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Announcing my 2017 Summer Retreat to Chalice Well, England, August 19 – 26. Please watch this space for registration to open in the next few days. (If you’re interested, email me, and I will put you on the list to receive the flyer asap)…

Check out all the new Cosmic Consciousness from Christine Clemmer, Shelly Leal, Ray Rolando, Marie DesRoches, and Anne Harris!


As Venus retrogrades back to her second communion with Chiron (on April 15), she also makes other repetitive connections, all of which are part of the current inner heart processing that is the retrograde cycle. Today Venus reignites the Light Bridge she opened with MakeMake on February 8th. More than anything else, this Light Bridge gives us access to the Law of Love that is so much what the heart is all about. Practice the Law of Love whenever you can today.










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