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First of all, I want to apologize, I referred to the changing of degree of SIRIUS yesterday, and I even went into a discussion of how important Sirius is… (Thank you Lucira Jane). And of course, that’s true. Furthermore, Sirius will become very significant in the weeks to come. BUT, it is ANTARES that changed degrees, and Antares, the ‘Anti-Mars’, has been a big player in the ongoing transmutation process since last Summer when Saturn and Mars came together with this fixed Star at 10 Sagittarius. That was a degree that both Mars and Saturn stationed on at that time, and it began a new cycle that has everything to do with the shadow that is being exposed in each and every life, and on the planet collectively.


That Antares has changed degrees is what we’ve been looking at in recent days, and its the subject of the 72 year dance of our soular system that takes it from one degree to the next, causing the fixed stars to appear to move. I wanted to share with you the two meditations for these degrees from Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Sparks. 


The first passage, for 10 Sagittarius, speaks to the shadow we have been working with. It speaks to the stations of both Saturn and Mars last Summer, Saturn going direct, and Mars going retrograde. That Mars station was the beginning of the physical transmutation process that led the lower four body upgrade. We have seen this passage before, but to look at it in this context, of how the shadow has shifted, seems particularly relevant, especially in light of the way things have turned in our country, and in so many of our lives…

  Sagittarius 10:  A star turning many different colors.

Life in the earth is a perpetual multiplicity stew. When you first come upon it, this experience is chaotic, scattering, confusing, even disorienting. But then you start to get into it, and everything turns.

                You begin to discover that your own soul is a breeder of lifetimes, of identities, of realms of experience and that at the center of it all, there are just further ripples of this process. So if you are skillful, adroit, willing, you begin to unfold a path for yourself, that can get you through the primal imprint of meeting yourself everywhere and being blown away by what you meet.

                Most sharply, you discover how to enjoy what at first seems too much to take. As you gain your leverage and your humor, you turn your worlds into a wide open process that you are always in the midst of and always forming yourself through. Such great permission to be everywhere, nowhere, somewhere, wherever. Every bit of it is needed badly.

                For you start to find that you are contagious by a subterranean route and that what you radiate gets through. You leave a very strong impression. So the knack you are after is to empower the utmost in everybody by starting with yourself. Whatever you can let yourself become, it’s there on the shared horizon to spark anybody interested.

                If you really work on it, a much greater capacity comes into being. This is to bring spirit to birth through you all the time. The whole of existence wants to overflow through your presence. You don’t need boundaries. You just need to go deep enough to find the space open in here.”
And now, as the fixed Star often called the Light of God, because it is SO brilliant and casts a huge shadow, moves to another degree of consciousness, we are seeing the shift in the world. Here is the meditation for the new energy of Antares, which will be reflecting this consciousness for the next 72 years:

Sagittarius 11:   A string of pearls.

Reckoning with the extraordinary extent to which the momentum, the edge, the moving current of life just keeps on rolling forth similar thematic strands right down the line. Meeting the ruler of synchronicities, myths, connecting signs, and finding it to be everywhere, all things extraordinary, ever the ordinary packed with meaning and everything you could ask for.

                Blessed to sense right through the phenomena of personal meaning and universal implication. Able to get to that crux place where you can’t miss the way it’s coming down. In the right state to meet the most pivotal currents and flow with them where they lead.

                Cursed to get so magnetized to this level that everything else dissolves with it. Becoming bound up within the favorite obsessions and fascinations to the point of missing out altogether on the deeper unknown. Turning all of life into something familiar and able to be enjoyed in whatever way we like.

                Honored to tap so many insights and connecting links and to be in such a flow of awareness and energy and life. So very gifted that if this capacity is plumbed it can provide a common focus of the greatest relevance and value. It’s simply a matter of taking it all the way through, no matter what is encountered.

                Non-plussed by the extent to which those factors kept out of view keep intruding. Many complications to this simple track. Life has a way of making us face even what we deny is there.

                 Shadows gather. Brightness intensifies. Struggles abound. Breakthroughs are always right there to be plucked. A mixed bag, delightful and maddening. What is known is enjoyed to the full. What is missed won’t go away.”

You can’t make this stuff up.
Stay tuned to you… everything you see is you.


“Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.” 

– Obi Wan Kenobi


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