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As Mars continues his journey into the Light Bridge that is being manifested by the Uranus/Eris-Jupiter/Haumea polarity, he manifests with Pluto today, and Pluto is every bit as much a part of the Bridge as any of the other four planets, because he is acting as a stepping stone to them all, providing a major intersection to this HighWay phenomenon. It’s fascinating, because Mars is about to create subtle but very significant aspects to the three remaining planets (Uranus, Eris and Haumea), bringing a whole new dimension of the physical into the mix. As Mars makes beautiful harmonious music with the intersecting planet, it is possible to take our experience to a whole new level. Whenever Mars and Pluto come together, resurrection becomes possible, and even probable.



Of the three lower body rulers that are not the Lights (not the Sun or Moon), Mars is moving the fastest right now. This is rare. Mars is almost always the slowest of the three planets (the other two are Venus and Mercury), but by virtue of Venus’ current retrograde and Mercury’s upcoming retrograde station. For months these two planets will move more slowly than Mars, giving the physical body, our personal energy, and even the cellular transmutation process that is going on, the leg up (excuse the pun). It feels this way, doesn’t it? The body, and the physical world are so filled with intensity and changing energies, it’s hard to make much sense out of any of it.


And that’s the point to be aware of. There is no point in TRYING to make sense out of anything right now. There isn’t much of any, and its beginning to become evident that there never actually was. What makes sense, what is real? I believe, as many of you know, that nothing in the physical realm is real. It’s all a projection that comes from our consciousness. If the physical is moving more quickly and freely than any other part of our being, it makes sense NOT to reach for meaning, now more than ever.


Today we are also in the Saturn station. Saturn turns retrograde, right smack on the Galactic Center, jut around 1am EDT tomorrow morning. Any planet transiting the Galactic Center is directly linked to Source frequencies. As those energies pour into our crown chakras (The Galactic Center) through the filter of the archetype of the inner guru, we stand to gain a great deal.


Consider this a kind of a stop at a cosmic fill-up station, and everything that fills the proverbial tank is the fodder for the upcoming Saturn retrograde journey. Saturn will make contact with Ixion and even come together with Quaoar again on the other side of this backwards journey (at the end of this year). This retrograde, charged by the Galactic Center and the last of Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius, promises to deliver us to new ground. TOTALLY new ground.


After all, when this retrograde that connects the GREAT INNER TEACHER with the new consciousness (Quaor) and the collective life’s purpose (Ixion), Saturn will move on into his home sign, Capricorn, where he will eventually come together with Jupiter and Pluto to bring the planet to a huge new cycle of life.


These are huge moments of transformation on the planet. Well, you didn’t need me to tell you that. But it is important to stay aware of the bigger picture INSTEAD of the local one, and standing with great and mindful consciousness on the HIGH WAY that is the Light Bridge of Awakening Unity consciousness, provides the best perspective.


Even so, the best view is the one of your Self, as you observe from a higher perspective.


“When your mind is full of pure thoughts your body is full of pure energy.” 

~Derek O’Neill