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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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I write this just as the Full Moon takes place, and the shadow has certainly cast itself far and wide. I was asked why I don’t focus on what’s going on in the world, and I am sure I don’t really need to answer that, but I do want to say, again and again, it does not serve any Light Worker on the planet to focus on what is going on in the polarization process. That is not to say be ignorant, but to send your heart out to a polarized situation is to insure that duality becomes your home. It is not your home. The new realm is your home. The new consciousness is unmistakably there, though we don’t quite know what to make of it. Understanding it is not the way. Experiencing it is. To do that, we have to be willing to give our Selves over to the unknown. Here, inside this Mercury infused Light Bridge, on this High Way to awakened Unity consciousness, it is time to let the lower mind die.







The lower mind, with its fear-filled questions and the overriding need to understand the world we live in, has been the main stumbling block to our own evolutionary journey for centuries. The need to understand the world is futile. What we have need to realize, from day one, is that the world is being created by what is in our mind, in every oment, at all times. To understand what is ‘out there’ is only answerable by looking within.


We get this now, but LIVING it is the only solution. To continue to answer ‘just one more thing’ is to perpetuate the old dying world instead of contributing Light and conscious Love to the fabric of the new one. We are totally living in two worlds at the same time. The Truth us, we have ALWAYS been in both these worlds. In fact, we live in EVERY dimension ALL THE TIME. The one we experience is the one put our conscious focus on.


We have been UNCONSCIOUSLY focused on the fear-based realm for centuries, looking outward to try to understand it. We have learned to be conscious of our Selves and our thoughts, and we have worked for more than a decade to clean up our thoughts and turn them to Love. It is this very effort that has created the new world, which from the higher perspective was created long before we got here.


Each and every one of us decided to embody at this time to have the full blown experience of the new world we created in the beginning. Time belongs only to 3D. We must refocus on the higher dimension to move past the constraints time places on us, and more importantly, to stop creating time we have to keep doing.


I hope I’m making sense. Today’s Mars Neptune stepping stone provides the energy and the physical opportunity to move past the veil into the new realm. If we do this with a wide open heart, it might feel like a free fall, but it will deliver us to more realization than ever. It’s important to remember that ALL realization is SELF realization. There is nothing else. Or more appropriately, everything else is the reflection of Self, and the more Self-realized you are, the more comfortable you can be as you establish your Self in this new dimension.


It’s brand new, in the sense that we don’t recognize much of it at all. At the same time, it is our original, most sacred space. The moment we allow our Selves the entry into the new world is the same exact moment we recognize it completely.


Stay completely, unfailingly, tuned to you.


“When I didn’t resist I could see the world.”

Pema Chodron