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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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I received this amazing article from Lucira Jane Nebelung entitled The Mayan Zenith Days: The Days of No Shadows, by Cayelin K Castell. Please check it out here.  It’s extremely interesting in light of the fact that Antares, the Great Shadow casting star has been so focal since last August (and again very recently when Mars formed a Bridge with the star). Since then Mars has slipped out of bounds and is about to form a second very significant Light Bridge for us to travel with Ixion, Saturn and eventually Quaoar. Go ahead and read the article and meet me back here….



This is such an interesting piece of information that, for me, qualifies as something new that is being delivered on a need to know basis. Here in the new world, there is SO much we don’t know, which means there is so much to realize. New Knowledge is delivered constantly, on a need to know basis. That means the information comes specifically when we are ready for it.

The fact that there were no shadows (on the 19th this year) is SO important at a time when the shadows here are rampant. A lot of Truth was revealed on the 19th. And to think that as we stand on the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness the clarity and significance of the Middle East, the pyramids and the holy land coming into focus is no coincidence.

Watch what happens next. There is a second Light Bridge activating this week, when Mars comes into polar alignment with Saturn and Ixion and shortly Quaoar too. Ceres is moving into this same Light Bridge during the weeks ahead. Saturn/Ixion/Quaoar speaks to the beginnings of the structure and foundation for the new world.

Mars has slipped out of bounds, and as he disposes Venus Uranus and Eris at this time, it seems likely that the awakening process with the heart fully infused is going to take us to brand new dimensional ground. There are still plenty of prominent shadows to work with, but things are ready to lighten up, at least enough for us to feel it, and it’s going to feel better to many of us.

It remains a polarizing time on the planet… that is not likely to be completely transformed until 2020, but everything is changing, in very rapid fire fashion… There is not one dull moment here on this planet at this time, and now that Mercury is resuming his normal speed, it’s going to get even more frenzied for the 3D world. now.

It’s important for us to hold the center space, hearts open, knowing as little as possible, trusting in the perfection of the divine plan. We are the way showers… the avant garde, and all we have to do is BE, as we are. Stay tuned to you, consciously look for the blessing in everything, and you won’t go wrong.


“Whatever you accept completely
will take you to peace, including
the acceptance that you can’t
accept, that you are in
resistance ..

Leave Life alone.
Let it be.”

~Eckhart Tolle