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There’s another wild and crazy week ahead… one that completes the cycles we’ve been dealing with for the past two or three months. The Light Bridge holds court, Mercury leaves and also recovers his shadow and his storm period while Venus moves into the realm of the Light Bridge when she forms a polarity with Jupiter toward the end of the week. That polarity occurs just as Venus recovers her shadow, and at the same time as all of this Mars slips out of bounds for the next six weeks. All of this occurs at the end of the week. Despite the weirdness of all that’s going on right now, it’s going to get a whole lot wilder in just a few days.


Aside from all this continuing transmutation at the personal level, (and that includes personal changes for all those in the public eye), there are new Light Bridges forming, that offer all new High Ways for us to travel on our way to the new world. Mars and the other planets in Gemini are coming into polarity with Saturn and Ixion. This is going to have a major effect on our perceived goals and what we believe to be our life’s purpose. It’s a collective bridge, and while it will affect each of us personally, it is also a collective event, happening to all of us simultaneously.

Mars won’t get there till next week, but as everything changes on the personal level this week, these issues will begin to show themselves. There’s a lot of shifting and changing this week, and it’s not at all like what we’ve been seeing up to now. It takes us to a new level. Mars slips out of bounds, which means that at the physical level, the level of energy and activity, and everything that goes on in the physical world, there are new parameters being born.

Mars is in Gemini, the sign that transcends duality when the lower mind is bypassed, and that means that for many of us, the new territory of unified higher consciousness becomes far more accessible than ever before. When a personal planet goes out of bounds, it takes us to uncharted territory, and there is no way to grasp where we will be able to go. It’s probably best to take this on as an exciting ride into the as yet unknown.

The only way to know what is unknown is to allow a full blown experience of that uncharted territory. Staying our of the mind, the preconceived notions, the limiting beliefs of the past, (and these are some very ancient habits), allows for that experience. The instinct to understand is moot now… it leads us nowhere and the truth is it ALWAYS led us nowhere.

Now that we can perceive this truth, it is time to walk the talk… to live what we can comprehend, and afford our Selves the opportunity for new experience. While these new changes come upon us, (or come from within us), stay tuned to the Light Bridge and allow it to continue to transmute your energies to deliver you to the new unity consciousness. It doesn’t take much to remember that you are already standing upon it.

Stay tuned to you.


“Happiness is a Butterfly which, when pursued is just beyond your grasp… but if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” 

 Nathaniel Hawthorne