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As Venus retrogrades back to her second communion with Chiron (on April 15), she also makes other repetitive connections, all of which are part of the current inner heart processing that is the retrograde cycle. Today Venus reignites the Light Bridge she opened with MakeMake on February 8th. More than anything else, this Light Bridge gives us access to the Law of Love that is so much what the heart is all about. Practice the Law of Love whenever you can today.










Venus will activate this Light Bridge one more time before it is completely opened for all who wish to make use of it. That last polarity will occur on May 2nd, and (you can’t make this stuff up) Mercury will be pulling into his station on that day, and making contact with Uranus, lighting up his own Light Bridge for the 2nd of three times….


These Light Bridges are the reason why we are experiencing life in brand new ways. Everything is being transmuted as we go. Alchemy is happening at every turn. Every cell of our being, every cell of life on this planet is being completely transformed from the inside out.


Many of you will remember how much we’ve gone through (on each and every level of our existence) just to be prepared for this process we are moving through now. That’s been going on since 2007, with a major critical turning point in 2012… well that was more like a portal that we have just emerged from (last summer). It does all feel like a big jumble, but if you consider those years, you’ll recall what you were going through, and in many cases those memories will make this passage seem tame, at least as far as pain and discomfort goes.


Maybe that’s because we have grown accustomed to the ups and downs of life. I read a passage from an amazing book that relates what we are going through to the ebb and flow of life:


As the Universe, the Earth, and your life accelerate, the polarity that has existed will speed up and appear to become unified. Yet if you were to slow down the energy, you would be able to identify the parts of the whole in contraction and expansion. This is what often happens in your life on a day to day basis; you are in the slowness of the ebb and the flow. As you add the element of galactic peace to the ebb and the flow, to teh contraction and the expansion, it speeds up and then seems as if it’s unifies, like the individual frames of a movie that create a flowing story when they are speeded up and rune together. It’s unified even in its parts, but you begin to see it all and be at peace in all there is.”


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect description of the effects of these Light Bridges that are activating. If that description doesn’t describe the Uranus/Eris Haumea bridge, I don’t know what does.


When Venus formed her bridge with MakeMake (the cosmic laws, including the Law of Love) the first time, (February 8), she was also forming a Finger of God, (a major fork in the road that requires choosing the High Road) with Mercury and the Soul Star Chakra (Moon’s North Node). This seems to imply a new male’female balance emerging from this Venus retrograde cycle, and the fact that Mercury will be in a new cycle with Uranus/Eris and Haumea when Venus activated her third and final bridge with MakeMake seems to say it all.


And there’s more, so much more, but we’ll get to it in the days ahead. In the meantime, here’s some more from the passage about the unification of ebb and flow:


“In order to maximize the natural ebb and flow of the universe, do everything within your power to choose peace, regardless of what seems to be happening in your life. Being at peace with your Self is one of the most significant challenges you can undertake. It is an act of choice, because everything exists in each moment. In each moment you can easily choose something that is not peace, or you can choose the peace that exists. If you cannot connect to the energy of peace, tap into the part of you that is peace, be a channel for it, and commit to it, then your life, the lives of others around you, and the planet will change.”

From The Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman