There the Shadow Essence can discover everything that our egoic self suppresses and denies. And it is the one way that we can get entirely under the surface of earth existence, to reclaim what has been forgotten, what needs to be restored.

                This is about keeping us honest and real. It is the humbling, the surrender, the realization that we are not on top of the world. And it is the access point for influences and suggestibility’s of every kind.

                Everything here depends upon our motivation. If we tap this place as a dark sanctuary for forgotten sides of life, it bears abundant fruit. If we seep too heavily under it, we become taken over by it’s drama and enchantments, and this is always dangerous, to say the least.

                We must have open places for shadow to indwell. They truly are revitalization spark points when skillfully worked with. And they are just as treacherous as their reputation would suggest. The heart decides. But we will not get out of these places until we have honored their deep message.”

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.  Stay tuned to you and only you.


“Faith consists in believing what reason cannot.”  

– Voltaire 

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