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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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Venus and Mars both make important connections with the Light Bridges today, making for a great deal of activity on all levels to contribute to the Gemini New Moon. Any Gemini event is innately filled with activity, and there is no denying the overwhelming . non stop nature of current happenings. The Gemini focus is MULTI dimensional, really, because it speaks to the circumstances that deal with the polarization of duality, and also with the 5D experience of leaving the lower, fear based mind behind in favor of consciously choosing the Love-focused Higher Mind. Gemini is THE MIND, and the mind has been transformed at this time.












The Gemini Sun and Moon are beginning their new cycle with Ceres in tow, giving the situations that are born today the element of new life. Ceres is the cosmic mid wife within each of us, bestowing the capacity to lift the Self out of the proverbial ashes into a fresh start. These three planets are joined by Mars, who is out of bounds and therefore traveling in uncharted territory, and adding the physical element to the ‘new chapter’ mix.
Mars is making important contact with the Uranus/Eris- Jupiter/Haumea Light Bridge today (and yesterday), forming a resourceful aspect (sextile) with Haumea, representing wholeness and unity. This is important because in just another couple of days Mars will generate a new Light Bridge on his own, with Ixion and Saturn (and eventually Quaoar). As mentioned in earlier blogs, this new High Way is the path to a new and original infrastructure… it reveals the materials the new world is made of, beginning with the physical building blocks, as expressed by Mars.
Again, Mars is out of bounds, and is therefore capable of delivering us to an all new physicality, both inner and outer, the latter being the projection of the inner. Mars is also the designated activator (as always), kicking off this long term Light Bridge that will affect us all at the most personal of levels. The Sun and Moon will recreate this bridge shortly, followed by Mercury, Ceres and eventually Venus. That means that this new Light Bridge represents yet another transmutation process for the lower four body system.
Venus, meanwhile, forms an all important stepping stone (formerly square) with Pluto today. Pluto has been serving as a major intersection on the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness for weeks now. Venus formed a bridge with Jupiter as she recovered her shadow (on the 19th of May) officially infusing her Self into the ongoing Light Bridge. Now she engages with Pluto, and the empowerment of the Heart (or the empowerment of the capacity to surrender and BE) becomes the focus.
An intersection (formerly  T-square) has a different energy in 5D than its 3D counterpart. A T-square reflected a set of conflicting energies that needed navigating, whereas an intersection literally offers another option of a road to travel. Where stepping stones exist, those original critical conflicts have been overcome and produced strength and fortitude where there was none before. In 5D it is possible to walk the bridge AND the intersection simultaneously. In 5D it is possible to be everywhere at the same time. To have a closely related set of roads to travel yields amazing new awareness of what has always been there, but has as yet been concealed in the shadows of our subconscious.
This is a great blessing that results from shining our Light on the shadows that are being revealed. We are getting to see what was previously unseen. There is so much more to see. This is where Ceres comes in today, and to realize she will lend her amazing life-giving energies to the experience of the new infrastructure is SO exciting. These are truly breathtaking days.
Watch as the New Moon delivers numerous new options as we freely allow our Selves to move through this entirely uncharted territory. Let your heart determine which options resonate for you, and follow it, without questions, into the new territory it delivers you to.
Please read Anne Harris’ New Moon Article! And here is Ellias Lonsdales meditation for today’s new Moon, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks: (By the way, since some of you have asked, this book is about to be printed again… It is not currently in print. Ellias’s original book INSIDE DEGREES, was the first version of this book, and though it is not in print either, it is still possible to get a copy)….

Gemini 5:   An immense tortoise with jewels inlaid in it’s back

                “What we carry in here is far too much for us. We could never express a fraction of it. We just can’t give it all away fast enough. For it keeps replenishing itself, shows up in yet another form.
`We are becoming the feature in a splendid multi-level promise, vision and great call. Everything we move through pulls us toward that place beyond. We could go anywhere with this, do anything, be anybody.
                When you are big and you see and you know so broadly, what come is a destiny path which partakes in the multiplicity at every point and always proves to be inclusive, all-encompassing, and staggering in it’s reach. You just feel the pulse of the world becoming all through you.
                Yet the small ego-structure of the little self in the little world of memory and mind is so dwarfed by this magnitude of awareness and attunement that it almost snaps. How can anybody contain, harness, channel, do justice to this kind of stretch and scope?
                Well, nobody can. What is entered upon now, in any given now, is just the first gleaming, the initial vision. It is the grossest approximation. Yet it has to be affirmed and journeyed with freely if it is to be the springboard it is meant to be.
                So there is this wide open impulse to become the world, to activate forces of possible futures, to host and to orchestrate. And there is this future form to fit the wide open impulse into if it can be done.
                Each initiation, every probe into the unknown is really into free space. What is sought is connection with whatever has previously been tuned out. And the center thrust is to be awakening across a broad enough band to respond joyously to whatever comes in the infinite bright surround.
                This is fresh wonder territory of having room enough to meet all that is breaking loose, just knowing there are no binding limits.”
By the way, the turtle with the inlaid back is a very ancient symbol related to the TEMPLE OF TRUTH. Google it…


“Instructions are necessary only so long as one has not surrendered oneself.”
~Sri Ramana Maharshi

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