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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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There can be no denying that Mercury is taking on an entirely new mode of interaction within our Selves and with the outer world. I have always been what you might call “psychic”, deeply intuitive, attuned to the energies, but these past few days, amazing events have been happening. I was awakened at 5am this morning by an awareness…NOT a thought… I was aware of the fact that I needed to check my phone because something was up. I lay there, considering that it might have been something I was dreaming when my text beeped, and I checked it to see what was up. It was a PayPal notification, asking me if I had actually charged $2.77 just now on my debit card.

I have never received a notification like that before… EVER.. I do receive emails about money that comes in and goes out, but not text notifications.. never anything like this. the notice asked me to type 1 if yes or 2 if no. I typed 2 and then went to my account, signed in, to find 6 charges just like that, all within the last 2 minutes on my account. They were paid to the post office for printing out mailing labels, and each label was to a different person. I disputed all the charges on line and they are being checked. It amounted to $20, and it’s a very very strange thing, but all this happened in the middle of the night, and I knew something was happening to me before it happened and while I was sleeping. I’ve been psychic all my life, but not THAT psychic.


Mercury connected with Uranus yesterday, and that was the beginning of a two week long infusion of Mercury’s energies with the Light Bridge. I am aware of my expanded levels of awareness in everything I am doing. What about you? It may show up a bit differently in your world. It likely has to to with who you’ve always known you are, and how much MORE of that you are now.

I don’t think this phenomenon is a passing thing. I believe it is here to stay. This is the new mental operating system, and it is now being hooked up and wired with the Higher Self to produce the newest consciousness available to us. I speak of consciousness as though it’s a commodity… It’s more of a major part of our new lower four body system, and the degree of its expansion is very likely limitless.

Mercury has just begun to show its truest colors and the Light Bridge is certainly making itself known too. While Mercury will hold court for the next two weeks while he stations (May 3), goes direct and leaves the Light Bridge arena, it’s important to note that Venus is also front and center, and that yesterday she crossed the world axis, entered Aries, and is about to begin that series of planetary connections I talked about a few weeks ago.

During the next six weeks Venus will make her way through Aries and will connect with every single planet, most notably those 5D planets in their very significant array. Today Venus forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, the first aspect ANY planet makes these days after entering a new sign. What is MOST fascinating, AMAZINGLY fascinating, is that when Venus completes her journey through Aries, on June 5, she will ALSO connect with Quaoar, this time in a manifestation, because that 5D archetype that bestows the capacity for original thought will retrograde back to 29 Sagittarius in exactly the same time it takes Venus to get to the end of Aries.

The heart will move through the sign of awakened higher consciousness (Aries), recovering her shadow and infusing with the Light Bridge, and will do so forming a Quaoar sandwich to define that passage through the sign. You can’t make this stuff up.

These amazing experiences that are emerging to reveal the new mental capacities promise to be matched and probably outshone by the merging of the heart with the new 5D energies and its corresponding upgrade. How exciting is that?

For best results, stay tuned to you.


“Any and all forms of separation, disconnects, divides, partings, breakups, and goodbyes are temporary. Very. 
You’ll be together far, far longer than you will ever be apart. Your oneness is pure truth; your separation is pure fantasy.”
The Universe   (Mike Dooley)